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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

[Upcoming]: The Hippocratic Crush II - Overview

Temporary Title: The Hippocratic Crush II "On Call 36小時II"
Costume Fitting: January 30, 2013
Genre/Plot Topics: Modern Medical Drama. Surgeons/Doctors. Hospital Setting. Attendings/Residents/Interns.
# of Episodes: 25
Producer: Poon Ka Tak
Estimated Filming Length: February - April/May

Louisa-Lawrence-Tracy, Kenneth-Tavia, Crystal-Him-Eliza, Mandy-Benjamin

All returning characters will reprise their respective roles. Lawrence will join the team as a pathologist, a doctor who specializes in the study of blood and fluid samples. Tracy will be an intern. Koo Ming Wah will be Lawrence's best friend.

Lawrence Ng, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Louisa So, Mandy Wong, Him Law, Eliza Sam, Koo Ming Wah, Tracy Chu, Benjamin Yuen, Raymond Cho, Ben Wong, Derek Kwok, Paisley Hu, Bak Yan, Henry Lo, Crystal Li, Cindy Yeung, Chan Kwong Yiu, Mary Hon, Janice Shum, Marcus Kwok, Candice Chiu, Aaryn Cheung, Nathan Ngai, Owen Ng, Brian Tse, Alan Tam, So Yan Chi, Kyle Tse, King Lam

Credit: TVB: A Way of Thinking

Thoughts: Excited for this! Yaya! XD YuTao on screen again! Okay, so why is Lawrence in this again? Added lots of people in here.. just hope that it doesn't become a mess! Since the first one was SO Well Done! Hope this one will be good too! Aye, TVB and their cool "smartness" why are their love triangles again in every series lately -.- and who is this Tracy girl? Why can't it be just Lawrence and Maggie! Hope they do end together :P at first I thought it was Tracy Yip..haha. Well, okay lets just see how this goes! (I gotta stop complaining :P)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

[Upcoming]: Sustaining the Foundation - Overview

Temporary Title: Sustaining the Foundation 守業者
Costume Fitting: April 29, 2013
Genre/Plot Topics: Pre-modern drama. Family Conflict. Investigation. Entrepreneurs/Business/Silk. Murder/Drugs.
# of Episodes: 30
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen
Estimated Filming Length: May - August

Tavia-Steven-Natalie, Steven-Tavia-Raymond Cho, Maggie-Evergreen-Akina

Steven and Evergreen are brothers. Their family runs a silk business. Tavia and Raymond Cho are married. Helen Ma is Raymond's mother and Tavia's mother-in-law.

Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Maggie Siu, Akina Hong, Natalie Tong, Tracy Ip, Elly Leung, Lee Kwok Lun, Ching Hor Wai, Cheung Kwok Keung, Yeung Chiu Hoi, Yu Tze Ming, Wai Ka Hung, Albert Lo, King Kong, Chuk Man Kwan, Stephen Wong, Rachel Kan, Helen Ma, Katy Kung, Cilla Kung, Lee Yee Man, Deborah Poon, Fanny Ip, Summer Joe, Janice Shum, Brian Chu, Kau Cheuk Nung. Raymond Cho will also be in this series.

credits to TVB: A Way of Thinking 

Thoughts: Um.. complicated love triangle right there. Why do they need to make it complicated and make into a four way loveangle (squareangle?) Lol, but seriously, why couldn't be a simple Stevia series! TVB and their "smartness" -_- Hope it'll be good cause I am looking forward to it. Yes, it is because of Stevia again! Hopefully, this time they will end together! *finger-cross* xD

Slow Boat Home

Title: Slow Boat Home
Previous Title: Love Exceeds the Coastline
Chinese Title: 情越海岸缐 (ching yuet hoi on xin)  
Cast: Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Selena Li, Aimee Chan, Matt Yeung, Ram Tseung, Susan Tse, Cilla Kung, Elaine Yiu, etc.
Episodes: 25
Broadcast: 5/13/2013 - 6/14/2013
Genre: Modern/Drama
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen
Theme:  Still Want (還想) Kay Tse

Born and raised in Cheung Chau, CHEUNG BO SAN's (Raymond Wong) nature of being too ambitious but having little talent, drove his father CHEUNG SING MUI's (Elliot Ngok) seafood restaurant business to bankruptcy. BO SAN felt disheartened and depressed, but fortunately he had a female director CHENG PO PO (Aimee Chan) by his side supporting him. When BO SAN crashed his boat and broke his leg, PO PO was willing to push him around in his wheel chair. Meanwhile, KWOK HEI MAN (Selena Li) suddenly gives up on her career and goes back to Cheung Chau to help her mother YIP WING SAN (Susan Tse) manage their resort business. It turns out, HEI MAN secretly worked on a project to develop a hotel kingdom with another person and intentionally started a relationship with BO SAN to upset PO PO. HEI MAN's motives were all seen by her first love CHING LAI WING (Ruco Chan). WING could not accept her wrongdoings at all, so now he and PO PO were in the same boat. When PO PO was prepared to give up searching for her true identity and go back to the U.S, the resort business suddenly gets bought out and causes a turning point...
credit aZnangel@

Friday, May 3, 2013

Beauty at War

Title: Beauty at War
Sequel to War and Beauty
Chinese Title: 金枝慾孽(貳) (Gam Ji Yuk Yip Yi)  
Cast: Moses Chan, Eddie Kwan, Kenny Wong, Ada Choi, Sheren Tang, Christine Ng, Alice Chan, Rachel Kan, Raymond Cho, Christine Kuo etc.
Episodes: 30
Broadcast: 4/22/2012 - 5/31/2013 [Grand Production]
Genre: Ancient/Palace
Producer: Johnathon Chik
Theme:  Red Sin (紅孽) Christine Ng ft. Moses Chan 
Sub: Forbidden Rumor (紫禁飄謠) Christine Ng and Moses Chan
CONSORT SHUN (Christine Ng) wanted to convey the dissatisfaction she has on her elder sister CONSORT YU (Sheren Tang) by purposely spreading rumors about her around the palace. SHEUNG LING (Ada Choi), the nanny, is a woman full of motives, she borrows the authority to help others investigate the truth, but in reality she's just trying to scheme for profit and money. She also successfully gained CONSORT YU's trust and the two became close friends. It wasn't until KO LAU FEI (Moses Chan), a Kunqu Opera artist and FaDan WAN CHAU YIN (Eddie Kwan) entered the palace for a performance that triggered the affection of the women in the palace. The lonely SHUN didn't want YU to get in the way of her big plans, so she came up with a foolproof scheme, but unfortunately she could have never thought she, herself, would fall into the trap of a complex relationship with LING and FEI. To show her sister even more colors, SHUN's last strongest secret weapon was fortune-teller TUNG KAT HOI (Kenny Wong). In the public eye, HOI was crazy, but the insiders knew the actual madness happens within the Forbidden City.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bullet Brain

Title: Bullet Brain
Previous Title: Detective Columbus
Chinese Title: 神探哥倫布 (San Tam Go Lun Bou)
Cast: Wayne Lai, Natalie Tong, Sire Ma, Pierre Ngo, Edwin Siu, Lau Dan, etc.
Episodes: 25
Broadcast: 4/8/2013 - 5/10/2013
Genre: Pre-Modern/Detective
Producer: Lee Tim Sing
Theme: My History (我的歷史)Edwin Siu

This story takes place in Hong Kong during the 1960s. KO TAI-HEI (Wayne Lai), an illegal immigrant who is kind-hearted by nature, gains recognition from his father’s good friend LOUIS KIM (Joe Junior), who helps him join the Police Force. By accident, he gets shot in the head, and the bullet fragments stimulate his brain cells, accelerating his brain evolution to the highest IQ level. With such a dramatic change, TAI-HEI becomes a brave and resourceful detective, consecutively solving mysterious cases. Meanwhile, he turns ruthless and is utterly unscrupulous in his dealings with others, saving his best friend and partner PAU PING-ON (Pierre Ngo), to whom he still shows some mercy. Realizing the situation could have been worse, his supervisor LOUIS assigns a female inspector called EVA KIM (Sire Ma) to spy on TAI-HEI. Unexpectedly, his adopted daughter EVA instead defends TAI-HEI in all respects, leading to fluctuations in her once progressive relationship with her fellow colleague CHOI FEI-LUNG (Edwin Siu). Later on, TAI-HEI encounters famous social butterfly SZETO NAM (Natalie Tong) who resembles his first love MUI MUI (Natalie Tong), entailing the intricacies of the relationship between them. PING-ON cannot bear to see TAI-HEI is led astray and gets into more trouble, so he schemes to save TAI-HEI. Instead, that gets TAI-HEI injured, rendering another tremendous transformation in his personality……

Synopsis credit to K-TVB

Sergeant Tabloid [Repost]

Title:Sergeant Tabloid
Chinese Title: 女警愛作戰 (Lui Keng Oi Jok Jin)
Cast: Michael Tse, Niki Chow, Mandy Wong, Mathew Ko, Queenie Chu, Koni Lui, Angelina Lo, Grace Wong, Candice Chiu, William Chak, etc.
Episodes: 21
Broadcast: warehoused
Aired in Hong Kong: 3/11/2013 - 4/5/2013
Genre: Modern/Police
Producer: Cheung Hon Man
Theme: Love From the Heart (愛從心) Niki Chow and Michael Tse

*Read my reviews here*


Emergent unit female cop, Lui Fei Hap (Niki Chow) is above 30 years old. She faces ups and downs in her romantic line. Whenever she meets a perfect guy, she takes immediate action to 'catch' him. Unfortunately, her boyfriend's real identity is a drug lord. Both of their interaction scenes are revealed by one of the reporter, Lam Yat Yat (Michael Tse), and thus becoming the latest daily news on the media. Fei Hap hates Yat Yat very much. Not long after, Fei Hap with immediate time fells in love with the juniocr cop, Wong Ji Chuen (Matthew Ko). Yat Yat intentionally breaks their relationship. From that, Fei Hap finds out about her father, Lui Zhan Nap (Benz Hui) cooperating with Yat Yat to break her relationship with her new boyfriend. In addition, Fei Hap faces harsh conflicts with her superior, Si Tou Kiu (Mandy Wong) privately and officially. The circumstance causes this "highest grade female cop" to be responding by continuously attacking, for achieving her deepest love.  

Credit to asianfanatic & jerebtvb@asianfanatic

Favorite Songs of the Month: April

For this month, I had listen to more songs than the previous and I absolutely enjoy it!

Hong Kong: 
Enclosure (TVB - A Great Way to Care 2) - Edwin Siu
Little Grass (TVB - Reality Check) - Ruco Chan
後備 - Sita Chan
蜚蜚 - Sita Chan
忘川 - Sita Chan
我懂了 - Jinny Ng
硬仗 - Justin Lo

Mirror - Justin Timberlake
Suit and Tie - Justin Timberlake
Thrift Shop - Macklemore
Just Give Me a Reason - Pink ft. Nate Ruess

-Sita Chan's accident was so shocking! When I read the news I was like what? No? What? I was so shocked! I can't believe she's gone now! She is such an amazing singer, her voice is so powerful and beautiful. I guess you can say that I don't really know her face, but if you say her name, I would know. I guess I can't really picture out her face? But now I clearly know how she look! I had listen to her songs in the past that is how I know who she was. I was like Sita Chan.. Sita... her name is so familiar, and I go -Gasp- no way! her song is so good! I'll definitely miss listening to her sing and I am happy that all her new songs are being released! Nothing is going to a waste! Its so sad that she is gone from us, she could have such a great bright future ahead! She was so young and her singing career had just started! Her three new songs were so good and were there anymore new songs that her company had released? R.I.P Sita, you'll definitely be missed! My condolences goes out to her family. -

Life is too short! You wouldn't know whats going to happen next. Cherish everything and everyone around you! Don't regret anything and don't take anything for granted. Love and be Happy everyday, theres no point of being sad right? Love yourself and everyone around you!