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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tiger Cubs

Title: Tiger Cubs
Previous Title: Flying Tigers
Chinese Title: 飛虎 (Fei Fu)
Cast: Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuan, Kenneth Ma, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Oscar Leung, JJ Jia, Vincent Wong, etc.
Episodes: 13
Broadcast: 6/24/2012 - [Airs on Weekend - mainly Sundays] 
Genre: Modern/Cop
Producer: Lam Chi Wah 
Theme: Surrounding Basis (身邊的依據) Joe Ma

With Special Duties Unit experienced instructor CHIN HON-TO (Joe Ma) employs draconian tactics to turn his subordinates into hardened cops. Nonetheless, his team worships him.

Although he is particularly strict with YU HOK-LAI (Him Law) and YAU CHUN-HIN (Vincent Wong), he treats them as his younger brothers deep-down. TO’s friendship with co-partner cum good friend CHONG CHEUK-YUEN (Oscar Leung) is challenged when TING WAI-WAI (Christine Kuo) turns away from him and falls for YUEN for his cheerfulness. YUEN tells his teammate SO MAN-KEUNG (Mandy Wong) to pretend to be his girlfriend but his attempt to patch up with TO further complicates the matter. Meanwhile, intelligence reports that “King of Thieves” TO TIN-YUE (Kenneth Ma) is conspiring to rob the exchequer. TO and Organised Crime and Triad Bureau inspector CHONG CHEUK WAH (Jessica Hester Hsuan) are assigned to take charge of the proactive operation. WAH is YUEN’s elder sister. Her boyfriend was killed by a maniac and she has since been immersing herself in work in order to forget the pain. As TO and WAH see each other more, TO realizes they are the same sort of people and that he is falling in love with her.

Synopsis credits to K-TVB

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy 4th Anniversary foreverloveTVB!!!

foreverloveTVB had finally made it this far. It was first opened on June 24th, 2008 and today, June 24th, 2012 mark its 4th birthday. 

Thank you so much to all of you; reader, silent readers, and TVB fans. It was all of you that had went through each and every step with us. Thank you so much for putting up with us and making our journey amazing. 

Thank you for being here with us and I really hope that we can continue the journey together as we all share an interest and that is TVB. 
I hope that together we can reach foreverloveTVB's tenth anniversary. 

Thank you and I love you all. ;] 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Starhub Nominations Votes....

Hey everyone its that time of the year again for Starhub to give out awards. 
Even though Starhub is coordinated by TVB, I hope the results are fair and does not have anything to do with TVB politics. >< 
But anyways, guys come and vote for your favorites!! 
Kenta fans or On Call 36 hours fans or Yue-Tou fans vote for Tavia and Kenneth!! =D
They deserves it ;] 
and yes I had voted for them in all of the categories. There was no hesitations at all!! 
Because I do truthfully believe that THC was the best series and themesong this year. 
And Yes, I do believe that Kenta was the best couple this year!! I was not being bias. 
And you all should know by now that when it comes to awards I do not vote for my favorites and bais towards any artistes. I truly votes for who I thought was best. =]
And voting are unlimited so vote as many times as you want!! 


Voting ends August 11, 2012. 
Tell everyone to vote =] all votes counts!!

No Good Either Way

Title: No Good Either Way
Chinese Title: 衝呀!瘦薪兵團 (chung aa! shou san bing tuen)
Cast: Ruco Chan, Krystal Tin, Natalie Tong, Louis Yeun, Florence Kwok, Jason Chan, Matt Yeung, Leanne Li, Gill Singh (Kiu Bo Bo), etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 6/11/2012 - 7/6/12
Genre: Modern/Comedy
Producer: Amy Wong

Theme: Thin Salary Clan (瘦薪族) Ruco Chan, Louis Yeun, Gill Singh

With Administration Department manager CHE WING-HAN, VIOLET (Florence Kwok) playing office politics, the future of product designer MO NGA-LIK, ALEX (Ruco Chan) and marketing officer MAN KA-WA, STEVE (Louis Yuen) is doomed to be gloomy, no matter how much their boss KO WAI-TING, SAM (Au Kam Tong) appreciates them.

In their disappointed eyes, TING has committed every of the “Ten Sins of the Bosses”. KA-WA therefore starts up his own business with his Indian good friend INTERPAL SINGH (Gill Mohinderpaul Singh/Kiu Bo Bo) behind WAI-TING’s back. Fate has it that NGA-LIK’s girlfriend LING LING-CHING (Krystal Tin) will later join his company and with their concerted effort they fight WING-HAN off. Now that NGA-LIK is the manager and KA-WA has become the boss, they start to treat their employees badly, committing the “Ten Sins of the Bosses” themselves. MO KIN-YEE, KIN (Natalie Tong) is member of the “post-80s” generation. It is her dream to own a flat but she acts so rashly that she ends up buying a haunted apartment. On the other hand, she meets YIU YEE-LONG, AARON (Jason Chan). While she considers him to be a “great value-for-money apartment” at the beginning, he turns out to be an “uncompleted flat”…

Synopsis credit to K-TVB 
Thoughts:  I don't know why but as I was typing this post. I started to laugh and thought back to The Threshold of Persona. In that series I was rooting for Natalie and Ruco and that is when I notice Ruco Chan. And now they played brother and sister. Lol. Well this was basically pointless..hehehe :P

Sunday, June 17, 2012

News Update: Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok "old lovers" exposes the past relationship

Michael Tao and Kenix Kwok were the classic on-screen couple of 1997. From 1995-1997, Michael and Kenix started their fate from the 100 episode Detective Investigation Files (DIF I,II&III) franchise. Earlier when "Dai Yung" Michael met "Ko Jit" Kenix again at Timmy Hung's wedding, he posted their photo on Weibo and made a large group of fans reminiscing on this golden pair. This pair of "old lovers", exposed back then, they were just one step away from developing a relationship. Kenix joked Michael wasn't proactive enough.

M: Michael Tao
K: Kenix Kwok

Latest photo together madly circulated online

M: Seeing you again after so many years, you're still so pretty and now there is even an additional maturity piece in you! We met again at Timmy's wedding, very surprising!

K: You haven't changed either, still optimistic with a wide smile! In fact, last time we had pictures together were just requests from the media and with all the fans discussing, it madly circulated! Back then when I was shooting the DIF franchise, I was a newcomer, and this series was also the turning point in my career!

M: A white piece of paper can absorb the most! Your portrayal of "Ko Jit" was very natural!

K: Actually my debut Glittering Moments was with you too. I gave my first time to you! Then, we had three seasons of DIF together. The first one I was the foolish one and the second was the one a lot of audience demanded for a redo because at the time, people were unhappy after watching the ending and sent complaint letters to K-100. At the time, producer Poon Ka Tak especially came up with the ending...he wrote that I lost my memory and had to leave. At the airport, "Ko Jit" turns around and stares at "Dai Yung".....then it ends there. Audience were heartbroken!

M: The producer is very clever, with that kind of ending, then they can make a third installment! On the third season, we went to Beijing to shoot. I remember it was miserable for you...vomiting and diarrhea! At the time, the temperatures were some 10 degrees below zero. You had to do two roles too, every scene had you in it! I felt bad for you, but I couldn't do anything to help.

K: You helped me stop the vomitting and diarrhea! I remember one morning, you had to go for outdoor shooting, but I was still having diarrhea, you knocked on my door and asked me if I'm still feeling unwell...but, I still made it through.

M: All that difficulty is worth it. Ten years later, when you're back working in Mainland, many people still remember "Dai Yung" and "Ko Jit", the classic couple!

Classic on-screen couple, rare they match so well

K: We are definitely a classic couple, you're my classic partner! Our type of 'match', it's not just beautiful people, actually there are a lot of beautiful people in this industry, but there aren't many that match really well. You and I pairing up was really well-received! My first impression on you, I already had that feel, that big brother feel because you were really patient to teach me. That is what's called a big star!

M: Big star? Are you serious? I think I was more like stupid back then!

K: How could that be? You have already been in the industry for some time and you are the most memorable male co-star I had. You simply grew up with me!

M: I've been through the "white paper" times too, but Kenix, you are very smart, digested fast and have strong ability for competition. You are a person without a temper! One time, you cried in front of me and I know you're not a person that can easily cry. This just proves you trust me!

K: Yes! I'm very stubborn! I remember back then when I was accused of tardiness, actually I would admit if I'm wrong. But that time, it is when our relationship deepened.

M: Many people asked, we see each other day and night, will there be 'sparks'?

K: Technically, yes! Haha.... I still remember we had rumors too, since we were an on-screen couple, and that time neither of us were married, but after all we didn't spark. I think because, at the time, I was too focused on work and busy studying the script. I didn't even have the time to fix my makeup, so I wasn't aware of this great man besides me, and missed out! But, I guess you did daydream about me right?

After Movie Date, No Development

M: When you were still 'crispy', how can I not daydream about you! Perhaps we were both too busy, and didn't get to take it a step further. Maybe we were just missing that one step!

K: We just missed that one little bit....but, in my memory we met up for the movies! When we were shooting Glittering Moments, we watched Jurassic Park! That time, I asked you out...why did you agree to go?

M: If nothing special, I usually agree! Going to the movies doesn't mean much, we just watch the movie and say Bye Bye, that's it! But I remember when we were shooting Shine on You, there was one kitchen scene, I asked you, back then (referring to the DIF period), if I courted you, what do you think would have happened?

K: I remember too.... when shooting DIF, you asked me that same question, but at the time I was dating Frankie Lam and we weren't public yet, I remember you still asked me, if Frankie didn't appear, would you have had a chance?

M: How did you reply then?

K: I said: "I don't know?" But in the end, you didn't pursue me, that means you didn't fight for the chance! You know what my personality is like, we are both the same. If we were together, it would be like Mars hitting Earth (not get along). If we really did get together, I believe we wouldn't end happily!

M: Today we have this harmonious relationship, proves that my decision back then was corrrect. Otherwise, we may be on bad terms now! Nowadays when we meet again, we can think of our past struggles together, our 'best partnership' award together, these are beautiful memories!

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum
Thoughts: Ahhh My Favorite all time Golden Couple!! =D I miss them and hope that one day they will film a series again. =] Hmm...never know, if Michael did put up the courage and ask her, maybe they will be a couple today. Maybe they will work out, even though they said they wouldn't. But, I'm pretty sure they will definitely be a great couple today. But I guess this is call fate and for them to move on and stay as friends. =]  So happy to see that they both did an interview together ;] 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Witness Insecurity [themesong]...

Linda new song for her new series, Witness Insecurity is out!! The series is not even out yet but the song


就算雨傘破了身體濕透 沒法子 就算冷笑冷到不是味兒 
就算我向世界飛奔千百里 又再輸 就算跌過百次再尋下次 
Even if the umbrella breaks and wets my body; can do nothing about it. Even if to sneer till it’s not quite right.
Even if I fly from the earth, far away, I’ll lose again. Even if I fall a hundred times, I’ll seek the next time.
溫室無非逃避災或雨 心鎖從來沒有鎖匙 
心弦若果 頻率很類似 相看像照鏡子淚痕仍似詩
In a greenhouse only to evade drought or rain; the lock in my heart never had a key.
If my heart chord is a similar frequency, like looking into a mirror; tears and scars still like poetry.
曾想像太好 歷太多失意 孤單的滋味 天知我知
太幸福的事也許要變卦幾次 方悟到珍惜的意思 
Once imagined it to be good; history had too many disappointments. This taste of loneliness, Heaven and I know.
Events too joyful may change multiple times; realized the meaning of cherishing.
失望太多 就試多一次 不捨的思念 不可竭止
最著緊的事已經錯過無限次 請讓我將心中句子 認真講你知
Too many disappointments; try once again. The reluctance to part, should not degrade.
I’ve already missed events that I care the most about, unlimited times. Please let me say my heartfelt words, seriously to you.
閉起門窗 誰願給耐性 心聲原來是最真誠 
失眠日子 年月很動聽 天際倦到再黑 夜闌仍有星 
Closing the window, who would give me patience? Heartfelt wishes actually are most sincere.
Days of insomnia; years are pleasant to listen. Horizon is dark again; night screen still has stars.
曾想像太好 歷太多失意 孤單的滋味 天知我知
太幸福的事也許要變卦幾次 方悟到珍惜的意思 
Once imagined it to be good; history had too many disappointments. This taste of loneliness, Heaven and I know.
Events too joyful may change multiple times. Realized the meaning of cherishing.
曾失望太多 就試多一次 不捨的思念永不可竭止
最著緊的事已經錯過無限次 請讓我將心中句子 認真講你知
Once had too many disappointments; try once again. The reluctance to part, never should degrade.
I’ve already missed events that I care the most about, unlimited times. Please let me say my heartfelt words, seriously to you.
Pinyin for it will be coming soon! Stay tune ;] 
It's a really nice song and I'm looking forward to another Boda..(Bosco and Linda) pairing. ^^

Come Home Love

Title: Come Home Love
Chinese Title: 愛●回家 (Oi●Whui Ka)
Cast: Lau Dan, Chris Lai, Queenie Chu, Tsui Wing, Florence Kwok, Yvonne Lam, Angel Chiang, Joey Law, Carlos Ng, etc.
Episodes: 180
Broadcast: 5/14/2012 - [Sitcom] 
Genre: Modern/Family/ComedyProducer: Tsui Yu On
Theme: Love Hug (擁抱愛) Joyce Cheng

MA FU (Lau Tan) , Correctional Services officer, moves in with his sons after retirement. FU treats his family members like prisoners without himself realizing it. To MA CHONG (Lai Lok Yi), his youngest son, home is no different to prison.

The relationship between the father and son gets tense as FU starts to meddle in CHONG’s job with a law firm. MA KEUNG (Tsui Wing), FU’s second son, and LO LAI-SHEUNG (Lam Yi Kei), his wife, not only have to mediate between FU and CHONG but also bring up the two children left behind by KEUNG’s elder brother. Also lives under the same roof is FU’s wacky sister, MA YAU (Florence Kwok). The differences in experiences and values among the three generations give rise to all kinds of misunderstandings. At the end of the day, what can patch the gap among the members of this seemingly harmonious family?

Synopsis Credit to K-TVB

Master of Play

Title: Master of Play
Previous Title: Psychological Warfare
Chinese Title: 心戰 (Sum Jin)
Cast: Adam Cheng, Moses Chan, Maggie Siu, Aimee Chan, Kenny Wong, Matt Yeung, Rachel Kan, Rebecca Chan, etc.
Episodes: 30
Broadcast: 5/21/2012 - 6/29/2012
Genre: Modern/Murder/Mystery/Suspense
Producer: Johnathan Chik
Theme: Limit (界限) Adam Cheng
Theatre actor KUN SIU-NAM (Adam Cheng) has undergone a drastic personality change after his daughter’s protracted disappearance, eventually leading to his bitter divorce from MOK LAI-HING (Chan Sau Chu). Utterly absorbed in his theatre work, SIU-NAM all of a sudden finds himself embroiled in a recent spate of serial killings after playing the role of an evil murderer. Through his colleague LEE CHOR-KIU (Maggie Shiu), SIU-NAM gets to know her boyfriend CHEUNG SAI-YIN (Moses Chan) and his younger sister CHEUNG SAI-TING (Aimee Chan). In all his dealings with SAI-YIN, SIU-NAM has noticed an uncanny resemblance between the man and the suspected murderer. And the strange feeling that he gets from SAI-TING has added even more complications to his relationship with CHOR-KIU and the CHEUNGs. The more SIU-NAM wants to dig up, the more mysteries have emerged. When the truth is finally uncovered, it may turn out to be far more dreadful than he could ever imagine…
Synopsis Credit to K-TVB