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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hey everyone! =]sorry for not updating for awhile. I don't know why but I don't have that passion/intention to update anymore. I gotten to the point where I will just leave TVB on the side. I haven't been watching any series lately. Even when i started on a series, I kinda left it behind. Part of it was because I'm busy. But it's 3rd marking period/quarter. And I'm a second semester senior in HS. We don't get as much work anymore cause teachers knows that we don't care. But I still do all my You can say that I'm just being lazy and do not want to update. And I don't have any intentions to watch any series. I gotten to the point where I want to give up. But I won't, I will not leave the TVB community. I will definitley come back and update. I have so many series reviews and other TVB reviews to be posted. I'm still here, but is just that I've been lacking a lot. Thank you for all of you're support. =)

~~Can you guys also comment on this post, on who you want me to feature on the next Artistes of the Month? Thank you. I haven't been watching any series and I don't know who should I feature. Thanks for the help.
Thank you and I'll see all of you soon ;)
~much love

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Maggie Cheung Hor Yee

Happy Birthday Maggie jie!! Maggie Cheung Hor Yee, was one of my old time favorite actress!! My idol before Bernice Liu came along. I grew up watching TVB series and all I know is Maggie Cheung and all the old time Dong Ka Fa Dans. [Like Jessica Hsuan, Kenix Kwok, Flora Chan, Esther Kwan, Ada Choi, Melissa Ng, Maggie Cheung, etc..] So basically I grew up watching them. ;] But as a child, I never had any interest in TVB. I would just watch them when ever my family was watching TV. But around 2006-2007, I grew to love TVB and Bernice Liu became my idol. I was around 13/14 then.

Happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and all your dreams will come true. Keep up the good work! I wish you'll have a good year and that you'll receive more series/movies. Stay healthy, wishing you happiness and prosperity. I'll always support you =D Can't wait for her next series FH3 with Wayne Lai. ;D

Saturday, March 19, 2011

News update: Leila Tong gave birth!!

Leila Tong Ning gave birth to a 7.7 pound baby boy via Caesarean section the day before. As a first time mother, Leila shared the good news on her blog and thanked everyone for their blessings! Due to her Caesarean section, Leila could not leave her bed yet. However, she felt very excited and wanted her son to grow up healthy and happy.

As to whether she will breastfeed her son, Leila will consult with her doctor first. Stressing that she will bear full responsibilities as a mother, Leila will not think about immediate weight loss. She will wait until after her first month of postpartum recovery.

Source: Orientaldaily &

Thoughts: Aww congrats to Leila and her husband!! The baby boy is so cute and innocent. =) Especially Leila's face, look at her happiness. I can't wait till they announce his name! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

February/March Artists of the Month

Hey guys, sorry for the late Artists of the month post. I had actually forgot about and I've been busy/lazy updating. Sorry for the lack of updates and definitely I'll try to update more now. Also thanks for the Support in my new blog. ---> boscolieeva's productions. It really mean a lot; spread that around and link me. ^^  Thank you and I love you all!! =D

I kinda didn't really know who to choose for February's/March's Artist of the Month. So, I ended up choosing my all time favorite IDOL in the whole wide world... Bernice Liu!! I don't care about how many news and rumors she has now, I will STILL Support HER forever!!!

Bernice Liu was born on January 6th, 1979. She has two siblings, where Bernice is the Middle Child. Bernice joint Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant due to encouragement/recommendation from friends and that her Major at that time required her to be bilingual. To her surprise, she was the one who won the crown that night. She then attend Miss Chinese International Pageant  representing Vancouver. Bernice once again took home the crown. First she was going to turn down her contract with TVB, but due to supports and encouragement from families and friends she decided to sign with TVB.

Today Bernice is one of TVB Fadans and high pay actress. To get to this point, Bernice never give up and she worked her best to achieve what she is today. Bernice filmed over 20 series with TVB and 8 movies. Bernice also sung over 11 songs. Bernice is thinking about releasing an album and sign into the music industry. I personally doesn't like when artistes sign into the music industry, but no matter what, I'll always support them! So if Bernice ever release her album, I'll definitely buy it. =) Bernice was then cast into her first role in 2001 right after she enter TVB. Her role as Princess Sam-Tin in the Sitcom Virtues of Harmony led to her recognizance. The role eventually gave her the nickname "Princess" among friends, fans, and the media.  Bernice was then cast into many other series,  and continued to work hard and finally achieve to be what she is today. During her two pageants, Bernice had won both the MCI and Miss Vancouver crown. Other than those titles, Bernice had also toke home the Miss Photogenic and Miss Cosmopolitan and Miss Talents awards. Past these years, Bernice has received over 24 awards. In 2007, Bernice was hot favorite to win the Most Improve Actress award hosted by TVB. But Bernice lost the award to Niki Chow.

Even though, there is rumors and news about her right now. I don't really care about those rumors, cause I know its not real. The only way these news are real to me is if the Artistes confirm it themselves. Otherwise they are fake. It doesn't apply only to Bernice but to All Artistes. I don't believe in these Media people. They just need to get something in on time before they get fired so they make things up. =] Well anyways, aside from all these rumors, Bernice still do what shes suppose to do and achieve the best of herself. And I will Always Love HER!! =)

I want to meet her one day! ;)

News update: Laughing Gor returns...

Yesterday, there was a costume fitting for the new TVB series ‘Sneak Attack’. Actors include Michael Tse playing ‘Laughing’, Bosco Wong, Fala Chan, Kate Tsui and Damian Lau also attended this event. Damian smiled: “I have been away from TVB for a whole year. I am fortunate to return and participate in a series with Laughing” He thanks Michael for bringing him this opportunity which made Michael look slightly embarrassed.

For this series, Michael will play ‘Laughing’ and portray a police officer and Fala will play the role of Michael’s boss. The two characters will blossom a relationship. Fala laughed and commented that she will be the one who wears the trousers in the relationship. On the other hand, Michael expressed that he has some good news. Asked if it was good news about his wife, he replied: “No, it’s about The Rippling Blossom finale episode, the Internet ratings show 180 million hits.” Reporters later informed Michael the average viewers rating for The Rippling Blossom was 34 points, the highest was 38. He seemed happy with the results. Asked if he will treat the crew from the series to dinner, he smiled: “Why not. Heard that Chilam’s concert is full and the two shows earned almost 100 million! More the reason to celebrate such good news, I do not mind treating!”

In the series, Bosco plays a gangster with a limp and develops a relationship with Kate’s character. Bosco laughed: “I will love and hate her and I hear there were many bed scenes in the script and lots of messing around.” Reporters asked Bosco if girlfriend Myolie Wu will get jealous, he replied: “No, it is only acting. Kate and I are not feeling embarrassed. I don’t see her as a girl and so we go wild when doing kissing scenes and her hair is everywhere!”

Other news, the broadcasting commission received 2 complaints about TVB ‘The Rippling Blossom’ as it showed in the storyline, eating rare part of the tuna is bad influence for children as well as for the environment.

Credits -
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

News update: Kelly Chen had a Miscarriage?

Since giving birth to her son, Chace, in 2009,Kelly wanted to have a daughter. To fulfill this dream, 38-year-old Kelly underwent in-vitro fertilization to conceive.  At the end of January, Kelly announced becoming successfully pregnant with twins. Despite her excitement, she admitted that she worried about the stability of her pregnancy. In her fifth month, Kelly announced her miscarriage yesterday.

On her blog, Kelly wrote, “Last week was the toughest week of my life…. We put in our best efforts, but our twin daughters will not be able to live with us.” She appreciated the careful medical care provided and told the outside world not to worry. “I will take good rest. When I am ready, I will meet with everyone. Thank you for your blessings!”

Recuperating for One Month

Kelly is currently at home resting. She will take a one month break.  Fortunately, the optimistic Kelly was not depressed. “All along, my husband and my son have been there to support me. I will face the situation in an optimistic manner.”

Kelly’s assistant, Leo, stated, “The miscarriage was not due to the in-vitro fertilization process. Carrying twins poses a higher risk.  Earlier, there were contraction signs. The doctor advised Kelly to enter Queen Mary Hospital, since their pediatric equipment was better. At the time, Kelly’s husband, Alex, was by her side for twenty-four hours.” (When did the contractions occur?) “One week ago; it happened in the morning.” (Will Kelly undergo another in-vitro fertilization process to conceive?) “Let’s not think about that for now. Let Kelly recover fully first!”

Excerpt from the Sun and news and pic Credit to Jayne.Stars

Thoughts: Aww... this is such a sad news. At the end, her twins daughters can't make it into the world. My condolences goes out to Kelly and her family. Kelly must be in her toughest time now. Despite what age you are, having a miscarriage is a devastating thing to anyone.  I just hope that Kelly and her family can quickly be heal from this tragedy and move on. I will always Support Kelly!! I also hope that Kelly can quickly recover and stay strong. Everything the Best for Kelly and her family!

March Babies

I would like to wish all of March Babies a very Happy Birthday! Wish you all great health and prosperity. Below are the TVB babies born in March. I wish all of them have/had a great birthday and hope all their wishes will come true/came true. Happy Birthday!! Wish you all good health, luck, prosperity and lots of series to film. I do not know most of these people...  

Happy Birthday!!

March Babies....

March 12 - Liu Xuan
March 19 - Moses Cheng
March 21- Cheung Wai Tsz
March 20 - Maggie Cheung
March 23 - Edwin Siu

Um.. yea, I got these off of TVB. So if I'm missing anyone else, feel free to tell me. =)