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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TVB 44th Awards Thoughts...

*I know, I know. I had said that I Won't be making any comments, thoughts, and picking my choices for the 2011 awards. But I can't help it >< I need to say something!! It so hard to keep So below Are My Thoughts and Comments. I'm just going to make my comments for Best Series, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Keep in mind that these ARE MY COMMENTS, so do not get offended. Everyone has their own thoughts and we can either agree or disagree. And if my comments are something that you don't agree with, then do not get offended. You have a choice to read it or not. ;)* 

Yes I know I have not watch that many series this year. I shouldn't really be making any judgements and comments. But I really like to share my Opinions.  It's so hard to keep silence..LOL. Well anyways, I'm going to start with Best Series first.. I hope we all agree!! ;]

Best Series
"Show Me the Happy"
"Twilight Investigation"
"Links to Temptation"
"Home Troopers"
"A Great Way to Care"
"7 Days in Life"
"The Rippling Blossom"
"Only You"
"Grace Under Fire"
"Be Home for Dinner"
"Relic of an Emissary"
"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!"
"My Sister of Eternal Flower"
"Ghetto Justice"
"Wax and Wane"
"The Other Truth"
"The Life and Times of a Sentinel"
"Lives of Omission"
"River of Wine"
"Men with No Shadows"
"Super Snoops"
"Forensic Heroes III"
"Til Love Do Us Lie"
"Curse of the Royal Harem"

My Picks are: first choice Forensic Heroes III, second  choice Only You, and third choice Ghetto Justice. Out of the whole list, I literally watch around 8 series. You all should know by now that, my relationship with TVB isn't doing very well lately. And I really don't have the energy to watch or deal with TVB anymore. The last series I had watch was Ghetto Justice and that was around the summer time. I just recently finished Forensic Heroes III and you have no idea how much I had enjoyed it. I haven't felt this happy with TVB for such a long time!! Review will be coming soon!! Well anyways, I chose FH3 because it was just amazingly well done, I am really satisfied with it!! Lives of Omission is the next high rated drama after FH3 and many people rave about it. But can it really beat FH3?  No, it had already established that it couldn't, hence the rating of FH3 being the highest! But coming down to everything, we all probably know that TVB will give the award to Lives of Omission. 

Best Actor
Julian Cheung ("The Rippling Blossom")
Stephen Au ("Be Home for Dinner")
Moses Chan ("Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!")
Kevin Cheng ("Ghetto Justice")
Roger Kwok ("Wax and Wane")
Ron Ng ("Wax and Wane")
Ruco Chan ("The Other Truth")
Steven Ma ("The Life and Times of a Sentinel")
Kenneth Ma ("The Life and Times of a Sentinel")
Michael Tse ("Lives of Omission")
Bosco Wong ("Lives of Omission")
Bobby Au Yeung ("Men with No Shadows")
Raymond Lam ("Men with No Shadows")
Wayne Lai ("Forensic Heroes III")
Sunny Chan ("Curse of the Royal Harem")

Best actor..hmmm, like I had said I have not watch anything, but I did hear many good things. We all probably thought that since Lives of Omission was such a hit. We all thought that Laughing Gor did a amazingly job!! But he didn't; many TVB bloggers, friends, and family members had mention that Laughing did not do his best. There was no difference between this Laughing and the supporting Laughing from E.U. I was surprise to hear that. I thought that Laughing did spontaneously; So I went to watch it for myself. They were right, Laughing did not give us a "WOW" it was "OKAY." Wasn't something that I look forward too and I did not finish watching it.  Bosco on the other hand is such a hot pick for the award, but I really didn't watch enough of him to make any comments. Yes, I agree that Bosco had improved SO much though out the years. But is it really his turn to get the award? Does he really deserve it?  I really don't think so, I felt like that he has so many opportunities ahead of him!! He definitely will received that award one day when he really deserves it! My third choice goes to Chilam Cheung because I thought he performed really well for his role in The Rippling Blossom. But well he actually get the award?? No. Second choice goes to Law Ba!! Kevin definitely pull this role off very nicely. Even though the role is really no different from his other roles. To me I felt like Law Ba is really different! I felt that, Kevin play this role so fresh and with so much power!! Finally the First choice definitely goes to Pro Sir!! He did such a job well done!! Pro sir definitely is very Pro!! Wayne definitely deserve this award, he is such an great artist with so much potential. He is born to be an actor!! But will TVB give him the award for the third time? If he really did, then this would be first in TVB years that an Actor had won three consecutive times. Probably Not. So who TVB will give the award to? Probably to Laughing doubt but I hope either Law Ba or Pro sir will receive the award!!

Best Actress
Liza Wang ("Home Troopers")
Tavia Yeung ("The Rippling Blossom")
Louise Lee ("Only You")
Yoyo Mung ("Only You")
Kristal Tin ("Be Home for Dinner")
Linda Chung ("Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!")
Charmaine Sheh ("My Sister of Eternal Flower")
Selena Li ("The Life and Times of a Sentinel")
Fala Chen ("Lives of Omission")
Kate Tsui ("Lives of Omission")
Nancy Sit ("River of Wine")
Elena Kong ("River of Wine")
Maggie Cheung ("Forensic Heroes III")
Jessica Hsuan ("Curse of the Royal Harem")
Myolie Wu ("Curse of the Royal Harem")

Best Actress award is definitely the most exciting award of the night!! The only choice I'm choosing is Dr. Chung. No one had out shown their roles like Dr. Chung had. But I also chose Yoyo Mung second because I love the series Only You. It was such an amazing and fresh storyline from TVB!! Yoyo played her role amazingly and I support her!! I also heard that Elena did a great job for her role but I don't think she'll make it. I felt like she is nominated in the wrong section!! Okay, since Charmaine left TVB, she will not received the award. Now since Charmaine had left, who will take her spot? I guess that who ever wins Best Actress will take her spot or something else. Kate in no way deserves the award!! She still needs more practice and it is definitely not her turn yet!! Kate needs a great amazing breakthrough role first and the time for her to receive the award will not be this year, maybe in the future years. But one day, Kate will definitely reach that point and have that award but really not now! Fala..okay, she definitely did very well and she definitely Had Improved Tremendously these years. But does she really deserve the award?? Definitely not!! She even knows that. Do you really think that TVB will give her the award before Myolie and Tavia? No!! Myolie and Tavia is definitely on a higher level than her. What my thought is that, Fala needs to continue to Improve and she will definitely truly deserve the award when the time is right!! It is definitely not this year. Linda..well okay. She is just like Fala. Linda improved SO much with her acting and singing. But does she really deserve the award? Not even!! It is definitely not her time yet and she will have so many chances in the future!! But that night, she will definitely receive something! Now, Tavia..hmm. Yes, Tavia is such an Amazing Actress!! She has two faces; she can play both evil and sweet without a doubt. She can pull of both faces with out pulling a finger. She is Tavia!! Tavia is supernatural and a great actress. Yet, she truly do not deserve the award. Her roles this year was just okay..nothing special unlike her role in Beyond. Which had threw everyone off their chairs. It is truly not her time yet, I believe Tavia need to comeback with another Stronger and amazing break through role for next year awards. Maybe at that time, it is finally her turn!! Yes, Myolie is SUCH AN AMAZING ACTRESS!! Myolie has SOO MUCH POTENTIAL and she just act so naturally with out breaking out a sweat!! But I really believe that she does not deserve the award either. She is far from Sheren Tang and the other Dong Ka Fa Dans like: Flora Chan, Jessica Husan, Kenix Kwok, Ada Choi, Maggie Cheung, etc. Myolie will definitely get her chance pretty soon..maybe like next year awards. This year, the best actress award really sit empty in me. I really do not know, who should win the award. But I feel that out of the list, Maggie deserves it!! The way she pulled off Dr. Chung it just amazingly well done! The role was supposedly for Charmaine, but if Charmaine did not pull herself out of the series. I really can not convince her taking up that role. I really can not see Charmaine as Dr. Chung. Dr. Chung is too professional and Maggie definitely have that ability to pull it off nicely and professionally. Maggie is and had always been an amazing actress along side from the rest of the Dong Ka Fa Dans. So I agree that Dr. Chung should win the award. But we all know that, TVB will give the award to Myolie. 

Wow I sound like I bashed everyone of the artistes -__- lol. I didn't mean too; it is just what I thought!! Here are my opinions and thoughts!! Thanks for reading and hope we all agree ;]