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Thursday, December 31, 2009

TVB 2009 review...

TVB 2009 had finally came to an end. TVB 2009 had brought many happiness and craziness and sadness. It had brought many great series and series that you can just skip right through. I had enjoy TVB 2009 and looking forward to TVB 2010. Hope that in 2010, it'll bring TVB a better result. Better then 2009. Some might say, 2009 was a boring year for TVB. I find it alright. Hopefully in 2010, TVB will rise again and shine brighter. 2010 will be a better year for TVB and for all of us.

-09 Grand Productions-
Beyond the Realm of Conscience - The series itself is alright. What lack the series was the script. If the script was better, then the series will be much better. It had a grand cast and costume. All it lack was more effort in the script.

Born Rich - I haven't finish with this series yet. Can't say much, but I can see that the story is getting boring. Cause I'm getting bored. It has its funny times and sad times. The series has a great cast with all the veteran actors and fa dans and siu sangs. Their acting will never disappoint me. But I'll see how it'll turn out.

-09 42nd Award series-
Rosy Business - Honesty I didn't watch this series myself. But I got a lot of good reviews from my family, and friends and online friends. Even most of the cast won the award that night. Pretty sure this series isn't disappointing. Rosy II has my support and I'll watch it.

-series that I saw-
You're Hired- One amazing series I saw this year xD I love it, it has everything. But there is a boring part to it. Other wise it would be amazing. I'm satisfied with it and very happy. The chemistry and acting was amazing xD One great comedy of the year!!

Sweetness in the Salt - Truthfully I do find this series boring at some point. But I did enjoy the series. It wasn't disappointing.. well maybe it does drag along and the script did lack. But it still watchable. I really did had a great time watching it. The love triangle was what kept me watching it. Otherwise, I probably had given up.

D.I.E. Again - I had great laughs with this series. I like how they added two new people to join the D.I.E crew. Especially love Ko Sir and Lo Sir xD the babies were cute too!! I was surprise that this wasn't disappointing. I find it funnier than the prequel. If there is D.I.E III I'll support but I doubt it xP

Pages of Treasures - This series is Okay, its a good, relaxing series to watch. With all the craziness in GEM. I enjoy it.

E.U - This series was successful. I had completely given up with TA ever since they made a sequel. But the 3rd installment had bought me great expectations and I enjoyed it. One good series. But the 4 installment? I'm not sure =\

Just Love II - Its alright. The baby was adorable =] It wasn't disappointing. I enjoy this one better then the prequel actually. It was relaxing, only part I hate was the baby mix up thing. -.-'' I find it really unnecessary.

King of Snooker - It's okay. I got bored in some point but I manage to watch it. All to Niki xD Niki and Patrick relationship was okay. Enjoy watching their chemistry.

The Threshold of Persona - It was boring and okay at the same time. But it was disappointing. I took off couple weeks and actually finished it. I like the chemistry between Natalie and Patrick. The only thing that kept me watching it, but it was all disappointment.

The Greatness of the Hero - It was warehouse. I still don't get why, but maybe there is too much beheading. It's okay, not a crazy series. It was slow.. Wayne portrayed his evil role well. Sunny and Bernice relationship was actually pretty nice =]

Gem of Life - Isn't this part of last years anniversary?? Lol.. prolly not. but I always thought that it was part of last years grand production xD lol.. Okay anyways, this series is actually okay. I manage to watch all 80 eps. Yes it was disappointing and boring and the series drags all the way. But it was okay. I had anticipated this series when it said it'll aired. It had a grand cast, it was once again the script and the series is too long. The chemistry in here is good. I enjoyed the chemistry but the series indeed really boring. *sigh* this series was kinda a waste. They spend so much on it, many expensive places and traveling everywhere. Amazing cast. But it went down the drain.

-series that I never start-
Winter Melon Tale
Man In Charge - I actually saw the 1st eps, it was funny, but I didn't know why I never finish it.
The Stew of Life - I said I'll watch it but never did.
A Great Way To Care
A Bride for a Ride

-series that I gave up on-
Burning Flame 3 - I'm sorry, I couldn't continue. I had to give it up. I had anticipate for this series cause I loved the 1st and 2nd installment. But this series I was really disappointed. It was disappointing and boring. I still don't get how it took BR place in the top 5 during the Award night.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Born Rich so far...

So far.. in Born Rich, I had watch up to episode 15. It's going great so far. Each character in here has different ideas and how things are worked. They have different views and minds. I find each character interesting. First lets start on the characters...

Mu Jie played by Nancy Sit. One of my favorite veteran actress, so I'm happy to see her in here. But her character is a bit... So far Nancy portrayed her character well. I'm fine with it but I do have to say her acting kinda went a bit too far. Especially her childish behaviours. I find Mu jie is a big child. She gets her ways and is very easy to cheer her up again. All you have to do is to do what she had want you to do. And she'll forgive you. Mostly these scenes are between her and her daughter in-law. Sometimes her childish behaviours, I find them funny. Maybe I'm laughing out of stupidity. But she can be really stubborn. I hope my view on Mu Jie will be different later on. Maybe, I'll be more happy with her role.

Chuet Yat Yuen played by Ray Lui. The oldest and the biological son of Mu Jie. Brother of Yat Sam and Yat Ming. Father of Kei Kei and Wai Wai, husband of Connie. Yes.. he might be the ideal of a filial son, loving father and husband and a great brother. That what TVB want you to feel, want you to stand on his side. But is he really an ideal husband later on? I'll have to watch and see for myself. Yat Yuen has a big heart, he burden everything. Even that big deal, Yat Ming had made. Who took the trouble and blame it on himself? Yes, Yat Yuen did. He is portrayed as one good brother, that don't want to see his brother or others to fall. He rather take all the burden himself. I like his character and I believe Ray is doing a great job so far. Loving his character every moment. But will I continue to like him later on?

Chuet Yat Ming played by Gallen Lo. The second son in the Chuet's family. Not Mu Jie's biological son. But Mu Jie cares for him is just like he is her own son. Once had hurt Yat Sam's heart, he did nothing to cure it. He continue to stay in Hong Kong when he should of had known to leave her. I can see that Yat Ming still loves her and want her back. But can he? Haven't seen Gallen for so long, he still act so well. I love his character. His little moves and face expressions are really funny. I laugh a lot during his scenes. But as the series goes, I can see that greed's is slowly creeping on him. He is getting there soon. Knowing that he was the one who scheme that problem out, he should have clear that he was the one behind it. He was too stubborn and to greedy and let his brother to take care of it. *sigh* greed is getting over him soon... I want to see how he manage it, how evil he can be. Hope is not disappointing.

Chuet Yat Sam played by Anita Mui. The youngest and the only daughter in the Chuet's family. Renee is a person who stands up and know from right to wrong. What made Renee to hate Yat Ming so much is that, she had once "love" him and she couldn't believe that he was her long lost half brother. She couldn't take it and wouldn't believe. But the truth is right in front of your eyes. Renee slowly accept him as her brother but still have a bad impression on him. I find her role likable. Anita did well too, she is actually really cute. And I think she is really pretty in the series. Her little bickering scenes with Topman (Joe Ma) is quite funny. And I enjoy watching them as a couple. But I'm also curious how Anita and Gallen will turn out.

Connie played by Jamie Chik. Haven't seen her for so long, happy to see her back. Her acting is still the same. She did well but I got to say I am annoyed with her. I find her character really stubborn and thinks too much. She always think that she is right and everything. I almost up to a point hating her. I don't know what to say about her, but I hope that after the series is done, I'll change my view and actually have something to say. As we all can see her marriage is breaking apart.

Topman played by Joe Ma. I really have nothing to say yet. His scenes with Renee is cute and he is kinda funny in the beginning. He get serious as the series goes, starting from Yat Ming work in the bank.

Angie played by Kenix Kwok. I know that I'm going to hate her as the series goes, being the third party. When will she wake up? Angie is in her little world. She is hypnotise with the love between her and Marcus. Which will never happen. I think that she just give up. At first she said she'll just love him from afar. But it had crept on her that she need to get close and she has to be his woman. I'm pretty sure she is hypnotise. Finding ways to get close with Marcus and seeing Connie's upset face, I'm upset. This love triangle will be a long problem. But other wise her acting is amazing.

Kenneth Ma, I love his character. His moves and expressions are really funny. Laughing at all his scenes too. And he is cute!! Lol, the smile and everything. He is starting to like Sharon. I wonder how he is going to end up with her?

Sharon Chan, I find her character weak right now. But somehow I do enjoy her character too.. I'm hoping to see her character getting stronger as the series goes.

All the character is going well so far and I'm curious how the love triangles, business side, and Yat Ming's greed develop. This is one long series.. 40 eps, it'll get boring somehow. But I'll finish it. No doubt that it'll end up like Beyond. and I'll be disappointed again. But its alright. I can manage with all the scheming in the palace. I can stand another scheme in this series.

I'll be back with another post, after I finish the series. Stay tune =]

A Watchdog's Tale

Title: A Watchdog’s Tale
Chinese Title: 老友狗狗 (Lou Yau Gau Gau)
Cast: Steven Ma, Kent Cheng, Linda Chung, Maggie Siu, Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong, Koni Lui, Lee Kwok Lun, Wu Fong, Kwok Fung, Rocky Cheng, Francois Wong, Evergreen Mak, Yvonne Lam, Ram Tseung, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 12/28/2009 - 1/22/2010
Genre: Modern/Drama/Cop/Comedy
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen


A rich woman TSEUNG TIN NGOR (Maggie Shiu)’s beloved dog CANDY has got behaviour problems since NGOR is being kidnapped. After released, NGOR takes CANDY for various medical treatments but none of them is helpful to cure its illness. Desperate NGOR finally finds LAI TSUN SING (Kent Cheng), a retired police canine officer, who has just opened a kennel in the walled village. NGOR asks SING to give CANDY training but it creates discord between both of them. When CANDY’s condition is getting better and better, NGOR is pleased and shows deference toward SING. NGOR feels obscured of the kidnapping and she misconceives that the landlord of the kennel, CHOW YUNG KUNG (Steven Ma), is one of the kidnappers. SING gets his trained dog BINGO carrying out an investigation. They finally prove that KUNG is innocent. KUNG appreciates Sing’s efforts and he starts joining the course for learning how to be a dog lover. LAI SIN YUE (Linda Chung), SING’s veterinarian daughter, is aware of her feeling towards him since then.

credit to Astro on Demand

Monday, December 28, 2009

Beyond the Realm of Conscience overview

Since I first heard that Beyond is being film and seeing their costume fitting. I grew and anticipate for it. I was really hyped when it aired. I loved the first couple episodes but as the series processes... my expectations changed....

Beyond the Realm of Conscience is set during the Tang Dynasty. Its a series revolving around status and schemes within the Forbidden Palace. Yes.. I would agree.. the first episode was really dramatic. After watching the first episode, I couldn't wait and watch the 2nd then the 3rd and kept going. But I forgot at what episode..I stop. I took off with this series for about 2-3 weeks and finish it last week. The series started out when Yiu Kam Ling (Tavia Yeung) and Lau Sam Ho (Charmaine Sheh) argued. From what the scene showed, both kam ling and sam ho had became Emperor Li's (Moses Chan) concubine. Their status is way up there in the palace. Kam Ling and Sam Ho "were once" sisters and it shatter when they became concubines. After that scene, it took us back 20 years, where Kam Ling and Sam Ho were kids.

In the first episode when Sam Ho's mom died, it was really sad and dramatic. I did shed some tears. Couple years had pass, Kam Ling and Sam Ho grew up. To Kam Ling, Sam Ho is the one she would trust. What ever Kam ling did, Kam Ling seems to be punish. Even if she had helped and safe the palace or someone. She will be punish. With all these punishment it had turn Kam Ling to believe in something else. In Kam Ling's mind, to survive in the palace is to scheme your way up. There is no one nice in the palace. Its either you live or died. Her "Ho Ji Mui" (best sister) Sam Ho are totally opposite. Before her mother who is played by Krystal Tin died, her mother had told her to follow these 3 words. "Do good deeds, speak good words, show goodwill". Sam Ho which had followed these words growing up. Her kindness which bought many people in the palace to love her. What ever she did, she will get credit for. In Sam Ho's mind, to survive in the palace is to bring out these 3 words. "Once we are sisters, we will stay sisters forever" - this quote were once described Yiu Kam Ling and Lau Sam Ho. But will the really remain sisters forever? And the answer is no.

I really thought most cast were "evil". Which I was wrong. No one is "EVIL". Not even Tavia!! Well yes maybe Susan Tse and Lee Kwok Lun was. But other wise no one. The whole series is just about how everyone schemes there way against each other to get to a better position. Michelle and Susanna just scheme at each other for so many years over a misunderstanding. Susan Tse mostly scheme about her sister Mary Jie for being a maid and became a concubine. And killing everyone who did something wrong. Lee Kwok Lun scheme about everything, want to get to a higher position, even though he is already the top General. Tavia scheme all the way becoming a concubine. After becoming a concubine is still not good enough for her and which she was not content. She wanted more. Selena is just a spoil, wealthy girl. Which wants everything.

As the series progress.. I grew tired from the kindness and all the schemes. Yes..indeed I grew tired with the whole series. It wasn't up to my expectations. I was hoping for more. More from Tavia and Charmaine. Charmaine role is really nothing and flawless. The whole series was kinda a flaw. Do you really think that within the forbidden palace, there really is kindness. Well maybe, between couple friends. But do you really think that a maid really get a chance to talk to the emperor and made the emperor to follow the 3 words too? I believe that there is no kindness within the palace. Maybe I could be wrong. But I'm pretty sure anyone whom status is way higher than Sam Ho's status would follow her 3 words. In the series, that did happen. And I believe that is a flaw right there. The series did get to a point where it was boring. It wasn't none of the actors fault. I believe the script wasn't powerful enough. It wasn't well written. This series is from TVB.. TVB series are always full of flaws and are never well developed. I think the weakness from TVB are the scripts. I thought this series would be really powerful.. I guess I was wrong. I truly had learn something. Never get hyped and anticipate over a series too much. Cause when you actually watch the series, you'll loose interest. To me the series is disappointing, but it was still watchable. The acting was great. But I did expected more from Tavia and Charmaine. But I guess.. out of everyone in the series, the best acting will have to go to Susan Tse and Lee Kwok Lun, and which Tavia comes in third =] Tavia acting was actually well perform in her first evil role. Her glares and everything did creep me out.

Overall, the series was actually okay. Not powerful nor great, its okay. The ending got 50 peaks..was thanks to Kevin. I didn't see what so special about the ending to get 50 peaks. But I was satisfied with the ending. Maybe a little upset with Tavia's ending. I believe that Tavia wasn't evil, she just "gan" and greedy. Hmm.. maybe if Charmaine had turn Tavia in before, maybe Tavia wouldn't gone too far with her greed's. By the end Charmaine was full of regret and Tavia was full of greed. The two sisters fortunately split up. It got even to a point where tavia wanted to kill Charmaine. It was sad to see.. and all the deaths were really sudden and weren't realistic. I cried the most was the death of Krystal and when Hor Wai leaving the palace, and the scene she had with Kara crying.

Weakest acting
For some reason, I find Kevin acting the weakest in the series. Kevin character really didn't do much. Mostly he just stand by Moses, giving him advices and have lovely scenes with Charmaine. Also I find Moses acting weak too..he really have the 3 words and Charmaine in his mind too much. I like is "dumb'' scene better and little emperor Li played by Lawrence. Lawrence did a great job =D

Strongest acting
Susan Tse had the most powerful acting in the series. I get all creep up when she tried to be nice and when her scenes comes up. She really did showed many powerful faces and glares. Tavia did a well job for acting a evil role for the first time. I would love to see more of her evil roles in the future but I hope that in the future her evil roles would improve and give me more. Tavia wasn't as powerful as Susan, and I expected more but she did alright.

I love the costumes. Its so pretty and the hair pieces. Its all so nice.

Theme songs/sub
Yes I love both songs. "Palace Scheme" by Susanna, the song remind me of HOG and Moonlight. and the sub "Windmill" by Charmaine, is really soothing. A Kid song =]

The series did fine but yes it could have done better. Will I recommend it? No. But if you really want to see it, go ahead. But to me I'm really tired with all the scheming and tired with this series. I was planning to watch it the second time, but nope it would not happen. TVB really shouldn't changed the title to "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" it really should just stay as "Palace Scheme". Since its all about scheming. I literally did said to the screen.. "give up Tavia with all the scheming and give up everyone". I was like telling everyone to give up xP lol. The presentation clip was much better. I learned my lesson..not to anticipate a series too much. Mostly the theme to the series is.. never be greedy. Do good deeds you'll get good rewards other wise you'll be punish. I rate the series 8/10 I'm pretty sure Born Rich will turn out just like Beyond.

Only grand production would be rated out of 10

Friday, December 25, 2009

Yiu Kam Ling & Lau Sam Ho

"Having a Sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there." - Amy Li

"A best friend is just like having a sister. To everyone we are best friends, but to us, we are sisters. No matter what we do, we'll do it together." - foreverloveTVB (quote to Kam ling and Sam Ho)

Yiu Kam Ling and Lau Sam Ho, best friends since young. To Kam Ling, Sam Ho is the only person she can trust in the palace. To Sam Ho, she is lucky to have Kam Ling by her side. Sam Ho remember the words her mother told her before she past away. "Do good deeds, Speak good words, and Show goodwill." Also to be best sisters with Kam Ling. The two sisters did everything together and stands up for each other.

Sisters have your back and cheer you up. Sisters make sure you're happy and no one make fun of you. That is what Kam Ling and Sam ho is. Sam Ho would bring out her 3 words, no matter what happens. Kam Ling will not let anyone slide past, hurt them if the person hurt her or Sam Ho. But slowly, greed took over Kam Ling and slowly the sisters will break apart. Will they still be sisters?

In Yiu Kam Ling's eyes, Lau Sam Ho is the only one she can trust. She can't trust anyone else. Anyone come upon her that she doesn't trust, will loose their life. But slowly that trust she has in Sam Ho, slowly faded. The trust faded out of her, but the greed came over her. Kam Ling thinks that to survive in the palace is to scheme your way up to get a better position. Even if you are the maid or the concubine, you still have to scheme to survive. To Kam Ling being the maid is not good enough. She tried her best to get the Emperor (Moses) attention. When she finally success in to it, she became Concubine Lai. Being the Concubine, she felt that, that spot is not good enough. She has to compete with Concubine Yin (Selena Li) to be the Queen. Kam Ling Scheme her way through the top. The greed slowly grabs her and she needs more. Up to this point Kam Ling can't stop. Even she has stop trusting her best friend/sister since young. Their sister ship/friendship had ended. Kam Ling wanted her sister to leave/out of her sight, but she never succeed. Her plan always failed. Even her maid Fei Yin (Yoyo Chen) turn against her. Kam Ling is over. Her greed had gotten her to a point where she can't turn around anymore.

In Lau Sam Ho's eyes, doing good deeds, showing goodwill, and speak good words. Will be the success in the palace. She trusted Kam Ling and did everything with her. Sam Ho was upset when she found out Kam Ling had tried to get rid of June Chan. Slowly Sam Ho can see that Kam Ling greed took over her and she knows that its too late for her to turn back around. She had promise her mother to do good deeds, show goodwill and speak good words. But she had fail promising her mother to be best sisters with Kam Ling forever. Maybe because Sam Ho followed the 3 words her mother thought her too much and she never realize Kam Ling's greediness. If Sam Ho stands up to Kam Ling, turn her in.. Kam Ling might have a chance to turn back around. But she know she can't do it, Kam Ling is the only sister she has, someone closest her in the palace. She can't turn her in. Sam Ho had let Kam ling took the wrong path, when she decided not to turn her in. Now she had regret it for not tuning Kam Ling in. Sam Ho had finally realize what had became of Kam Ling and she never had thought that her Sister/Best Friend had tried to kill her. Our sisterhood had broken up into pieces.

Tavia Yeung who portrayed Yiu Kam Ling in Beyond was her breakthrough role. A role she finally had a chance to film. An evil role. To me, I felt like Tavia is missing something. Tavia can do better, I expected something more from her. Looking at her evil glares did creep me out and I'm getting worry and scare. I wouldn't call Yiu Kam Ling evil. I would say "Gan" and Greed took over her. Yiu Kam Ling is just greedy, which she couldn't get enough, and the stuff she did was evil. I was surely excited for her evilness, but toward the middle and the end I had enough. Maybe because I can't feel anything from her. I was literally said to the screen "Give up Tavia" She killed everyone in her way, which I think is a bit too I felt bad for Empress Cheng. I can't believe Tavia killed off Mary Hon. The Empress knows how she felt and was really nice to her. I can't believe it. I thought that Yoyo Chen would turn her back when Michelle and Susanna and Kara went to find her. I was happy that she didn't and she stick true to Tavia. But in the end Yoyo did turn against her. Yoyo didn't add the poison in to Charmaine's congee. Tavia is over. I don't really like her ending but I thought it was quite cute. The two little girl represent Tavia and Charmaine. Its cute how Tavia told them to be close, do everything together and don't let each other fall. Don't fall apart, and to stick together. Tavia had turn mental and she refer herself as Lau Sam Ho.

Charmaine Sheh portray as Lau Sam Ho. I expected more from her too. Her kindness made me happy and enjoyed her parts. But as the story goes, I had enough with her kindness. Her Kindness in the end had killed Tavia. She had turn Tavia into a greedy person. If Charmaine had really turn her in, maybe Tavia won't become so greedy. I know its not Charmaine fault and Charmaine did try, but it was too late. Charmaine love triangle wasn't as fascinating either. I kinda like Moses and Charmaine to end together but Kevin and Charmaine scenes were really cute. I really had nothing to say about Charmaine.. her kindness had got to a point where I can't stand I liked her ending, the little girl was the same girl who portrayed "little Sam Ho''. The way she said all her memories with Kevin was touching. She put so much feelings into it. And that slowly made Kevin remember and now the family of 3 can finally get back together.

Overall, I really like Tavia and Charmaine character. Both of them can never disappoint me. But I guess, I had enough with all the schemeness and kindness within the forbidden palace and which lead me to a point I had enough with kam ling and sam ho. But I really did expected more from Tavia and Charmaine. The presentation clip had lead me really anticipating for the series. I guess you can't really excited over a series too much and when you finally watch it, you'll loose interest. Tavia and Charmaine did well portraying their characters, I'll give them 4/5.

Beyond review coming soon =D
Merry Christmas everyone ;]

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Hi Everyone.. I wish all of you a very happy holiday. Merry Chirstmas!! Wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday!!  Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

December Babies

First I'm going to say, Happy Belated Birthday to Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong!!! I hope both of you had a very happy birthday. Wish you both luck, happiness, more series, and fortune.. in your new year. Remember to give yourselves more rest and stay healthy and happy!!!

Here are the rest Artists Birthday's...
Dec 2nd - Nick Cheung
Dec 5th - Leila Tong
Dec 8th - Raymond Lam
Dec 13th - Bosco Wong
Dec 19th - Frankie Lam

Happy Belated Bday to Leila and Nick. Hope both of you had enjoyed your bdays. Wish the both of you happiness, luck, and fortune. I truly had miss both of them on screen. Haven't seen them for so long, but I had saw Nick on TVB 42nd Awards Night. Happy to see him. Every time I see Leila, she always remind me of my, they really do resemble each other.

Happy Birthday to Frankie. With you happiness, joy, luck and fortune. With the new baby coming, it must be exciting. Wish you and Kenix all the luck and a happy family =D

These were the only artists that I had know that are born in December. Each Month, I'll put up a post on artistes bday's just like this one. Next month will be January babies... stay tune ;]

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2010 Sales Presentations

The Legend of Pu Song Ling
I saw the presentation clip. Its quite interesting. I thought Fala was the Fox demand too. But it was Linda? Or it was just me? And Linda is a ghost?? Looks really interesting!! I'm anticipating it.

Twilight Investigations
I find this presentation is quite funny. I hope it turn out to be funny like this. Linda is soo Cute xD Especially with her lines saying "Ah Fung ahh, Ho leng jai ahh" Lol, it cracked me up. Can't wait to see Wong Hei and Linda chemistry!!

Five Flavors of Life
I hope it turn out good. I really happy to see Esther back. One of my old time Favourites. Wasabi Mon Armor didn't come out alive for me. I hope this doesn't turn out like that. The best food series I saw from TVB got to be 1997 A Recipe for the Heart.

Wu Zon Monk
Um.. no comment, I think it'll be boring. But maybe I'll give it a chance? But it do look really boring. Its good to see Chan Hung Lit in the presentation clip.

The Seven Days of Separation
The clip was quite funny. Lol, I'm interest in it. Hope it won't be disappointing. I like the cast. Myolie and Sammul part with Evergreen and the knife part was funny. I felt bad for

Growing Through Life
No comment.. it remind me of Gem of Life. Its talking about how they are going through life probably?? Lol...ahah, I hope it won't end up like Gem. And another Huge Family problem? Gahh... While I was watching the clip, I was like who is the female lead? Don't tell me its Toby? I think it'll be boring.

Hmm.. it has a good cast. Michael M, Felix Wong is back and Jessica Hsuan. Maybe I'll watch it for them? The clip remind me of Forensic Heroes and D.I.E combine too. Kinds creep me Yes, I'm weird.

Righteous Sea of Love
Aww.. Wayne went through all the trouble for Sheren, but she going to kill him?? IDK, it was the end with the car explosion. I don't think they die though, then the series is over..lols. TVB always have happy endings right?LOl. But it look like its killing all the cast. Hope it'll be as good as Rosy!! Hope won't be disappointing.

Forensic Heroes III
Is that Bobby and Frankie I saw?? They better be in the series or I'm not watching it!! Cause its not call "Forensic Heroes" without our awesome Dr.Koo and Tim Sir. And don't forget Yoyo!!

Here Come the Princess
I think this is BTROC II? Umm.. I don't think they should make a second version for BTROC. It didn't come out the way I expected to be. (BTROC) I thought the clip came out funny. But I'm not sure. I don't seem excited for it. but maybe I'll watch it?

The Mysteries of Love
LOL!! Haha, I find this really cute and it kind of have some Forensic in here? Fungyi parts are soo cute. Tavia is so cute and I can't wait to see Bernice and Kenneth parts too!!! So excited and anticipating for it!! xD

These were the 2010 Presentation Clips I saw. Some are really appealing to me and some I'll skip. I'm going to make the one I'm really looking forward too in Red.

What did the Lady's wore to the 42nd Award Ceremony?

What did the Lady's wore to the Award Ceremony? Well everything turn out alright and nice that night. Some dresses are amazing, some has their own crazy styles, and some are just plain formal. But some were really.... I don't know what to say. I was shocked at Linda's clothes. Linda one of my fav actress. *sigh* I guess she knows she is not getting anything that night probably. i rated them out of 5.

Sheren Tang
Hmm.. the white matched her. But I think the dress is too puffy and baggy. Its actually not a bad dress, I just don't like the bottom. Her hair is nice.

Tavia Yeung
I like the dress. I think it really suits her. I liked the color and jewelries. Her Hair is nice. Well cause you can't really do anything with short hair right?

Charmaine Sheh
I like it. It matches her. Like every year.. the color are almost the Nice necklace and once again the hair is okay. Cause you can't really do anything with short hair.

Myolie Wu
She stands out this year. Going for her own style. Even her shoes matches. Everything matches her. Even the hair, its short so really you can't do much. Its nice.

Linda Chung
What the?? Noooo Linda!! This is a fashion issue. I don't like the clothes nor the hair. The make up on her eyes and the hair made her look scary.

Fala Chen
The color suits her.. I kinda like it. Make her look innocent. The hair is decent too.

Michelle Yim
Everything looks alright I guess. I think I don't like the gold and the purple together.

Liza Wang
She always dress differently and her own style every year. That is what I liked her about. She stands out every year. But I think this year she overdone it. Lol.. the dress made me laugh and its kinda cute though. LOl. Its just the hair that I don't really like.

Christine Ng
I like the Pink. But I think I like the dress she wore to the gala better. Everything suits her well.

Si Kei Jie
I guess it alright? I don't like it but it suits her well. The Jewelry is nice and her hair is okay too.
Susanna Kwan
Its alright, its suits her. I just don't like her hair.

Maggie Siu
I like the color. But I don't really like how the dress look. Her hair and bag is alright.

Nancy Wu
Her dress is alright, better the one she wore last year. I think it was her lipstick that stand out and I don't like. I think its a bit too red. I don't like the hair either.

Sharon Chan
Its alright. Her hair is nice too.

Queenie Chu
Dress is okay. But for somehow, maybe because the moves she made that night made her looked really cute.

Amiee Chan
The dress is just plain black.. I didn't like it. I don't think she had any jewelry on that night. Did she?

Koni Lui
I liked the color and is that the same color as the one she wore at the Gala? Its nice, I liked it.

Mary Jie
The dress is okay too. Its suit her though. I don't like the hair.

Catherine Chau
Hm.. I really like the color and it matches her well. She should had wore a necklace.

Susan Tse
She changed dresses? I think I like the white one better, but this one really suits her.

Kara Hui
Its Okay... I don't really like it. Her earrings are nice though.

Monday, December 7, 2009

TVB 42nd Awards Final

Best Actor
Wayne Lai
Steven Ma
Bosco Wong
Dayo Wong
Moses Chan

Expected to be Wayne Lai taking that award home. Congratulations Wayne!! Looking at the top 5 you know it would be Wayne. Personally I don't think Steven and Bosco should be nominated as top 5. But really.. Bosco Wong? Steven and Bosco can still have a better chance in the future years but not now. It should be Ray Lui and Gallen Lo for Born Rich. I guess TVB want to give Bosco and Steven a chance huh?

Best Actress
Sheren Tang
Tavia Yeung
Charmaine Sheh
Ada Choi
Teresa Mo

This category was off the heat with Charmaine, Tavia, and Sheren competing for the award. But at the end it was really Sheren who took the award home. I don't really mind if Tavia took it home either, because she did awesome job in Beyond. Support to all!! Congratulation too Sheren!!

Best Supporting Actress
Linda Chung
Susan Tse
Fala Chen
Michelle Yim
Susanna Kwan

Susan did a wonderful job in both Beyond and Rosy Business. I wished that she was nominated for her role in Beyond, cause personally I liked her in Beyond better. Congratulations!! And I don't see why Fala got into the top 5 for this category. I think Fala had Improved a lot over the years. I didn't see The Stew of Life so then I can't really say much about her character.

Best Supporting Actor
Michael Tse
Pierre Ngo
Elliot Yue
Lee Kwok Lun
Kenneth Ma

Haha.. I knew it all along Michael would bring something home for his outstanding role as Laughing Gor. But I thought that Lee Kwok Lun did a great job as Eunuch Ma in Beyond too!! Congratulations to Michael!!

Favourite Male Character
Wayne Lai
Moses Chan
Michael Tse
Dayo Wong
Kevin Cheng

It was unexpected for me. I seriously thought that Dayo was perfect for this award!! I thought that Michael Tse will take this instead. Congrats to Wayne!! 2nd award that night!!

Favourite Female Character
Tavia Yeung
Charmaine Sheh - Lam Miu Miu
Charmaine Sheh - Lau Sam Ho
Teresa Mo
Sheren Tang

It was expected. I knew TVB will give this award to Tavia!! But I had voted for Lam Miu Miu but Yiu Kam Ling is awesome too!! I know that Tavia will bring something home that night!! Congratulations Tavia!!

Improved Actor

Pierre Ngo
Raymond Wong
Johnson Lee
Jim Tang
Raymond Chiu

It was expected that Pierre Ngo will win. Its time for him to shine but I also thought that Raymond Wong improved too. Maybe next year for him. Congrats Pierre!!

Improved Actress
Amiee Chan
Sharon Chan
Queenie Chu
Catherine Chau
Koni Lui

Wow.. so many C's..lols. It was expected and I was disappointed!! I knew that TVB will give her the award. But personally I think that everyone on this list deserves it more then her. Especially Queenie and Sharon, they both really deserve it. I think that its too early for Amiee to get the award. When Queenie and Sharon was in the industry longer then her. But oh wells... I hope Amiee will change my perspective on her, since she got the award. Congrats!! Popular Artist
Wayne Lai

It was unexpected for me. I thought Tavia will get the award cause Yoyo wasn't nominated. Congrats to Wayne!! 3rd award that night!!

Lifetime Achievement Award
Producer Lee

It was unexpected.. I thought it would be someone older, like a Veteran Actor or at least Chan Hung Lit. But too my surprise it was Producer Lee. Congrats and looking forward too more of your series!!

Best Performance
Tavia Yeung

I wouldn't think that Tavia will get this award. Congrats Tavia!!! Keep on working hard!!

Best Series
Rosy Business
Burning Flame
Beyond the Realm of Conscience
You're Hired

I was surprise that Born Rich didn't get on to the Top 5 but Burning Flame did!! I was upset really upset, cause Burning Flame didn't really make it out alive to me. This was the only top 5 list that bought me down. It was Rosy Business all along. I thought that TVB wil give it to Beyond with its high ratings but nope it was Rosy Business. Congrats!!

Well the awards for 42nd is finally over. Everything is finally over for TVB 2009. TVB 2010 is coming up our way. Wait till next year to see who win the 2010 awards. I'm very happy about this year awards but there are a bit I'm not happy with. What happen to all the Born Rich Cast?? A side from only Kenneth who made it into the top 5. What happen? I would like to know and why Born Rich didn't make it to Top 5 for best series, but Burning Flame did? I thought BR was way better then BF3. Lastly Congratulations to all nominees and congrats to all the winners. I thought that Charmaine Sheh would win something. But guess not, congrats to her for being nominated and getting into the top 5 three times.Keep up the good work and hope to see all of your name in 2010 awards nominations again!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

42nd Awards Nomi thoughts

*Please read the post before this first... "TVB 42nd Award Nominations [new votes]". This post would be just the thoughts, on the new results that I had chose.*

I went through my first choices. I had said previously that I would rethink my thoughts after I had watch Beyond and Born Rich. Both Grand Productions is really heating up the screen. But with Beyond already finish airing in Hong Kong, and BR has more episodes to go. The competitions are really heating up between the three series. Two Grand productions, BR and Beyond and Rosy Business. Also competitions are heating up in winning for the TV Queen. We will need to wait till Friday Dec 4th to find out. Well here is my thoughts to the final choices I had chose.

Lifetime Achievement Awards - I was not thinking about to put this up but I had thought about. It would be a generosity for TVB to give this award to Lit Gor. Lit Gor had past away recently and it was a shocking news to everyone. I personally thought the Lit Gor had portray in The Gem Of Life really well. Lit gor should get the credit and I thought he is perfect to get this award.

Most Improved Actress - I had chose Queenie Chu because I thought she had done a well job this year. I saw most of her series this year and I really felt that she improved a lot. From the first time I saw Koni acting was in last year Catch Me Now. I saw her again in You're Hired and from that thought... she Improved!!! Sharon Chan, from seeing her in Catch Me Now to Pages of Treasures and in Born Rich. I should say she improved to but her role in BR isn't that great. But she is getting there.
Choice- Queenie Chu
TVB Choice - Queenie or Amiee?

Most Improved Actors - Pierre Ngo had did a great job in Sweetness in the Salt. Both Raymond Wong and Pierre are hard choices for me. Johnson.. well I guess I choose him every year but he never gets that award. To me he really had improved a lot!!
Choice- Pierre Ngo
TVB Choice- Pierre Ngo or Raymond Wong?

Most Favorite Female Character- Favorite Character this year go to Lam Miu Miu Charmaine Sheh. Lam Miu Miu had bought me to love and cherish her once I saw her in episode 1 in You're Hired. Her character grew to my love and cherish her. Its better then Lau Sam Ho. Anita Yeun in Born Rich was amazing. Her character grew to me from the first episode I saw her in. Very Cute Yat Sam. Yiu Kam Ling did a great job in Beyond. Very Scary!!
Choice- Lam Miu Miu
TVB Choice- Yiu Kam Ling

Most Favourite Male Character - I chose Dayo Wong cause his Character as Mak Tai Song grew to my expectations. Mak Tai Song did not disappoint in YH and no one can resist to hate him. Michael Tse as Laughing Gor bought many lovers. Strong feeling Laughing gor will win.
Choice- Mak Tai Song - Dayo Wong
TVB - Laughing Gor - Michael Tse

Best Supporting Actress - I wanted to pick Susan Tse as Empress in Beyond but she wasn't nominated for that role. So I went and chose Susanna Kwan. I felt that Susanna had portray her role in Beyond very well. Linda did a great job in Gem for me to pick her too. But I do have this feeling that Susan Tse will win this award.
Choice- Susanna Kwan
TVB- Susan Tse?

Best Supporting Actor- Lee Kwok Lun is one of my choices. He did a fantastic job in Beyond. Lun gor show many expressions. But who will actually win this award?? Michael Tse
Choice- Lee Kwok Lun and Michael Tse
TVB- Michael T

Best Actress - Here come the TV Queen. This year TV Queen is a huge competition. Is really heating it up. Frist it was all about Sheren Tang and now with Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung will get a chance. Who will really win? Wait till Dec 4th to find out. To me I felt like Sheren truly deserves it. Tavia will still have chances in the coming years in TVB. But Tavia did amazing this years. So it gave me a chance to pick her too.
Choice- Sheren, Tavia, Charmaine
TVB- Sheren Tang

Best Actor- TV King I chose Wayne Lai. Someone who truly deserve to get the TV King this year. Wayne Lai truly out stand everyone in RB!! Perfect to get the award!!
Choice - Wayne Lai
TVB- Wayne Lai

Best Series - With three series heating up the Screen. Who will actually win?? With three top series this year, Rosy Business, Born Rich and Beyond the Realm of Conscience. All are well done. All three series has its own flaws, and style. Which we can't compare them. My choice go to Rosy Business which I thought it truly deserve this award. But truly I think that Beyond will bring home this award instead.
Choice- RB, BR and Beyond
TVB- Beyond
Deserve- Rosy Business

Well here are my thoughts. I kinda shorten it cause I ran out of time. To find out who really got the award?? Watch it yourself on Friday DEC 4th. Congrats to all the artistes that are nominated and good luck to all of you!!

*please read "TVB 42nd Nominations Awards [new votes]" first. Before you read this post, because this is based on that post* Thank You!!

TVB 42nd Awards Nominations [new votes]

It's that time of year again. It's time for everyone to be hyped up about the awards night and the nomination list. It's everyone time to see who is nominated and can't wait to vote and see who actually won during the awards night. (I can't wait myself xP) Well here is the awards.... The Red is my first choice, the Blue is my second choice and the Green is third choice. If you have notice the colors are TVB's colors xD

Please note: The choices are based on who I really thought should win the award... it would not be based on the actors that are MY Favs. Also the choices might change after I watch Beyond and Born Rich.

I'm watching this years TVB grand production.. Born Rich and Beyond the Realm of Conscience. I'm not anywhere near done with Born Rich, but I'm up to ep 25 in Beyond. I can say one thing, that these two series are heating up the screen. Amazing acting from both cast. Since I'm watching these two productions series, and like I had said before, I'll come back and change my results. But not all the results. The new results colors would be.....

First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice

also note that the choice would still be based on the Actors that really did well and put a lot effort in this year.(well everyone put in a lot effort) I meant to say that, the actors who truly deserves the awards. (will not be based on the artistes that I like)


Bowie Lam - The Gem of Life
Joe Ma - When Easterly Showers Falls On The Sunny West
Michael Miu - Emergency Unit
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Steven Ma - Sweetness in a Salt
Kevin Cheng - Burning Flames III
Wong Hei - Burning Flames III
Bosco Wong - Burning Flames I
Chin Ka Lok - A Bride for a Ride
Dayo Wong - You're Hired
Roger Kwok - D.I.E Again
Damien Lau - In the Chamber of Bliss
Moses Chan - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Ray Lui - Born Rich
Gallen Lo - Born Rich
did not change results


Ada Choi - The Gem of Life
Maggie Siu - The Gem of Life
Gigi Lai - The Gem of Life
Teresa Mo - Off Pedder
Liza Wang - When Easterly Showers Falls on the Sunny West
Kathy Chow - Emergency Unit
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Myolie Wu - Burning Flames III
Sonjia Kwok - D.I.E. Again
Louise Lee - The Stew of Life
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Anita Yuen - Born Rich
Jamie Chik - Born Rich
Kenix Kwok - Born Rich
new results - Sheren Tang, Tavia Yeung, Charmaine Sheh
sorry to Kenix Kwok


Linda Chung - The Gem of Life
Elanne Kong - Emergency Unit
Susan Tse - Rosy Business
Kiki Sheung - Rosy Business
Susan Tse - Rosy Business
Kara Hui - Rosy Business
Nancy Wu - Rosy Business
Joyce Tang - Just Love II
Aimee Chan - Burning Flames III
Fala Chen - The Stew of Life
Christine Ng - The Stew of Life
Susanna Kwan - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Michelle Yim - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Mary Hon - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Selena Li - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
new results - Susanna Kwan, Linda Chung, Selena Li
sorry to Michelle Yim


Elliot Yue - The Gem of Life
Kenny Wong - The Gem of Life
Stephen Au - Off Pedder
Tsui Wing - Off Pedder
Michael Tse - Emergency Unit
Joel Chan - Emergency Unit
Ron Ng - Rosy Business
Pierre Ngo - Rosy Business
Raymond Wong - Sweetness in the Salt
Derek Kwok - D.I.E. Again
Evergreen Mak - The Stew of Life
Dominic Lam - In the Chamber of Bliss
Lee Kwok Lun - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Ram Tseung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Kenneth Ma - Born Rich
new results - Michael Tse, Lee Kwok Lun, Kenneth Ma
sorry to Raymond Wong and Derek Kwok


Moses Chan - The Gem of Life
Bowie Lam - The Gem of Life
Kenny Wong - The Gem of Life
Michael Miu - E.U.
Michael Tse - E.U.
Kenneth Ma - Man in Charge
Wayne Lai - Rosy Business
Steven Ma - Sweetness in the Salt
Wong Hei - Burning Flames III
Chin Ka Lok - A Bride for a Ride
Dayo Wong - You're Hired
Roger Kwok - D.I.E. Again
Kevin Cheng - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Ray Lui - Born Rich
Gallen Lo - Born Rich
did not change results

Maggie Siu - The Gem of Life
Ada Choi - The Gem of Life
Teresa Mo - Off Pedder
Kathy Chow - E.U.
Sheren Tang - Rosy Business
Charmaine Sheh - You're Hired
Sonjia Kwok - D.I.E. Again
Louise Lee - The Stew of Life
Fala Chen - The Stew of Life
Christine Ng - The Stew of Life
Charmaine Sheh - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Tavia Yeung - Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Anita Yuen - Born Rich
Jamie Chik - Born Rich
Kenix Kwok - Born Rich
new results - Charmaine Sheh (lam miu miu), Tavia Yeung, Anita Yeun
sorry to Kenix kwok and Lo Sam Ho


Johnson Lee - Just Love II, The Stew of Life
Pierre Ngo - Rosy Business, Sweetness in the Salt
Raymond Wong - When Easterly Showers fall on the Sunny West, Sweetness in the Salt, ICAC 2009
Raymond Chiu - Off Pedder
Jim Tang - Off Pedder

Queenie Chu - The Gem of Life, Off Pedder, You're Hired
Koni Liu - You're Hired
Catherine Chau - The Gem of Life, The King of Snooker, The Bride for a Ride
Sharon Chan - Pages of Treasure, Born Rich
Aimee Chan - Off Pedder, E.U., Burning Flames III
new results - Queenie Chu, Koni Lui, Sharon Chan
sorry to Amiee Chan


The Gem of Life
Off Pedder
When Easterly Showers Falls On The Sunny West
Pages Of Treasures
The Winter Melon Tale
The King of Snookers
Man In Charge
Rosy Business
Just Love II
The Threshold of a Persona
Sweetness in a Salt
Burning Flames III
A Bride for a Ride
You're Hired
D.I.E. Again
The Stew of Life
In the Chamber of Bliss
Beyond the Realm of Conscience
Born Rich
new results Rosy Business, Beyond the realm of Conscience, Born Rich
sorry to You're Hired and D.I.E Again

*The choices might change after I have watch BR and Beyond. I can't really judge those yet, cause I had only watch the 1st couple episodes.* ***I had changed the choices in to the colors label above, some stayed the same, but some had changed.***

Lifetime Achievement Award, TVB Personal Blog, Favourite Host, and Varitey Show
I'm not going to post the rest.. cause I really don't care whoever/what ever won on the other ones.

Credit: To Asianfanatics and

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Artistes of the Month

Starting today, December 1st - since its a new month. I'm going to start picking any random Artistes from TVB. I'll post an write up about them and they'll be this month foreverloveTVB Artistes of the Month. (but there will be a reason why this certain artistes was selected) The selection would be out of random. It can be a Veteran Artistes, retired artistes, newcomers, supporting artistes, Fa Dans, Siu Sangs..anyone can be selected. For this month I chose Fala Chen, cause one her write up was already written last month and I felt that she really had improved!!

Fala Chen born on February 24, 1982 in Chengdu, China but grew up in the U.S. Immigrating at age 15 and living in the United States, also adjusting into a new style, had made Fala independent and hardworking. Fala had attend Emory University in United States, which she major in Marketing and International Business. During her freshmen year in college, Fala participated in a beauty pageant. The reason why she had join and participate in it was to pay for her College tuition. Winning the Crown for Georgia, Fala participated in Miss Asian America representing Georgia and took the crown in 2002. Afterwards Fala participated in Miss Chinatown USA [Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce] in 2003 and was first runner up. After getting the first runner up in 2003, Fala took home the crown again in 2004 Miss Chinese NY. Representing New York, Fala went to Hong Kong and participated in Miss Chinese International in 2005 and won first runner up. With her beauty, smile, and beautiful figure, Fala bought home her crowns and awards. Returning to U.S and finished her degree in Marketing and International Business, earning her BA degree. Fala return back to Hong Kong and enter TVB.

Fala's first series was Forensic Heroes in 2006. As Fala fluent language was mandarin, her first series in speaking Cantonese was not strong. With and heavy accent, Fala still didn't give up and continue to work hard. Fala had improve in both of her acting and Cantonese dialect. In 2007 she was cast in Heart of Greed as a sweet innocent girl. But her major role in 2007 was when she was cast in Steps as a semi villain. Due to her character Carmen in Steps, many people criticise and hates toward her. But in 2008, Fala came back with an excellent role in Moonlight Resonance, as an mute girl Gam Wing Hing. Her character in Moonlight showed the sweet and adorable, innocent side of Fala. This had brought many people in liking Fala and changed their views on her. With this role, it had put Fala in the top 5 of best supporting actress. Which she had won in 2007 for her character Carmen in Steps. For entertaining in the industry for 4 years, Fala had really improved a lot and had filmed over 10 TV series.

Fala is improving everyday and a very hard worker. Fala didn't enter the industry because she wanted Fame, is was because she enjoys acting. Fala is not one of those "bratty" actress that only cares about glory and the fortune, but a very sweet, gentle, caring actress that works hard to be where she is today. Even Veteran Actress Lee Si Kei praised her being a hardworking and asks many questions that she doesn't understand. With her beautiful face, sweet smile and a stunning figure, Fala also take parts in shooting ads and photos. Also taking parts in functions and promotion events. TVB had Fala to participate in Laughing Gor's movie "Turning Point" as Michael Tse's girlfriend had bought her another promotion. Recently Fala had just released her new series The Stew of Life. With the new series airing, the theme song was also released. In which the theme song is by Fala. Fala sang her first TVB theme song.

As Fala is slowing getting promoted, one step at a time. She had improve each time. Fala's dialect in Cantonese had improved over the years and you couldn't really hear any accent in her new song Perfect Pair (The Stew of Life theme). Her accent in Turning Point wasn't as heavy and is understandable. All I have to say is that Fala Chen had really improved over the years. The first time I notice her was in Heart of Greed and didn't know exactly who she was. After I saw Steps, that is when I knew that is Fala Chen. I start to like her when watching Moonlight Resonance and saw through her. I can see that Fala Chen would be leading a series soon and become the leading lady. Fala had already sang her 1st theme song, very soon she'll be leading. I have faith in her and would support Fala.