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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Links to Temptation

Title: Links to Temptation
Chinese Title:诱情转驳 []
Cast: Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Yoyo Mung, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, Johnson Lee Sze Chit, Timmy Hung, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 12/13/2010 - 1/7/2011
Genre: Romance/Feelings
Producer: Tsui Yu On
Theme: Transferred Connection of Love (愛情轉駁) - Fala Chen


The subtle relationship between Barrister SHING WAI-SHUN (Steven Ma) and pole dancer HUNG LONG-KIU (Fala Chen) begins with a cell phone. KIU has been treating SHUN hot and cold. On top of this, he also finds her somewhat unpredictable. He decides to check her out secretly. His good friend, KWAN HO-CHING (Yoyo Mung) discovers that KIU is going out with rich businessman KO WING-TAI (Lau Tan). Under SHUN’s questioning, KIU confesses she is coveting TAI’s money, telling him to relinquish hope. It turns out that a mysterious man, who has been close, at hand is controlling KIU. Laying bare the darkest side of human nature, Links to Temptation is a thriller about morality, money, greed and arrogance.

Credit to Astro on Demand

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 TVB Awards Final

 Best Actor
Wayne Lai
Raymond Lam
Felix Wong
Moses Chan
Steven Ma

I expected to be Wayne Lai. Cause whose really going to beat Lau Sing? Lol.
Best Actress
Sheren Tang
Charmanie Sheh
Tavia Yeung
Linda Chung 
Maggie Cheung

Of Course its going to be Gao Goo Leung! Whose going to be right? ahaha...

Most Favourite Female Character
Charmaine Sheh - Third Princess
Teresa Mo
Sheren Tang
Linda Chung
Tavia Yeung

Hehe.. I personally voted for Charmaine... so I'm I thought she did well with her character and I loved Sam Gong Jui. =D Linda's character Ng Sei Duk is quite adorable too. 

 Most Favourite Male Character
Wayne Lai
Moses Chan
Steven Ma
Kenneth Ma
Raymond Lam - Professor Kingsley King

I was surprise that Raymond got this award. Lol. Cause I thought that his character was quite boring. It wasn't one of those huge role, it just like an everyday basic guy. A guy that every girl dreams for. That perfect guy that everyone wants. I thought it was nothing I thought Kenneth role in Fistful was amazingly done. =] He should of had got it! But then I can see why Professor King won though. Its "My favorite male character". Everyone Wants that kind of "Dream Guy". ahaha.

Best Supporting Male
Ron Ng
Dominic Lam
Raymond Wong
Pierre Ngo
Evergreen Mak

On this top 5 list... would only be between Dominic and Evergreen. Dominic role in Fistful was amazing and he just lost by a tiny bit. Evergreen did well...and he does truly deserves it. In all these year! I personally thought that he was a good actor from all his other supporting roles. I'm happy that he got his recognition! =]

  Best Supporting Female
Kara Hui
Elena Kong
Susanna Kwan
Fala Chen
Nancy Wu

I personally thought that Kara should of had won. Her role in Fistful was outstanding!! I loved her in there. Fala did improve and I'm happy that she won. 

Most Improve Male
Alex Lam
King Kong
Joel Chan
Raymond Wong
Him Law

I expected to be Raymond Wong. He truly deserves it!! 

Most Improve Female
Selena Li
Elaine Yiu
Natalie Tong
Chan Sin Yeung
Mimi Lo

Natalie did Improve and she did great in Fistful! She deserves it. But Selena need to be recognize too!! Last Year Selena should of had got the award... but it went to Aimee. *sigh* Hopefully next year Selena will win!!

Best Series
A Chip off the Old Block
The Mysteries of Love
Can’t Buy Me Love
Every Move you Make
No Regrets 

Hmm I see that it was Can't Buy Me Love that took the award home! I thought it would be No Regrets! I thought that NR deserves it more. CBML was warm, funny, and relaxing to watch. It was good. But NR deserves it more... but it was just that CBML rating was the highest. I was So surprise that Gun Metal Grey didn't get into top 5 and neither did A Fistful of Stances. A Chip got it? I was happy but it wasn't deserving. It was just like last years Best Series awards. TVB didn't put too much into Gun like they did last year to Born 

Best Performance
Moses Chan

This award was presented to Tavia last year too. This award Was SO awarded to the Artistes TO make them Happy. Popularity Award:
Raymond Lam

Congrats to Fung getting this award. But I was kinda unexpected that he'll win I thought Wayne or Steven will cause their blog was ranked #1. LOL. But congrats to Fung!! 

Life Time Achievement 
Lousie Lee See Kei

Congrats to Lee See Kei! I thought that other older veteran Artistes will get it. 

Well the awards for 43rd is finally over. Everything is finally done for TVB 2010. TVB 2011 is coming up on our way. I would like to know and why Gun Grey Metal and Fistul of Stances didn't make it to Top 5 for best series. Lastly Congratulations to all nominees and congrats to all the winners. 

December Babies

It's that time of the month again!! Whooo!! Happy Birthday to All December Babies!! I hope all of you will have or had an amazing day and wish all your wishes will come/came true!! ;]

December Babies
Dec 2nd - Nick Cheung
Dec 5th - Leila Tong
Dec 8th - Raymond Lam
Dec 13th - Bosco Wong
Dec 19th - Frankie Lam

Happy Birthday!! I wish all of you have a wonderful birthday. And wish that all your dreams/wishes will come true. Good Luck in everything you do cause I'll definitely support you all!! Wishing all of you have many series to film but don't over work yourself ;] Wishing all of you good health, luck, and prosperity!! Happy Bday!!

~Ahh.. well these were the only artistes that I knew that have birthdays this month. I went on to TVB's calendar and I couldn't find any Artistes Birthdays on there. It was like all blank, I wonder if they are not doing that anymore? Feel free to tell me other artistes birthdays. ;]

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Show Me the Happy

Title: Show Me the Happy
Chinese Title: 依家有喜 []
Cast: Roger Kwok, Bernice Liu, Michelle Yim, Paul Chun, Annie Liu, Benz Hui, Derek Kok, Sandy Lau, Lam Sau Yi, Auston Lam, So Yan Chi, Catherine Chau, Annie Chong, Li Fung, Lui Man Kit, Lee Ka, Law Ho Kai, Jenny Fan, Mark Ma, Calvin Chan,Calvin Lui Hei, Janice Ting, Seng Oi Lam, Kerry Chan, Lydia Law, Natalie Wong.etc
Episodes: 80
Broadcast: 11/29/2010 [Sitcom]
Genre: Modern/Drama
Producer: Poon Ka Tak
Theme: Its Sung by Bernice Liu [will be updated]


'Family Style' dedicated medical clinic is ran by the Chai's family three siblings after the death of their parents. Oldest sister CHAI CHUEN (Michelle Yim) deals with all the administrative management of the clinic. Second sister and an obstetrician CHAI YUI (Annie Liu has high expectations on all people and situations. Third brother and a pediatrician CHAI JEUNG (Roger Kwok) is frivolous. The three siblings treat their colleagues just like family.

In addition to the three siblings there is retired surgeon oldest brother-in-law (Paul Chun), the accomplished plastic surgeon who is heads over heels for the second sister, the undercover pretty nurse (Bernice Liu) and the next generation family physicians and clinic staff. The complicated and subtle relationships causes different small life stories. The so-called "doctors cannot be self-doctor", the group of elite physicians have to face their own personality flaws, human weaknesses and if you want a cure, what kind of effective strategy do you have?

The daily battle of wits in the clinic between the sisters CHUEN and YUI leaves little brother JEUNG stuck in the middle with a headache. In the early years, oldest sister CHUEN was forced to give up her doctor career and becomes a nurse to look after the family. She paid for her two younger siblings' medical education with the money earned. When the siblings started their own family practice, the two sisters had conflicts and arguments due to their different statuses. Often questions like "Are you the older sister or am I the older sister?" and "Are you the doctor or am I the doctor?" comes up in the arguments.

Credit to Asianfanatics

Twilight Investigation

Title: Twilight Investigation
Previous Title: Cross Boundary Exploration
Chinese Title:囧探查过界 [Taam cha gwoh Gaai]
Cast: Wong He, Linda Chun, Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee, Power Chan, Chu Wai Man, KingdomYuen, Shek Sau, Law Wing Yin, Kwan Chung Ling, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 11/29/2010 - 12/25/2010
Genre: Modern/Mystery
Producer: Marco Law Wing Yin


Private agency owner YIP KWOK-CHEONG (Shek Sau) is a retired police officer. His three employee investigators are vastly different in terms of personality; CHOW KA-SING (Raymond Wong) is obsessed with fashion; WONG SIU-FU (Johnson Lee) is a city slicker; and finally KAY ON-KUI (Wong He) his most dependable investigator.

CHEONG thinks very highly of KUI who has a meticulous and analytical mind. He is able to crack even the most difficult cases. KUI meets model CHUNG YEE-TAK (Linda Chung) while investigating an adultery case. TAK comes from a single family and is often down on her luck when it comes to men and career development.

After a near-fatal drunk driving accident, the idea of looking for her mother who left her family many years ago resurfaces. She turns to KUI for help. A subtle chemistry sparks between them during the investigation. Later, KUI discovers a secret that even TAK never knew.

Credit - Astro on Demand

Thoughts: I'll be looking forward to this. ;]