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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boscolieeva's Productions

boscolieeva's production

Hello Everyone!!
I've always been writing fan-fictions. And I have written three so far. Well one is complete but the other two, I'm still working on it. Well over the years, I haven't touch it cause, I was busy, no time, lazy, etc. And also Winglin was being a meanie. So I never updated again. I felt really bad just leaving it in the middle of nowhere, so I decided one day, why not finish the stories. 
So I am back with writing fanfics again!! Hope, I'll get all of your supports and feel free to give me any advices, details, infos, suggestions. Anything you guys want. 
Just pop it in to the cbox. =) 
Click on the link below the banner and exchange links with me!!

foreverloveTVB is launching a new site just for fanfic writing. There I will be writing all my productions. And since on winglin I'm already known as Boscolieeva. Why not just use the same name again. lol. 
All the stories written on that site are all boscolieeva's productions. Please respect everything on that site and I hope I can get many supports from all of you. 
Boscolieeva's Productions was opened on February 16th 2011. 

Here are my three productions so far... 
Winter Love - on going
I will be Waiting - on going

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Artists of the Month

December/January Artists of the Month presents...

Sheren Tang

I know this is like 2 months late. -.- Sorry!! I was busy and lazy to Sorry. I have so many reviews to catch up on. I'll get to that very soon.

Sheren joined TVB's acting class in 1985, group 2 and after her graduation, she was debuted in her first series along side with Alex Man as his leading lady. The series was called "The Legend of the General who Never was". After years of hard work, Sheren was cast in "War of Beauty". Her character Yu Fei led her to be the hot favorite for Best Actress in 2004. However she lost that award to Gigi Lai. Instead, Sheren received the Best Supporting Actress for her role. In 2006, her role as Hilda in "La Femme Desperado" gain her to be hot favorite for Best Actress. However she lost that award again, this time to Charmaine Sheh.

However, Sheren doesn't give up and kept going with her amazing acting skills. Working hard to be the very best. In 2009, Sheren was cast in Rosy Business as the 4th wife (Sei Nai Nai). But this time, there was much competition with "Born Rich" and "Beyond the Realm of Conscience". And especially Best Actress was hot favorite with the three leads, Sheren, Tavia Yeung, and Charmaine Sheh. At the end, Sheren finally took home the Best Actress award, which she should of had gotten years back. Rosy Business had done really well and won Best Series in 2009, TVB decided to film a sequel. Sheren was then cast in the sequel "No Regrets"  in 2010. Her character Cheng Gau Mui was once hot favorite to win Best Actress again. Bringing the award home that night was to nobody surprise. This made Sheren the first Hong Kong actress to bring home the Best Actress title for two consecutive  years.

No Doubt, Sheren has lots of potential in her acting and is very skilled. Sheren was the only actress in Hong Kong who had starred in all of her 6 TVB series as the lead actress to reach 40 points mark. 3 of her series had won Best Series. Sheren had won over 44 awards and achievements. She had won the Best Supporting role in 2003 and 2004 and won Best Actress in 2009 and 2010. Sheren was born on March 2nd 1966. Sheren is a very skilled actress and any of the artistes that got to have a chance acting along side with her, should use that opportunity wisely. I will always support Sheren and would love to watch her next TVB series. But her next work will be the New Princess Pearl season I as Empress. I believe that going to be a mainland production? I'm not clearly positive about that. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Babies

First thing I would like to wish all of February babies a very happy birthday! Wish you all great health and prosperity. Below are the TVB babies born in February. I wish all of them a wonderful birthday and all their wishes will come or came true. Happy Birthday!! Wish you all good health, luck, prosperity and lots of series to film. But do not overwork yourself. We'll always support all of you!!

February Babies....

Feb 3 - Miriam Yeung
Feb 12 - Selena Li
Feb 13 - Kenneth Ma
Feb 14 - Michelle Yip [even though she left TVB, she still counts as a TVB baby]
Feb 22 - Macy Chan
Feb 24 - Christine Ng
Feb 24 - Fala Chen
Feb 24 - Carlo Ng

The Rippling Blossom

Title: The Rippling Blossom
Past Title:The Winter of Flying Fish
Chinese Title:魚躍在花見 [Yue Yeuk Joi Fa Kin]
Cast: Damian Lau, Julian Chueng, Myolie Wu, Michael Tse, Tavia Yeung, Lisa Lui Yau Wai , Mary Hong, Pierre Ngo, Angelina Lo Yuen Yan, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 2/7/2011 - 3/4/2011
Genre: Modern/Romance
Producer:Zhong Wai Kein
Theme: Actually How Deep Is the Ocean (究竟海有幾深) -Julian Cheung


A Hong Kong dining mogul leaves behind a sushi restaurant to his second wife, KONG YING-YUET (Lisa Lui Yau Wai), their son, YU CHI-HIU (Michael Tse) and the son from his third wife, YU CHI-YING (Julian Cheung).

HIU and YING are remarkable Japanese cuisine chefs whose main aim in life is to pursue excellence in chefhood. Although HIU and YING have different mothers, they get along very well.
When their father's first wife, LANG YUNG-YUNG (Angelina Lo Yuen Yan) creates trouble for the restaurant, HIU declares to challenge her, claiming whoever wins will have the restaurant.

YUNG sends her personal nurse, CHOI SZ-LUNG (Tavia Yeung) to get close to HIU. He is completely smitten by love for her but soon becomes unhappy with their lukewarm relationship.
On the other hand, their supply for fresh food has been shut out. YING has to make a trip to Hokkaido, Japan to buy fish. He meets KEUNG KEUNG (Myolie Wu), a willful girl from a wealthy family on the plane. They also meet MO YUNG CHING (Damian Lau) who is known as "The God of Fish" by chance in the fish market.

As HIU and YING meet with setbacks in their career, family and their loved ones after their attempt to save the restaurant, the two brothers decide to have a competition.

Credit: Astro on Demand

News update: Michelle Reis gave birth!!

Today, Michelle Reis gave birth of a lovely baby boy. Michelle and business tycoon husband Julian Hui, have given the English name of Jayden Max Hui to their first newborn. Jayden weighed 2.93 kilograms and measured 49cm long. The name Jayden means ‘One who is thankful to God ’. The happy couple revealed that they have not decided on a Chinese name yet, but Jayden has lips like mum, a lot of hair and deep double fold eyelids.

Many reporters were waiting at the hospital around 3am and Michelle’s in laws where also there waiting since yesterday afternoon. The family had 6 security staff at the hospital and one of the family’s staff went to see the reporters to distribute red packets of a thousand Hong Kong dollars each.
Around 4am, Michelle sent a message to the media, she commented: “Thank you for all your support and best wishes throughout my pregnant. The experience was very unforgettable and very enjoyable.”

Michelle's long term PR company, IPS gave public announcement at around 2:30pm today of the great news. The company branded Michelle as 'Yummy Mummy Michelle' and announcement of, 'On 8th February, Jayden Max Hui was born.'

Credit to:
Source: Mingpao
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

Thoughts: Congrats to Michelle and her husband Julian!!! Jayden is a nice name..and its quite popular. It was listed in the top 10 names in the States last year. Lol.  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

foreverloveTVB would like to wish all of you Happy New Year!! May the year of the Rabbit bring you all great health, prosperity, and happiness all year round and forever!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Days in Life

Title: 7 Days in Life
Past Title: Quarantined 7 Day Romance & 7 Days of Isolation
Chinese Title:隔離七日情 [Gaak Lei Chat Yat Ching]
Cast: Steven Ma, Sonija Kwok, Bosco Wong, Patrick Tang, Yuen Wah , Mimi Lo, Joyce Cheng, Koni Lui, etc.
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 1/24/2010 - 2/18/2011
Genre: Modern
Producer:Leung Choi Yuen
Theme: Quickly Love (盡快愛) -Bosco Wong

Criminal Investigation Department officer CHIU CHIN-LUNG (Bosco Wong) follows some kidnappers to a hotel while on duty. As soon as he enters the hotel, the medical authorities announce the closure of the hotel after a guest is found positive for having the H1N1 virus.

While he was in the hotel, he meets all sorts of people including YIK CHO-ON (Steven Ma) who pretends to be a Thai-Chinese jeweler and his partner WONG KAR-YUE (Sonija Kwok).
Although LUNG knows that ON has nothing to do with the kidnapping, he believes something sinister is going on with LUNG and YUE. He join hands with blundering reporter TONG CHING (Joyce Cheng) and AUYEUNG KA-KA (Mimi Lo) to probe into the case.

As they go deeper, they are not only astonished by the guests' stories but also their identities. The 7-day closure will be coming to an end. Will LUNG be able to find the hostage in time? Will the guests have a different outlook at life when they return to their normal lives?

credit - Astro on Demand