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Monday, April 26, 2010


Tavia Yeung's Blog is Number One

Tavia's Blog is number, come by and check it out. Her blog is getting more and more visitors. I'm really happy for her. Visit Tavia's blog to get more news and updates from her. Also go and support her!!
Tavia's Blog

Oh and also I'm going to be away from my blog. I don't know when I'll be back. Sorry All, foreverloveTVB will be on hiatus. I had schedule May's Babies to be posted on May 1st. I might update on May 1st for May's Artists of the Month. If not then I'm sorry. May will not get an Artists of the Month. I'll use May's artists again for June. I'll make a post for June's Artists of the Month, but I won't be back till late June, maybe like the last week of June. I'm aiming to come back on foreverloveTVB's 2nd years anniversary. I'm going to be on hiatus cause huge college entrance exams are coming up again and other huge exams coming up in early/mid-May and mid/late-June. So I got to go and study. Bye Bye TVB and TVB online world. I still haven't finish In the Eyes of the Beholder and want to start on many other series. When I get back, I'll have so much to catch up on. I do not want to leave but I'll have to =[

Next Artists of the Month will be Natalie Tong, for her excellent performances throughout the year and in A Fistful of Stances!

Goodbye and take care, until we meet again.....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

In the Eyes of the Beholder - Princess Ting Yuk

I've been watching In the Eyes of the Beholder and almost done. I'm on episode 13 and its alright. It's watchable but I wouldn't say is awesome. The story is an easy skip, it's nothing important. Hhahaah... I'll put up the reviews after I'm done watching.

One character that I want to talk about right now is Princess Ting Yuk. Princess Ting Yuk is played by Fala Chen. She is a bratty, unreasonable and have obnoxious behaviors. I personally loved her in the series. Fala isn't annoying at all and I loved her character so much. I thought she was cute and adorable. Especially when she got mad and couldn't revenge, she would have this mad expression on her face. It was so adorable and cute xD Her costume and hair style is really pretty and suits her well. I would love to see Fala in a ancient series more and her next ancient series is Can't Buy Me Love.

At an young age, Princess Ting Yuk lost her mother. Ever since then, Ting Yuk grew to hate all scholars and teachers. How many teachers had taught her? Haha.. probably a lot. As she grew older, she still doesn't know how to read nor wright, but only some words. Since her mother death, her Father Prince Ling Wong spoiled her and such. As Ting Yuk grew she became spoiled and unreasonable, bratty and behave immaturely. But as the story progresses, Princess Ting Yuk changed 360 degrees. She stop being bratty and having obnoxious behaviors. She became nice and learned how to read and wright....

Okay I'm going to end here, will pick it up when I finish watching the series.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cupid Stupid - review

Series: Cupid Stupid
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse
Producer: Tsui Yue On

I finally finish watching this..well not technically finish watching it. I kinda skipped the whole thing. So this is what happen, I was watching the series and it was quite enjoyable but after I read the spoiler, it killed me. I'm done watching this, there is no point to finish watching it. Cause the whole point I watched this was for Stevia. Cause after Sweetness in the Salt, everyone want a Stevia ending but we didn't get it and we all hoped that CS will provide us with a wonderful ending of Steven and Tavia. But we didn't get that either. So I just completely gave up. I kinda thought that the series was pointless and stupid too just like the title. I was pretty upset after I found out that they didn't end together. I stop watching it on episode 3 but then I started again and continue to ep 9? After wards I just gave up and watch the last episode. There is really nothing for me to write since I didn't finish watching it...

Can Love really be determined with Fate and Destiny? Can Fate really bring one's love? 

Well I thought that Fate can bring two individual together but does that really mean that the individual will dearly love each other? I don't think so, even though fate can bring two people together, it doesn't necessary mean that they will deeply love each other. At the end Chi Yat Po (Steven Ma) was the first one to see Twinkle (Tavia Yeung) but what did he do? He called out to her but she didn't hear him. After Yat Po saw her again in Disney Land what happen? He just let her go cause he saw Jeff (Michael Tse).  Jeff was really happy to see Twinkle but was Twinkle happy? She only gave a slight smile and said that "fate want me to pick you". But was she really happy? Does she even look happy? No she doesn't. Her eyes were a bit teary and was that really a happy smile? Was the teary eyes an happy eye? Not Really, she was pleased to see Jeff, but was that the person she really had in her heart. Twinkle believed that she needs to be with Jeff cause Fate lead her to see Jeff again in Disneyland. Cause she saw him first and he saw her. But if we switch it around. Going back to before, before they were in Disneyland. If Twinkle had heard Yat Po calling her in the street then that will be a real smile. Her teary eyes will be a happy teary eyes. Fate then will want Twinkle to end with Yat Po.  Deeply she was looking and intentionally hope that it was Yat Po not Jeff that had found her in Disneyland. Twinkle was being naive and  indecisive and just let fate choose it for her. She didn't really think about the love between the three she just let whatever destiny brings her. Twinkle should have chose whom she love the most not to let fate chose it for her. I can pretty sure to say that Twinkle and Jeff will not have a happy future together. So even though fate and destiny lead two individual together it doesn't necessarily mean that the two will deeply love each other. The next day Twinkle called Yat Po. He didn't pick up her call. But if Yat Po had picked up her call, would he had a chance with her? Maybe Twinkle called him to tell him that she is in Hong Kong and want to meet him. Twinkle and Chi Yat Po might have a chance together if Yat Po had picked up the call. Yat Po gave up like that cause he thought that Twinkle still like Jeff. He just assume that Twinkle like Jeff. Did he thought how she felt. Yat Po just going to let her go just because he ''assume'' that Twinkle like Jeff.

Yes, when faith bring two individual together and that do mean that the two are meant for each other. But sometime it doesn't mean that. I really hope for Stevia ending but what did we get? But I really like the theme song by Steven. It sound really nice and sweet.

Not really, but if you all really want to see it, go ahead. But I won't recommend it. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Don't you all just love my new header/banner? It's so beautiful right, I know, I'm so talented. LOLS xD hahaaha... the banner is not made by me, I'm not that talented =P This beautiful Maggie Cheung banner is made by Lynne over at TVB Horizon. Thank You lynne xD I love it so much and thanks for telling me how to put it on the layout. Since I was having difficulties >< Thank You  Thank You!! I love it so Much =DD

Credit goes to lynne for the beautiful banner!! Also if you have time visit TVB Horizon xD

Oh and please support me with my new blog!! Over at foreverloveTVB's fanfics [Boscolieeva's Production] =D

Thank You ><

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sorry for the delay, I'm quite busy with all the school work and exams. *sigh* school is like our whole life..lols. But I still manage to spend 45min everyday just to blog or chat with TVB Online world xD

Oh and Btw, have you guys check out Weibo yet? If not remember to head over to Annisa's Blog - Ever Star to find out the info's.  I signed up and love it..hehehe.. but it's killing my study time though.. but it good to stalk your favorite artistes once in awhile. You can literally read their conversations..ahahah.. that is what I like, but too bad, I can't read Chinese =\ I just know the easy characters so I just try so hard to read it. Hahaha.. it take at least 20 min to read one sentence -.- that is how bad my Chinese is.

Anyways I opened a new blog with the same user name and account. I open that blog to post all my fanfic stories! I'm still using Winglin, is just an in case thing, like what happen to winglin like last time and like it's more convenient and easier. Anyone has any recommendation to where I shall post my stories? Like I had said previously that I'm still going to use Winglin, but its like an extra thing on the side. Just in case anything happens to winglin.. like last time -.-

If anyone of you have a good decent site for me to update my stories, please recommend it to me ;]
And come visit my fanfic blog (haven't thought of a name yet, so temporarily is called foreverloveTVB's fanfics) ----> foreverloveTVB's fanfics [Boscolieeva's Production] 
Why does it say Boscolieeva's production? Well it because my name of winglin is Boscolieeva and I really like this user name..ahahah, and it's my stories so yup, its called Boscolieeva's production. Lols, anyways still need to think of a name for that blog and there is no story posted yet.haha.. xD Coming tomorrow!

Thanks for the help and hopefully CS review will be up tomorrow!! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Better Half - review

Series: My Better Half
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Michael Miu, Maggie Cheung, Michael Tse, Teresa Lee and Mandy Cho
Producer: Tong Kei Ming


The only reason for me to watch this series was only for Maggie Chueng. One of my old time favorites, my idol before I knew Bernice xD. The series turned out to be funny. Its a light heart comedy. The series is quite funny. It's watchable and yes there is no plot with this series. It's just bunch of different comedy all mush together. There is no plot and I don't think there even a story with this..hahaha. But yes, it's passable and watchable. All the actors did well. While I was watching, not until ep 8, I think? I was that girl Grace Wong? Hahaa.. then I check the cast list again and yes her name is on there, look at her closely on the next episode. And I was like Yup that is Grace. Got to say, Grace did a great job and I find her character quite cute. She was actually a wealthy girl. But she went to work at her uncle's office as his secretary. I thought that Oscar and Grace make a cute couple. Oscar did a great job too, his comedy are quite funny xD 
Haven't seen Maggie for so long, she is still so pretty. She did age, but she aged beautifully. The whole time  I was like, omg, she is so pretty. Her skin is so White!! Maggie is still so beautiful, one beauty. Just like Michelle Yim. Michelle still looks so young and beautiful. Ahh.. I'm jealous..lols. Anyways, after many years, she still did a wonderful job. But like everyone said, Maggie is better with those sad/painful series. Comedy doesn't really suit her but she did a great job in here. Both of the Michael did great too. Michael M was actually really funny. I laugh mostly is all his parts. Hahaa.. I really love the ring tone he has xD Also in episode 1, the scene in the bathroom with Oscar, Derek, and Michael M was funny. It's really memorable. They were dancing to the ring tone while Michael decide if he should get it or not. Hahaha xD Maggie and Michael is actually does have chemistry. At first I thought that Teresa character is quite annoying, fake and I can't stand her. But as the series progresses, her character is much better. Especially when she fight with Mandy for Michael T. Michael T and Teresa did outshine our two main leads, but it's alright. Michael Miu and Maggie did a great job. I never knew that Teresa was in the pageant the same year as Maggie. And Teresa won, 2nd or 1st runner. They all did an excellent job. 
The series is actually memorable. Once in awhile I actually remember some scenes. I couldn't  believe that the divorce was that fast and short. I thought that it was something big that Maggie threw a divorce. And like the series like made a 180 degree spin or something. Cause it went from all comedy to a sad feel. Suet Nei out of know where has cancer and Maggie got a miscarriage. But I like the feel to it anyways. Umm.. what else, oh yea, hahaha.. the lending the stomach scene was funny xD. The whole series actually alright. It was quite pointless, but its a light-heart comedy and funny. There is no plot and story and the series is quite stupid, but I really enjoyed watching it and I had a great time. I miss the cast >< It was one good cast..haha. Every character in the series has their own comedy parts to it. The whole series is actually memorable, but I did skip some scenes cause it got boring..lols. At least I'm satisfied =D

Umm.. well if you want to watch something funny, go ahead. But if you all want to watch just for Maggie Cheung, YES!! It's really nothing and you can skip it but its a good laugh to release all your stress and anything thats bother you. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Season of Fate review

Series: Season of Fate
Eps: 25
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Roger Kwok, Esther Kwan, Michelle Yim, Derek Kwok
Producer: Cheung Kin Man

Yes, I know.. finally this is up.. sorry for dragging this >< 
Anyways back to the review. 

I personally thought that the series was alright. The reason I saw this was because of Esther. I haven't seen Esther for so long and really glad that she came back. So I just watched it for her sake. But the series came out alright. It has its ups and downs. In the beginning the series was funny, and annoying. As the series goes on it got really interesting, I actually got glued on to this series, but as it finishing up it got really boring and the series drag. 

The story started out with Roger and his student gambling on the train, yes they are swindlers. It got really funny when Esther and Roger met. Esther never trusted him and they always bicker. It was quite interesting. When Ng Wai Kwok showed up in the series, the plot actually got pretty interesting and I would sit here and watch it. I was done in two days..sorta, it was during my winter break so yea xD. But the series wasn't that interesting that will make you watch the next episode instantly.  Anyways I just thought the series was alright, it wasn't 'amazing' and the plot drags and it got boring. After awhile Ng Wai Kwok annoys me so much. His evilness annoys me because I think he exaggerated his expressions? I don't know but there is something about him or expressions annoyed me.
Characters evaluation: 
I've started this character thing while I was still watching the series. Remember reading it? It's been a while so don't worry, I'm going to copy and paste and add more stuff in to it xD

Esther Kwan - I really pity her. She had to maintain the Kwan's Family and Hei Seung Fung for 10 years. Its really hard. Its really amazing how Seung Chun (Esther Kwan) can do this with out any complain. I pity and envy her at the same time. Even once a month when the moon is full, she'll experience the danger of getting killed by Yeuk Lam (Michelle Yim). Ester can go through that for ten years with no complain and fear. She can easily loose her life like that every month. I really do envy her. I'm amaze how she can do that. If it was me, I'm out of here. Esther really portrayed her character well. Seung Chun really sacrefise herself for ten years. Her chemistry with Roger was actually good. Esther have to put up with so much stuff. With her own maternal family and her in-laws family. Its really hard for her but that she portrayed it well.  5/5

Roger Kwok - I find his character quite entertaining and funny. A little swindler getting people money. I also find him quite interesting too. He as this attitude which I like. Roger character is greatly portrayed too. He did a well job. Even tough he is a swindler..he help people around. He help everyone with their problems. Especially he helped Seung Chun so much. He give up his love for her because he knows that Derek like her. But Esther knows that Roger like her and stuff. He found out what really happen to his brother and his dad. He tried everything to revenge but he never did.  5/5

Michelle Yim - Interesting little girl. At first I find her quite cute when she was mentally ill. Michelle definitely  did a great job portraying these type of characters. It was also some how funny and manageable to watch. But after she was healed, I started to have a different feel toward her. I didn't really like the Yeuk Lam that is heal. I like the mentally-ill Yeuk Lam better. But as the series goes on, Yeuk Lam really got annoying and it just annoyed me. But out of most artistes who acted as "mentally-ill" characters, I find that Michelle was the best. Michelle was really cute and adorable..lols, I know I'm being bias xP  5/5

Ng Wai Kwok -  The quote "Never Judge the Book by its Cover" is always said. The appearance of Ng Wai Kwok made me thought he was a kind/gentle guy. But he is not an easy guy after all. Yam Fei Yeung knows everything and will find out about everything. So its better to get on his good side. Fei Yeung has a crush on Yeuk Lam for so many years and do everything for her. He knows that Yeuk Lam only have her heart on Dai Si Heng. So I have this feeling that the person who really put the poison on the food and the stuff Dai Si Heng did that made Yeuk Lam father found out and kick him out was probably planed by Fei Yeung. One wicked man. He took in Roger's brother, Oscar but left Roger out alone. After the brothers find out that they are biological, Ng Wai Kwok kept them apart, trying many ways to break and tore them up. He did alright.. really annoyed me though. 4/5
Derek Kwok - At first I was like why is he walking and acting like that? And yep I found out as the series progresses. I pity him. He is an eunuch. One simple and caring guy. Only knows how to put others first and him last. He spend all his years helping Esther and had a crush on her for so many years. I really enjoyed watching him. 4/5

The series overall was alright. Only saw it for Esther =] The script really wasn't that great. Really did slump off. 

Umm.. not really, but if you really want to watch Esther.. yes, watch it for her =D

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I was recently on Ever Star - Annisa's blog and was reading her recent post! Have you guys heard of Weibo? Then you all should head over to Ever Star like right now!! Just click here <--- and it'll bring you to the awesome blog of EverStar. There Annisa had explain everything and every step in making a account. After you made an account, congratulations cause you are verified to Stalk your favorite Artists xD I like stalking people and yes I know I'm creepy, but hey, that is what I do. So I'm really happy and delighted that Weibo was made and now I can stalk all the artistes..muhahhhawaahahh.. yea okay that was suppose to be a laugh.. but didn't come out right xP Just hope that more artists will join and I can stalk them... I mean nicely saying.."follow" them =P

It's like facebook for artistes..haha, I think is not even close to that but yea. Oh and its in Chinese and my Chinese sucks.. so that why I told you all to hop over to Ever Star. *sigh* you can read the conversation between each Stars, but I can't read in Chinese =\ but I think some Stars write in English.. hope they do!!

So head on over to Annisa's and you'll know what to do. Ever Star

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everyone Bounce - Charlene & Gillian's Album

Album: Everyone Bounce
Artistes: Twins 
-Charlene Choi
-Gillian Chung
Release Date: 3/29/2010
Language: Cantonese
Origin: Hong Kong
Publication/Company: EEG [Emperor Entertainment Group (HK)]

First congrats to Twins making a come back!! Been waiting for their comeback!! I really miss them. When I heard Charlene's solos songs, I really miss hearing Gillian's voice. It doesn't sound the same, but Charlene's voice is amazing. It also sound like there is two voices. But now I'm really happy for their come back and can't wait to listen to the songs!! Second, Congrats to the CD selling to platinum!! Wow it was sold so fast and now up to the platinum. Also Gillian Chung made a comeback solo album too!! Happy to see her back =] And with the recent news on Charlene and Ronald. I hope that both Ronald and Charlene can recover fast!

Twins Album - Twins 人人彈起

CD 1 
01. 人人彈起 (新歌)
02. 眼紅紅
03. 風箏與風
04. 戀愛大過天
05. 飲歌
06. 下一站天后
07. 愛情當入樽
08. 千金
09. 雙失情人節
10. 女人味
11. 救生圈
12. 女校男生
13. Ichiban興奮
14. 明愛暗戀補習社
15 冬令時間
16 見習愛神

CD 2
01. 成長 (新歌)
02. 我們的紀念冊
03. 熱浪假期
04. 一時無兩
05. 大浪漫主義
06. 多謝失戀
07. 零4好玩
08. 亂世佳人
09. 黑色喜劇
10. 你不是好情人
11. 士多啤梨蘋果橙
12. 夏日狂嘩
13. 森巴皇后
14. 大紅大紫
15. 精選
16. 丟架

Gillian's solo album - Gillian EP [鐘欣桐 人人彈起]

01. 心多 (featuring MC Jin) (中原電器電視廣告主題曲)
02. 什麼是潮流 (鍾欣桐 / 陳偉霆)
03. 生活在他方
04. 天后站出發
05. 橙路
06. 就在現場 (國語) (鍾欣桐 / 陳偉霆)

01. 人人彈起 (Twins) (MV)
02. 心多 (中原電器電視廣告主題曲) (MV)
03. 生活在他方 (MV)
04. 什麼是潮流 (MV)
05. 就在現場 (MV)


鐘欣桐 EP 特別附送 - Gillian's EP
- 6款 postcard
- Bonus MV DVD
~ Twins 人人彈起演唱會2010主題曲MV
~首次與陳偉霆合唱跳舞歌曲 什麼是潮流 MV

Twins 人人彈起 - Twin's Everyone Bounce
- 收錄Twins 人人彈起演唱會2010主題曲
及Twins 最新歌曲 <成長>

Order your own album now!! Click here <---- xD


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hackeen Lee and Emily Lo

Congratulations to Hackeen Lee and Emily Lo again! Just last week, Emily gave birth to her second son. Congrats to them. Both Hackeen and Emily named their second son Rex. He is actually pretty cute =] Hahaha.. I didn't even know that Emily was pregnant. Anyways Congrats!! Ryan got a little brother =D


Hacken Lee and Emily Lo's second son was born last week. Hacken was very happy when he announced to the media. He told the reporters he calls his second "boss" Rex, but hasn't found a suitable Chinese name yet. He said Rex looks exactly like his first "boss" Ryan. Mother Emily and Rex have been discharged home. Hacken will be staying at home to look after the family. In May, Hacken will release his Cantonese album and also will continue his "Left Alan, Right Lee" concert tour.

News and picture Credit to

Monday, April 5, 2010

April's Artists of the Month

This month I want to feature Wayne Lai.

I find that Wayne has some character in him. Has many potential and talented. Wayne Lai always started out as a Kelefe and supporting roles. I thought that TVB had wasted a talent. But to my surprise a kelefe/supporting role guy shoot up to a male lead. And Winning the Best Actor in 2009. Congrats to Wayne Lai. TVB did not waste a talented.. they just saved him for last..hahas xD

I think that Wayne just got lucky. His first leading role was Pages of Treasure along side with Sonjia Kwok. Wayne Lai actually enter TVB has a clerk in the sales department in 1983. By 1985 he gave up that position and enter TVB's acting class. In 1989, Wayne starred in many series. Starting off with minor roles, supporting roles, bystanders and kelefes. Staying around in TVB for some times. Wayne left TVB and enter the movie industry. After awhile, Wayne starred in two ATV's series and back with TVB again. Wayne Lai is married and have a son. Wayne has many potential and played many different types of roles. Which all his roles are liked by many Hong Kong viewers. Starting in the Movie Industry in 1997 and had filmed over 21 movies. The most recent movies that is out now is 72 Tenants of Prosperity and Just Another Pandora's Box.  Wayne's very first series was in 1987 and had filmed over 50 t.v. series. 

 I had never knew his name, but had seen him around. He would just be those background people. The kelefes and playing supporting roles. but I Loved Him as Chu Ba Gai in Journey to the West. One funny pig xD Did a great job! I think when I first really know who he is was, when I saw Gentle Crackdown I and know his name in Steps. Like I had said, Wayne is really talented and fnally that time that TVB promote him. Wayne does has many potential and I was just amazed that he jump up so fast. There was this big gap, a huge jump. But I'm satisfied with this jump and actually glad that he finally has the chance to shine through. In 2009, Wayne's major leading role as the male lead is in the hit series Rosy Business. His character Chai Gau was a big hit, which had led him to his best actor award. Aside of Best Actor award, he also received the award for my favorite character and an award for most popular Artist in 2009. 2008 he received the best supporting award for his role in Gentle Crackdown II. Rosy Business was a big hit due to his amazing performance and the rest of the cast performance. To make a series a success, even though with a crappy storyline, all you need is an amazing lead.

Rosy Business II will be release really soon. I'm supporting this series and hope for another best performance by Wayne. I support Wayne and knows that he'll do his best no matter if its a leading role or a supporting role. Wayne's evil role in The Greatness of a Hero was spontaneous. You can feel the evilness in him and almost made me hate his character. It was a job well done. Splendid job. Most recent series he is working on right now would be Rosy Business II: Righteous Sea of Heroic Love. I will be looking forward to that!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Suspects in Love

Title: Suspects in Love
Chinese Title: 搜下留情 ( Sau Ha Lau Ching)
Cast: Flora Chan, Joe Ma, Sharon Chan, Him Law, Louis Yuen, Rain Lau, Shek Sau, Power Chan, Mandy Wong, Simon Lo, Natalie Wong, Jason Lam, Russel Cheung, Benjamin Yuen, etc...
Episodes: 20
Broadcast: 4/5/2010 - 4/30/2010
Genre: Modern/Comedy
Producer: Poon Ka Tak


In order to rescue her best friend Coco Kam (Rain Lau), masseuse Cheng Siu Yan (Flora Chan) is embroiled in a triad murder case. Misconceiving that she has killed someone, Yan hides away from the police and gangsters by reluctantly returning to her long-separated father Cheng Tsun Cheong (Shek Sau). Cheong opens a Chinese herbal tea shop but the business is failing. Yan drags through the days stressfully until Ng Chung Ming (Joe Ma) comes into her life. Ming claims to have a secret prescription for making Chinese herbal tea but he is actually an undercover police. By investigating Yan’s case, Ming hopes to get promoted and marry his inspector girlfriend Cheung Sze Man (Sharon Chan) at the end. Ming’s supervisor Cheung Sze Chai (Power Chan) used to oppress him a lot and Ming is losing confidence at work. However, ever since he meets the cheerful Yan, Ming begins to develop his self-esteem and find his life path. His delicate relationship with Yan also starts to grow.

Ming’s younger brother Ng Chung Hong (Law Chung Him) meets Yan’s younger sister Cheng Siu Man (Mandy Wong) and love grows spontaneously. However, Yan finds out Ming’s identity and she believes that the two brothers are making use of them to carry out investigation. On the other hand, Ming learns that Yan’s cousin Leung King Ho (Louis Yuen) is just released from jail and he is familiar with the gang leader, and Yan is considered in connection with the case. Their blossoming relationship is thrown into turmoil as they get closer to the truth.

Credit: Astro on Demand

thoughts - Hmm.. I don't know.. it doesn't sound appealing but I'm going to watch it anyways. I'm watching it for Flora =] But I did see the trailers and they are quite funny xD

Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss Hong Kong 2010

Miss Hong Kong 2010 is on its way again! It's that time of the year! I'm actually quite excited to see this year MHK. We all know that 2009 MHK wasn't very appealing. With only 10 contestants and the quality wasn't that good either. I watch MHK every year and yes each year it's declining. Hopefully this year MHK will rise back up!

For Miss Hong Kong 2010, TVB had raise that age to 27. The youngest to participate has to be between 17-18. Age group range from 17-27. Personally I think that 27 is quite bit too old and 17 is too young. But does it really matter with the age. Chinese/Asian people age slowly and they get prettier each year. My sister is twenty something and she look like she is 16! So age really doesn't matter but I still don't like how its 27..lols, I know I'm being bias =P Like last year (2009) 2nd Runner up Mizuni Hung she look really young. I thought she was like at least 18/19. But she was 25 -.-

I actually have potential in her and I will definitely support her if she ever decide to act. Well anyways actually Miss Hong Kong recruitment actually ends today the 3rd of April for overseas. It was from March 22nd - April 3rd.

Lets get the show begin and we'll see who are the contestants and the actual MHK competition night in couple of months. Good Luck to who ever applied and congrats to who ever got in!


Overseas Recruitment Period: March 22-April 3
*You can submit in your MHK application online directly to TVB.
*Application pick ups are now available at UK & Europe and Australia.
*TVB has extended the age limit to 27.

Change of Requirements:
*You can submit in your MHK application online.
*Application pick ups are now available at UK & Europe and Australia.
*TVB has extended the age limit to 27 flexibly 28.
*The participant doesn’t need a Hong Kong permanent resident card.
*A model contract will not prohibit you from joining.

1. There will be a better variety of participants.
2. Participants will have more time to pursue their education.
3. Contestants will have less time to purse their career in the entertainment circle that is if they are using MHK as a stepping stone to enter TVB.

1. MHK is becoming more like Miss Asia.
2. Hard to imagine a 17 year old and a 27 year old spending 3 months together. Will they be compatible? If not, it ruins the friendly image MHK possess. I don’t want to see them backstabbing each other like Miss Asia.
3. Top3 will not qualify for Miss World if they exceed the 25 age limit and don’t hold a valid HK Passport.
4. Basically anyone can join.

On the Side:
1. The competition for the oversea participants will increase.
2. The competition for the local participants might decease due to auditions held in UK & Europe and Australia.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April's Babies

It's a brand new month and you all know what that mean? It's time for the April's Babies to rise and shine!! Happy Birthday to all April's birthdays. It's your month to shine and grow into a new year!! Happy Birthday!!
Below are some of the artistes that I know of that their birthday is in April. If I miss anyone feel free to tell me =]

Happy Birthday!!

April's Babies...

Amiee Chan - 4/1
Linda Chung - 4/9
Moses Chan - 4/16
Queenie Chu - 4/22
Johnson Lee - 4/25
Kenny Wong - 4/30

Happy Birthday!! I wish all of you have a wonderful birthday. And wish that all your dreams/wishes will come true. Good Luck in everything you do cause I'll definitely support you all!! Wishing all of you have many series to film but don't over work yourself ;] Wishing all of you good health, luck, and prosperity!! Happy Bday!!

Feel free to tell me if I miss anyone! And yes I know that I had said that I'll put a poll up for April's Artists of the Month but its kinda too late =\ sorry! I was too busy and caught up with my layout, which I still don't like -.-'' the poll will definitely be up for May!! I still hasn't decide who I want to feature yet! Hopefully it'll be up by tomorrow or later tonight!!