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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunrise Secret

My 2nd fanfic is up =] There's only the forward and Chapter 1 so far =] Come and support me ^^

Would I ever find my prince or Faith will bring us together?
Main Cast
Bosco Wong
Myolie Wu

Supporting Cast
Nancy Wu
Leila Tong
Chris Lai Lok Yi
Matthew Ko
Shirley Yueng
Jack Wu
More supporting cast will appear in the story
This Story will be a fairytale. Set in the woods and the castle. One day Bosco and Myolie met in the woods. Bosco saw the gorgeous girl and he thought this girl would be the girl of his dreams. But there is a secret that shocked Bosco. Well he still fall for Myolie when he knew her secret?

Want to know what happens? Read to find out =]

Hmm after I wrote chapter I realize it sound like Swan Lake..lols

Well anyways hope you all would come and supports me =]

Sunrise Secret

Thanks to Temerarious project [desinger - Ti Amo] for the lovely Poster and Background =] Thank you and I love it ^^

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Tavia!!

Happy Birthday Tavia!!! Wish you a great health, happiness and have more series this year. But don't overworked yourself, maybe a series with Ron? =] Tavia you had just turned 30 and starting another year. I just want to wish you all the best this year, gets more leading roles, earned more money. Most importantly do you best and I would always support you no matter what =D

Hope you had a happy birthday and hope all you wishes came true.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Stew of Life

Title: The Stew of Life
Chinese Title: 有营煮妇
Cast: Louise Lee Sze Kei, Christine Ng Wing Mei, Fala Chen,Chung King Fai, Evergreen Mak, Johnson Lee, Ken Wong, Timmy Hung, June Chan, Casper Chan
Episodes: 30
Boardcast: 9/7/09 - 10/16/09
Genre: Modern/Drama/Family Oriented


Upon returning from a trip with her husband NG MAN TAK (Chung King Fai), cookery teacher LO SIU LAI (Louise Lee Sze Kei) is shocked to find that her little daughter NG CHOI NI (Fala Chen) has started cohabiting with a homosexually inclined colleague LAU TAT YAN (Hung Tin Ming) while her divorced sister LO SIU MEI (Christine Ng Wing Mei) is seemingly caught up in a love triangle between tenant YAU KAI (Evergreen Mak) and her ex-husband. By and by TAK is forced to retire early and stays at home all day with nothing to do. LAI, on the other hand, is lucky enough to have the opportunity to host a culinary show on TV. Everything seems to have happened too fast but this does not leave LAI frustrated and accursed. Instead she tries to get round every problem with even more patience and dedication, which however is not appreciated by TAK. The bickering continues until LAI eventually thinks of a good way to tackle TAK.

Delivering a real taste of home, “The Stew of Life” gives you an insight into how women think and feel about relationship and family issues as a daughter, wife and mother.

Credits: Astro on Demand

D.I.E Again

Title: D.I.E. Again
Chinese Title: 古灵精探B [Koo Ling Jing Tam B]
Cast: Roger Kowk, Sonija Kwok, Derek Kwok, Nancy Wu, Kitty Yuen, Kwok Fung, Macy Chan, Edwin Siu, Stephen Huynh, Suet Nei, Stephen Wong, etc.
Episodes: 25
Broadcast: 8/17/2009 - 9/18/2009
Genre: Modern, Mystery/Fantasy/Comedy/Action


Members of the once dissolved “Death Investigation Extension (D.I.E.)” have been called together. YUE CHI LONG (Roger Kwok), CHEUNG CHING YEE (Derek Kwok) and other team members are all gearing up to crack unsolved cold cases with their usual out-of-the-box style. YING CHING CHING (Sonija Kwok) has been looking forward to this for a long time. She is so excited that she even brings along her baby son to work! LONG is not happy about this, yet he has no choice but to take turns with other team members to take care of the baby, bringing about rounds after rounds of hilarious episodes. CHING discovers by chance that her son has inherited LONG’s supernatural powers. In order to prove to LONG she is as capable as him as an inspector, CHING makes use of their son’s powers in investigating. LONG is even more displeased, and their relationship has suffered a great deal. Later, LONG finds out that a bad guy is using YING PUI PUI (Nancy Wu), CHING’s younger sister, to attack CHING and their son. LONG gets ambushed and put in a coma, during which he has an out-of-body experience. Seeing that his wife and son are in danger, his spirit takes over YEE’s body, unexpectedly resulting in.

Credits : Astro on Demand

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday TaRo

Helloooo.... we meet again. foreverloveTVB and I are back, but probably won't be long. I will probably end up leaving again or won't be on often. Well I wasn't thinking of coming back today.. but school is starting next month for me and I wanted to go on before school starts. I need to get stuff ready for school and I am not ready for this year. It's my third year in High School and this is the year we start out S.A.T. I was actually thinking of coming back next month on Ron's bday but on that day I wouldn't be home. All of you probably already back in school but I start school on the 8th. Anyways back to TVB....

Well okay 1st thing... TaRo combine bday was on Sunday Aug 23. Happy Birthday TaRo!!! That was so exciting XD and I wish I was in or live in Hong Kong to go and celebrate it with them. They are so cute and Adorable. Every year TaRo always have a celebration and always cuts the cake together...and I'm just hoping one day it'll be their wedding cake..lols =] Happy 30th Birthday TaRo. May this year bring you two more series, great health and joy. But don't overwork yourself to hard, and also a series together.

Tavia's bday -Aug 30th
Ron's bday - Sep 2nd


Well I was watching BF 3 and up to episodes 6. I thought it was funny in the beginning with Bosco. I had some great laughs. The flashbacks are annoying and boring but that tells us how Wong Hei and Kevin end up not being friends anymore. *sigh* it also tell us how that both guys like Myolie. The flashbacks might be annoying but it tells us details. I find that it was unfair how Wong Hei did the work but Kevin gets the credit and he get promoted? Well anyways I should continue and finish the series before school starts. Well I guess this is it. Good Luck to all of you in school/work.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Still Away......

Hi guys, foreverloveTVB is still on hiatus, but I just want to post something. Well I couldn't go on and I wasn't home for the past few days. I was in the city, that's where my father side of the family lives. My Grandma apparently is in the hospital and she got into a really bad condition on Friday. So I had to go out on the train all by myself with my sister and it was freaky. When I arrive in the hospital, everyone was there even my dad's aunts and cousins. I was like whoa was it that bad? Cause I was the last one to arrive. My parents already went to the city early in the morning and I have to go myself. I went in to see my grandma and she has all these tube in her and it was scary, but it was really sad. My grandma was in the hospital for a long time and she was about to go home but then the next day she got worse. My grandpa was depress and he really needs to take care of himself cause I don't want anything to happen to him. Well I ended up staying there for 5 days. These 5 days I was in the hospital 24/7 and it was bad. I'm so tired and its just crazy. I would go in around 10 am or 12 pm or in the afternoon till night time. Or I would stay in the hospital over night with one of my aunts and leave the next day around 8 am when the other people comes in. Or I would need to go to the hospital around 7am, so my aunts could go home. It was crazy and it was bad staying there over night. I stayed at the hospital overnight twice and didn't sleep. Well the 2nd night I kinda fell asleep but not very long. I stared out the window and and the view was actually interesting, but not as pretty as Hong Kong skyline. Hmmm I still have summer hw and I would probably go again next week to the hospital. Well at least my grandma woke up. I guess this is for now. Bye See you next time..until we meets again................

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Away for now.....

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to say that foreverloveTVB will be on hiatus for awhile. Well there is something going on right now and I won't be able to go online for awhile. School is starting next month and this year I'm starting Junior year, this year I would have to do a lot of S.A.T work and it'll killed me and I really need to do well this year to get to College in 2 years. That is what the adults say...well so yea me and my cousins and my sister would be not allow to go on the computer for the rest of this month. Well actually we kinda could after 5pm but there is no points of doing that. But if I have something to say I'll pop up on here some how. I guess I'll have to move BF 3 and all the other series back. I'll dearly miss foreverloveTVB and the TVB net world. I'll miss everyone. I remember how I started this blog. I really have to say thanks to MetalAznWarrior [TVB Musing] if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't even have this blog today. His blog really inspired me to open foreverloveTVB. I'm really upset and definitely miss TVB Musing after this month. And I would miss all of you after today. I'll be leaving today and wouldn't be on. I'll be on soon but don't know when I'll be back. I would seriously miss all of you. Well I guess this is it..until we meet again....