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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heyy =D

Hi everyone =D well yea, I kinda got bored and lazy. Didn't feel like posting E.U's review today. I'll do it tomorrow ^^ just hope that, I'm not lying.... well anyways, so today I was kinda tired and upset. I'm so scare right now... seriously I am. The 3rd semester ends this Friday in my school and I am so scared. I don't think I did that well this semester. My Spanish grades is going down after this project I'm doing. Well the project is like a group project and is like something that you would need to film. So we are making our own movies and stuff. The topic is on weddings. We need to make a soap opera on a wedding scene. Its due tomorrow the 1st of April and we are screwww!!!!!! We were suppose to film it today and my teacher isn't here so I hope that she would give us an extra day, but of course she won't -.-'' but just hope. Also one member in our group isn't here and she was the one who told us to get here early and on time. I have Spanish 1st period at 7:30 am. She wasn't here today so we couldn't film it and we emailed our teacher and of course she didn't response. But why would she response that early in the morning. So now I'm doom. Away from that, I'm reading twilight ^^ My sister bought it back from college so now finally I got to read it. Shes leaving soon in two weeks =[ and she won't be back until September. I'm going to miss her. She goes to college all the way in the west coast, California. I lived in the east coast in New York. Yes... and that is far. Oh and most of you either is having your spring break or just finished. My Spring break is next week April 9th. Its starts in the middle of the week and I think that is just weird =P

Well see ya =]
I'll post E.U's review tomorrow......

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello ^^

Hi my new banner?? I thought that Elanne and Ron were cute in E.U. I finally finished it but, I didn't get to see the alternative ending =\ I would post the E.U overview either tomorrow or the later this week. I was going to do it today but I got lazy =P Lols

Well see ya =]

GAOH overview

Finally, I got this post up..lols ^^ I've been dragging on this and its seems like forever after the series was done. I probably forgot what I had to say about the series now, but it took me awhile cause I wanted to make something like that banner thing. Hehehe.. its weird but it goes well with the post..lols. Well here we goes....

First, I got to say that, I think the series was just ok. I think SITS is better =P..lols. Well you can't really put two different types of series together. First few episodes of Goah was actually well filmed and good. But as the series progresses it kinda slacked off. I also thought that the series was too short and SITS was a bit to long. I didn't really find any dragging scenes or any dragging plots. The cases in the beginning was like an actual mystery case until the story goes on. The cases in the middle was like not a murder or any suspense mystery case.. it was like a normal cases you would find in a normal story. The series was supposedly have some historical context in it, but I think that it only has like a little bit, probably was only on the characters. Only few characters was an actual person in history. I really like the ending.. I mean like the court case at the end. That was like one really good mystery case and court scene. The court scene was outstanding. I liked how each side are fighting at each other and it was just so good. It was amazing.. I liked how they all took Wayne down. Lmao =D

I liked the parings, but I didn't really find any awesome chemistry. I liked Bernice and Sunny's chemistry. It was funny, sad, and cute. Leila and Steven's chemistry are ok but, I found them cute =D I liked how they all dress so nice and talked in proper Chinese. It was hard to understand but it was good. They would need to talk like this for a costume drama. But not all ancient dramas does. I really love the accessories and costumes. It was really pretty.

I didn't like how the series was like falling apart. [that what I thought] Like in the middle of watching it, I forgot what was I watching for. Its like my mind went blank. I was just staring at the screen, seeing those people moves around and dress so nicely.Lolz XD. I didn't like how they decided to kill of most of the cast. I was like wth!!! Why did they kill so many people off.

The series was mostly fighting between two court families and for the throne. It wasn't any mystery series. This was like my first time seeing Wayne acting evil. I was so use too seeing him very funny and hilarious. I cried so much at the end. I liked how before Sonija was being beheaded, she and Kent said the same poem. Her death scene was really powerful and I cried so much. It was so sad. I couldn't believe that she sacrifice herself, but I thought that, it was a great honor for her to do. She doesn't want anything happens in the family and she doesn't want her mother in law or daughter to died, so she has no choice. The death of Sunny was so sudden. But it was still sad. I cried for the three death scenes, well it was more like when Leila cried for Steven, I tear up. Out of all three death scenes, Sonija's was most powerful.

I don't think the ending was rushed. I didn't liked how a lot of the cast was killed. Also I thought that you couldn't kill or do anything if they have the King's badge or something. I was like......
I thought that the last two episodes was the best out of the whole series. It was powerful and sad. Thats why I didn't think it was rushed. I thought that the ending was quite ok, accept for the killings and stuff but everyone got promoted and they all are happy. The series overall was ok.. I guess, and now I know why it was warehoused. The cast was great but I thought that Bernice crying in here was a bit weak. I also thought that she was a bit stiff comparing to her other series. Matthew Ko need some more work and improvement. He was really stiff. Sonija was also a bit stiff compare to her other series. The most emotion I saw out of her was the ending part. Little Lawrence did a great job through out the whole series and his crying at the end because of his mother was fantastic. He is so cute too.

Would I recommend it??
Well if you want to watch it and you loved ancient series go ahead. But I think maybe not. I only liked the ending ^^ I would give the series 3/5

Friday, March 27, 2009

E.U. Review

Wow, E.U ends today, Friday March 27, 2009. I couldn't believe that E.U went by so fast. I just finished episode 28 and watching the rest tonight. I'm so excited >.< I wonder what going to happen next. E.U was actually really interesting and I was happy that I saw it. I know for one thing, is that I think they rushed the ending again. Even though I didn't see the last two episodes yet, but I had read the spoilers =]

+*+ Spoilers+*+
read at your own risk, you had been warn

Ok, so now I'm up too episode 28. Just two more left. So excited ^^ I was so shocked in 28. I know that Sam Jie [Kathy Chow] would get killed in that episode, but you don't know when is coming. SO I was like OMG!! I can't believe that Hao gor [Michael M] would do anything. When he means anything, He Meant Everything. He can even kill his love. Thats mean that he'll betray Yau Yau [Elanne Kong] too. Well think about it. Hao gor told Yau Yau to look after "Oi Sam House" and he knows that the police would be there and like the place is there too. Well I read this in the spoilers thing so I'm not sure myself yet. I can't believe Hao gor is so stubborn. Now he knew that Sam jie didn't betray him and he is upset. He could've read the text message first instead of killing him. I mean like this is what you get for killing someone that you loved and cherish the most. I can't believe that he listen to ah Zhong. Ah Zhong obviously would lied to him and want Hao gor to kill her. I mean like ah Zhong doesn't like her.

Also that dude Na Ba... he is funny. Hilarious!!! I also think that ah Man and Yau Yau are actually pretty cute in this series. They are funny and adorable. They broke up because Yau Yau found out that ah Man is an undercover cop and she doesn't want him to do anything to his dad. But ah Man has to capture Hao gor, because he want to finish Laughing gor's job. Ha has to full fill Laughing's wishes and his own duty. I'm very proud of him..lols

The last two episodes must have a lot of action going on and it probably going to be rush. Well see ya next time ^^

*gosh..still need to put up Goah review....... *

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi everyone, I don't feel well today =\ My stomach hurts and I felt nausea. So I woke up this morning for school and like my stomach is like killing me. I can't even stand up right. I was about to tell my mom, but you know how Asian parents are. They would be like "nope, you had to go to school", so I didn't tell her. I got to school and its like killing me. I didn't even go to 1st period yet, I felt like I had to throw up. So I stop by the nurse office and I told her. After all I threw up, not much though. My head was like spinning and I was like very pale. So the nurse called home and my dad came to pick me up. You know how like your stomach is like killing you and when you wait for your parent to come for you, your stomach gets better. Yea that had happen, so I came home and it was only 8 am and that is 2nd period. I ate tynenol and went to sleep. I woke up just now and typing this. My stomach still hurts a little but I'm fine.

Ohhh, can't believe E.U is ending so soon >.< I'm going to miss it. Ok, so right now, I'm going to watch episode 21. I'm getting there =] oh and can't believe the new Miss Hong Kong 2008 is Skye Chan. Not to be mean, but I didn't really like her. She can talk really great that night but she isn't that pretty. Can't believe Edelweiss broke the tradition and not doing her duties. That what she gets. Edelweiss won cause of her dad. Money is not all that!!

Well whteves, see you all next time =]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, so this is like really random, but I feel like I had to say it. Yes.... I'm weird like that =D
Well ok, so I was just on and I saw that on the cover for the Miss Hong Kong 2009 pagent is not Edelweiss Cheung, is the first runner up Skye Chan. I wonder why, and then I remember that I read on someone blog, and it said that, Edelweiss is not doing her duties. She always called in sick and not doing what she needs to do. So, TVB put Skye to do her stuff and everything. So does that mean that Skye is going to be Miss Hong Kong and not Edelweiss?? I also read that since Edelweiss kept on turning down her duties, she is not participating in the International pagent thing and instead Skye was there. Now I don't know is Skye was the one who represents Hong Kong or not but I'm pretty sure is Edelweiss who represented Hong Kong. Like on that page right it has Sonija, Amiee, Mandy was on it and Skye was on the page, she sat on the glass slippers. Hmmm.... I really wonders?? But maybe Edelweiss is still the Miss Hong Kong. I'm just being weird =P lols

Oh and love E.U >.< its so exciting!!! Love it and this is where all the actions starts. Where I am right now, we finally get to know more about Laughing's identity. Oh my, I wonder what would happen next. So excited ^^

well see ya all soon =] and I still need to put up GOAH review -.-'' keep forgetting....

Monday, March 23, 2009

E.U. review

I'm getting so excited with this series. Is getting soo interesting. Apparently episode 25 is already released and the series is ending soon.. I think, and I'm still very far behind form most of you. Its ok though cause I'm catching up soon. Most of you are lucky that you are on your spring break, but mines is not in till 2 weeks later. But I still manage to watch some episodes and soon I'll be caught up =D Where I am now, I think is very close to where all of you are.

~It May Contains Spoilers~
*read at your own risk*

Ah Man [Ron Ng] is finally an undercover cop, its so sad that he had to loose all the relations with everyone. I actually cried.. hehehe. Now that Pak Kiu [Samuel Chan] is an ip in O gei and ah Man is very close to Kong Sai Hou [Michael Miu], things should get really interesting. Pak Kiu knows ah Man's identity and its good to know that they could still talk now. Well in a very secret place. Fa Yut Bo [KaKi Leung] finds out that Sum jie [Kathy Chow] is her sister and doesn't want any relationship with her. Its very sad to see that, but after what had happened to their mom, Yut Bo had changed her mind. She and Pak Kiu are dating and she finally accepted her sister. Yut Bo and Yau Yau [Elane Kong] finally became friends again and that slowly all the police friends well be her friends again. Yau Yau likes ah Man, and at first ah Man doesn't like her. But after awhile he fell in love with her, and he knows that they couldn't happen. He can't like her...... Also we kinda find out a little about Laughing's [Michael Tse] identity. Is he an undercover cop too??

Oh and does anyone agree with me?? Yut Bo looks like Michelle Yip. I thought they do. Also Michael Tse is so funny. Funny little guy ^^

Well this is all for now. I'll be back ^^

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stars going into Singing Industry??

Many Artistes had sign into the singing company. Some should and some shouldn't. I don't have any hate against any stars, is just that, why are they doing that?? These past years, Artistes from TVB had step into the singing world. Some got great comments and some didn't. I'm going to tell my opinion and hopes that no one gets defended, cause its my opinion and thoughts.

Myolie had just released an album called "Evolve" Myolie has a good voice, but I think that she can still improve in her singing. I loved her acting and she is one of my favorite actress. I think she has a strong voice but I still think she can improve. If she improved in her singing, then her voice would be even more powerful =] I hope that she can release another album. I gave all my support into her.

Niki Chow new album "Redefine" and I loved it. I support Niki all the way. I think that she is the only TVB actress that can sing!! Her voice is perfect and she has that talent. I think she act beautifully in her series too. She doesn't really act that much but, her acting is on the peak. She can act and sing, so I definitely supports her ^^ Maybe Niki can improve in her acting a little bit. I'll be looking forward for her new series. Niki actually did very well in Beautiful 7th day. It was so sad =[ I cried a lot.

Linda is one of my favorite actress too. But I think that she should just stick with her acting. Her acting had just improved over the years and like she doing very well. Her album "One Person Dinner and Two Person World" was released in August. I like her songs but still think that she can improve in her singing. Linda singing live had actually improved and I actually think that she should stop the singing part right now, and work on her acting. I really wants her to improve in her acting more, to be better then she is today. I'm like her biggest fan, but I would also love to see her to be so skill. In Moonlight, her crying had irritated me. She cried to much and started to look unrealistic. She should maybe work on that..lols. Her acting evil in Gem had actually surprised me. She was actually a really good spoil girl.

Ron and Ray actually can sing and love their voices. They can also dance and be so cute and hott. Love them so much. Bosco is also getting there. Other then Niki, I think that Bernice can sing. She has such a powerful voice just like Myolie and wish that she can released an album. If Kate can release an album.. then why can't Bernice. I personally thought that Bernice is so much better then Kate. Even Linda singing is better then Kate. Tavia can actually stick into acting, cause I don't want to see too many people goes into singing. Tavia actually have an ok voice, she can still improve but yea. I think that Tavia had actually improve so much in her acting. I seriously think that Bernice should release an album. She can sing alright!!!

I had recently heard Kate new single. I actually don't think Kate should start and singing career. I don't have anything against her. I'm not her huge fan, but she is alright too me. Her acting really needs to improve. She should improve in her acting first then go into the singing career. Her voice really need to improve first. I have a bad feeling about her new song and not so sure about it either. I'm scare that there might be criticism on her song. I think that they should release her serious first then release her song. Then maybe her song wouldn't have that much of a bad impact. Not like that I don't like her. Is just that I think she needs improvement. Her character in Speech of Silence, I really liked her in there. I think she did an great job in it but still think that she needs a little improvement in that. So all I'm saying is that, she needs improvement.

Many artistes are keep stepping into the signing industry. I don't get why?? I mean like some actors/actress had really great voice and that they really can sing, they don't go into it. Is it because they wanted more frame?? If more artistes keep going into singing, then what would the singing think of that? They are singers and you are actors. I think that they all should just stay where they are. Niki and Bernice really had a great voice. They can really sing!! Myolie would become one of them very soon. I can see it in Myolie. But for others, they still need improvement. Ron and Ray they had a really good voice and they actually really good. Since Bernice didn't even make an album, maybe she should just stay in acting. But I really love to hear her sing. What do you guys think about Bernice voice?? Is her voice suitable for the singing industry?? This is all my own thoughts and opinions so none of you should get offended in any way. Well thats it for now. I'll be back soon... I hope with GOAH overview and maybe a little review on E.U.

See ya =]

Monday, March 16, 2009


Hi everyone!! I have nothing to post or to say so far. The new series that came out, I might or might not watch them. I got disappointed with some series that TVB had released. It was a really big disappointment cause, I had waited for them. I was thinking not to watch E.U., but to my surprise it was actually really good. It was better than the prequel On the First Beat. Hmmm, I guess Michael T. is annoying me a bit right now... lols, I wonder how he turn out to be side with Michael M. at the end. So I'm looking forward to the series as for right now I'm only on ep 6. As for Greatness I'll post up an overview very soon. Oh and like my new banner =] yes... it might not make any sense and the words are all mushed together, but I think is alright......

Well I guess is all for now =] See you all next time ^^

The King of Snookers

English Title: The King of Snookers
Chinese Title: 桌球天王
Cast: Adam Cheng, Niki Chow, Patrick Tang, Joyce Tang, Derek Kwok, Benz Hui, Halina Tam, Benjamin Yuen, etc.....
Airing Date: March 30, 2009 - April 24, 2009
Genre: Modern


The all-conquering snooker player YAU YAT KIU (Adam Cheng) takes everyone by surprise when he suddenly retires from the snooker world. This comes as a huge disappointed to her daughter YAU KA KAN (Niki Chow), who has always wanted to follow in his footsteps. She feels bewildered too, for although KIU pretends he does not care about the snooker any more, he has set up an extremely difficult game in his restaurant. His purpose cannot be more obvious: he is waiting for someone to solve the game. KIU comes to know KAN TSZ HIM (Patrick Tang) by chance. Noticing his flair for the snooker, KIU decides to make an exception for HIM and teaches him all he knows about the game. Later, KAN manages to persuade her father into taking her in as well.

HIM fancies KAN, but she is fond of LUI KIN CHUNG, KIU’s bitter foe (Derek Kwok). CHUNG is a crafty person. In order to win the game, he fools around with HIM’s aunt CHIN TO TO (Joyce Tang), who is also HIM’s manager. HIM falls out with KIU because of CHUNG. Both master and disciple come to settle their scores on a snooker-table in the end.

Credit: Astro on Demand

I might watch this series for Niki Chow and Joyce Tang. I'm not really a big fan of Adam Cheng and still thinking should I watch this? I might watch it if I had nothing to watch. When I first heard of the series going to be film, I didn't feel any interest into it. So yea, maybe just for Niki and Joyce or not at all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

SITS- Lyrics- 愛怎麼說 Love, how to say it?

Hi everyone XD. I think Sweetness in the Salt did an great job. Well not awesome or excellent, but its okay. Well I love the themesong that was sung by Tavia and Steven. Their voice sounds so great together. Can't wait till Stars of Love, Stevia would be awesome in there. I know they will. Well anyways below is the lyrics for SITS.

馬浚偉、楊怡 - 愛怎麼說 (TVB劇集《碧血鹽梟》主題曲

男﹕形單 隻影 往事在回味
白雪 讓我漸分不清 那天與地
﹕逝去了情感 從不應該記起
何事我 越拼命放低

愛(oi) 怎(jam) 麼(moh) 說(suet) (TVB劇(kek) 集(jaap) 《 碧(bik) 血(huet) 鹽(yim) 梟 》 主(jue) 題(tai) 曲(kuk) )

作(jok) 曲(kuk) ︰ 葉(yip) 肇(siu) 中(jung)
填(tin) 詞(chi) ︰ 張(jeung) 美(mei) 賢(yin)
主(jue) 唱(cheung) ︰ 馬(ma) 浚(jun) 偉(wai) 、 楊(yeung) 怡(yi)

(naam) ﹕ 形(ying) 單(daan)   隻(jek/ji) 影(ying)   往(wong) 事(si) 在(joi) 回(wooi) 味(mei)
白(baak) 雪(suet)   讓(yeung) 我(ngoh) 漸(jim) 分(fan) 不(bat) 清(ching)   那(na) 天(tin) 與(yue) 地(dei)
(nui) ﹕ 逝(sai) 去(hui) 了(liu) 情(ching) 感(gam)   從(chung) 不(bat) 應(ying) 該(goi) 記(gei) 起(hei)
何(hoh) 事(si) 我(ngoh)   越(yuet) 拼(ping) 命(ming) 放(fong) 低(dai)

hap) ﹕ 更(gang) 加(ga) 每(mooi) 天(tin) 想(seung) 起(hei)

(hap) ﹕ 雲(wan) 在(joi) 飛(fei)

(naam) ﹕ 陪(pooi) 同(tung) 我(ngoh) 在(joi) 找(jaau) 你(nei)
(nui) ﹕ 迎(ying) 頭(tau) 多(doh) 變(bin) 幻(waan) 天(tin) 氣(hei)
男(naam) ﹕ 我(ngoh) 都(do) 向(heung) 前(chin) 行(haang/hang/hong) 不(bat) 退(tui) 避(bei)
合(hap) ﹕ 白(baak) 雪(suet) 再(joi) 飛(fei)
男(naam) ﹕ 毋(mo) 忘(mong) 我(ngoh) 在(joi) 等(dang) 你(nei)
女(nui) ﹕ 埋(maai) 藏(chong/jong) 心(sam) 裡(lei/lui) 面(min) 太(taai) 多(doh) 痛(tung) 悲(bei)
(hap) ﹕ 要(yiu) 怎(jam) 麼(moh) 說(suet) 起(hei)

Love, how to say it?
Sung by: Tavia Yeung and Steven Ma

S:Solitary figure, lone shadow (idiom=alone & lonely); Remembering.
White snow rendering me incapable of distinguishing sky from earth
T: Bygone feelings should not be remembered;
Why is it that the more I suppress,
ST: the more I recall, each day; the floating clouds
S: accompany me in my search for you
T: Beyond, capricious weather abound
S: Still I forge ahead, undeterred
ST: White snow still a-floating
S: Don’t forget I'm waiting for you
T: Too much pain lies buried in my heart.
ST: How to even begin to express it.

The lyrics are not the full lyrics but the songs are in the full version. When I find the full lyrics. I'll repost this.

Credits: Asainfanatics for the lyrics. Tamaya for both the translation and the chinese lyrics and to sweet-butterfly at tvbsquare forum and foreverleila for the pinyin lyrics. Foreverleila uploaded on to asainfanatics. And some screencaps credit too


Hi everyone ^^ Its me again =D So today is Monday and I had school today. It was raining today and it threw me off. Well first, I woke up at 6:20am and got ready. I don't know what happen but I was still sitting here eating breakfast when the time was 6:49. My school bus comes at 6:50, so when I realized, I rushed out and the bus just passed me. I almost miss the bus. I had to run further down my block into the next intersection and I'm all wet. I t was disgusting =[ The time changed here in the U.S and everything is an hour earlier. So probably the time threw me off. Yup.. I'll just blame it on time =]. My research paper is due today. Well anyways seee ya =D

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hii everyone ^_^ Remember that post I put up on my research paper. Well that paper is finally due tomorrow the 9th of March. I thought I'll be done before the weekend, but I was wrong. I got so caught up making graphics [which aren't so great, compare to all of you]. Well now I spend my weekend doing it =[ *sigh* I need to learn not to do stuff the last minute and stop procrastinating..lols =P What am I going to do with my life?? Lols X]

I don't know what happen but like, I don't feel like to blog. Its like you don't know what to say anymore. The series that are release this year doesn't really catch me. TVB didn't do so well this year. Last year I saw a lot series and this year is like an easily skip. Probably is not TVB fault, its the economy...yes.. everyone just blame it on the economy =D. I got so disappointed on Gem. I remember back I was waiting for the series to be release. When it was finally released, I even skipped watching Last One Standing. I got so disappointed =[ They had so much time to film this but everything is like rush. Now I hope that D.I.E Again doesn't disappoint me. I really like the first one so I hope is just as good. I'm like waiting for Roots of Evil and Beyond the Realm of Conscience, and hope it doesn't disappoint me. As for the new series" The Winter Melon Tale", I'm not sure if I'll watch it. The description doesn't seem to interest me..hope I'm wrong. Btw wow, Spring coming early this year. Daylight saving is today Sunday 3/8/09. So Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow?? Ok, well bye everyone =D See you all soon.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Greatness of a Hero review

Hi everyone =] Yea... I haven't been updating cause I got so bored. I didn't know what to update or like to write. Well anyways I've changed my banner and layout ^^ hope you all like it =D I know is not that good but oh wells..lols

Like this graphic I made? Yes its not awesome but I think is alright ^^ Its my first time making a graphic like this. I used fotoflexer- an online picture maker thing. Its like photoshop but is like online and is a bit different. One day I'll know how to make a better one.

Well anyways, I'm watching Greatness and I'm almost done. I couldn't believe that it went by so fast. I totally forgot that is ending today 3/6/09. Whoa, all 20 episodes had aired. This series should had been longer cause its like a case series. Most case series has 25 or more episodes. I already know what happen at the end even though I'm not done yet. All I can say is... I don't like the ending >.< Following contain SPOILERS. If you really want to know then please proceed. If not then I suggest you to stop reading right now. I had warned you.

*Contains Spoilers*

TVB had decided to KILLED off most of the Cast!!! Whats??? Had they gone insane??? They just want to kill everyone thats mean no happy ending?? Well I think that is not a happy ending but I didn't watched it yet so I'll not make my complete statement on the ending just yet. Even though if I had saw it already or going to see it, I probably would or definitely think that is not a happy ending. In episode 19, one of the main character Song Ting Yuk [Sunny Chan] was killed. He got stab by the Moi family [Wayne's people] while Sonija got beheaded. She took the sacrifice and got kill like that. Stephen told the empress all his father [Wayne] evil deeds and drunk the poison wine and died. Wayne of course died and Stephen's mom and her servants died. Kent couldn't see his wife for the last time because he went into hiding or going away...(something like that). Like the main plot of the series is like shown and rushed in the last two episodes. Basically is like 75% of the cast died in the series.

*sigh* I don't know what to say. Should I continue or just stop? But I only have 19 and 20 left so I'll continue. I want to see how emotional it is. I'm just disappointed. I remember when I saw the costume promotion I was waiting for it to come out. After it was out and it got warehoused and now the ending like this? I'm so disappointed. I'll leave it here as for now and come back when I'm done watching. Hehe.. I kinda like spoiled myself reading it from asianfanatics =P well...everyone does it.. don't they??LOls ^^

Bye =D and I hoped you enjoyed watching GOAH ^^