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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Spring semester finally started for me. 
First day of classes is tomorrow, Monday 27th. 
I wont be on hiatus and will be blogging. 
But I can't guarantee anything though. LOL 
Sorry in advance if I disappear. :[ 
But I will definitely try my best to update :] 

Chinese New Year is in couple days!! 
Happy New Year!! 
foreverloveTVB wishes you and your family 
a Prosperous New Year. 
Fill with good health, luck, and happiness!! 
May the year of the Horse brings you wonderful blessings! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

"Serial Drama" vs. "Sequel" [The Hippocractic Crush]

What do you guys think of the two themesongs to "The Hippocratic Crush?" Which song did you guys like better? Well for me, I thought that both songs has its own touch. It has its own power and the feelings for both is different. I felt like we can't really compare the two songs together because it gives off a totally different aura.

If TVB has a "Best Theme songs" category, hands down I would say "Serial Drama" should and definitely will win the award. Other than the drama alone was a success, the themesong was another plus that added that extra hype onto the drama. The song has so much power and it fits the drama so well. And listening to the words carefully, it is talking about the two leads. Ugh, all I have to say is that, this song is amazing. It's always a song that I go back to. It has so much emotions and give off such amazing vibe.

"Sequel" on the other hand tells us more about the two lead. It's definitely dedicated to them, it tells us how the two lead will overcome their obstacles. This is another amazing song that should with "Best Themesong." It's another song that has so much power and gives off that vibe. It definitely has a totally different feel from the first, "Sequel" is more subtle and softer. While as "Serial Drama" is more out there.

Both of these songs are composed by Tang Chi Wai and both were sung by the Joey Yung the Canto Pop Queen. I'm so bless that it was Joey who sang both of these because I can't imagine anyone else other than her. She definitely able to bring out the power and emotions from both of these songs. It is definitely amazing and the skills and talents of Chi Wai did not go into waste. Chi Wai is definitely an amazing and talented composer and I can't imagine anyone else composing these songs. I am truly thankful for them!

What do you guys think? Which one gives off more energy? Hahas