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Thursday, July 31, 2008

溏心风暴II之家好月圆 Heart Of Greed II Moonlight Resonance

I started to watch episode 1-4. The story turn out not bad and excited to watch the next episode. i like to see their childhood. Also how they all have their own face expression but I like Raymond expression a lot. Even in the beginning it was already sad. I could feel that this story well be full of sadness but also laughter.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Money Maker Recipe

I just finished watching Money Maker Recipe. At first when I watched it.. it was kinda boring. It got better and more intresting at the end. I guess its ok to watch and it tell us about the maketing stock. "Don't be Greedy"
The Chemistry between people is alright. Everyone did a great job. There are sad parts and maybe a tear or two will come down. I was happy that Toby get to be back with her son and I felt bad at the end. Eventho Dominic Lam is a bad guy but he did everything to help his father. He knows that he had to go to jail... he lied to his father so he won't worry about him. It was said. After all they all did well.

Monday, July 21, 2008

2008 Miss Hong Kong

On July 19th, 2008 Miss Hong Kong pagent final was hosted. Eveyone did a great job answering questions and stuff. There were so many dancing and you can tell they Cant Dance!!!

My fave part of the show was the Grand Entrance of the past Miss Hong Kong...( yea I know wth) but I also like to see the whole show.

The Top 8 were

  • #3 Edelweiss Cheung
  • #4 Samantha Ko
  • #5 Jovy Leung
  • #6 Skye Chan
  • #7 Hilda Leung
  • #8 Angela Yiu
  • #11 Sire Ma
  • #12 Denice Wong

The Top 5 were

  • #3 Edelweiss Cheung
  • #4 Samantha Ko
  • #6 Skye Chan
  • #7 Hilda Leung
  • #11 Sire Ma

Miss Hong Kong 2008 is #3 Edelweiss Cheung

1st Runner up #6 Skye Chan

2nd Runner up #11 Sire Ma

Miss Photogenic #11 Sire Ma
Miss International Goodwill #6 Skye Chan
Miss Internet Popularity #2 Nadia Lun
Trendy Vision Award #7 Hilda Leung
Tourism Ambasdor Award #4 Samantha Ko

There is something just upset me. Why did #6 get the 1st runner up Crown? She isn't that pretty but she can talk. Number 8 can talk really good just like her too. Why didnt number 8 get the crown instead. Also number 8 is so much prettier then 6. Why always TVB pick the tall people to be the winner? TVB also pick the ugly people too. The pagent is just getting worse each year. What I think should be in the top 5 were #3, #4, #8, #11 and #7. #4 get the Crown #8 get the 1st runner up and #11 2nd runner up.... it should been like that. But its kinda ok for #3 to get the Crown and #11 to get the 2nd runner up, but why #6?!!? That just upset me.... it was all ok but why #6........ it should of been #8 or at least like this #11 1st runner, #3 2nd runner and #4 winner.

Friday, July 4, 2008

2008 Hong Kong Pagent

Miss Hong Kong 2008....... I don't know what to say, but isnt the contestant are getting ugly each year? There always someone pretty ^^

This year there are 12 contestants.... Why 12? So they will just go straight to the top 5? Miss Hong Kong Pageant is showing tomorrow the 19th at 8:30pm both in Hong Kong and America. Well they will show it in Hong Kong first... In America Direct TV on channel 450 at 8:30pm. Reboardcasting it on 451 at 11:30pm. Can't wait, mostly I watch it for the crowing and the last yr Pagent winner grand entrance... Hehe ^^

Group Pic of the Pagents

The Top 5 Predictions....
Left to Right: Denice Wong, Hilda Leung, Jovy Leung, Edelweiss Cheung, Iris Tse
These top 5 are actually pretty... not bad
#12 Denice Wong
#7 Hilda Leung from Toronto, Canada
#5 Jovy Leung
#3 Edelweiss Cheung
#9 Iris Tse
another prosibility could be #4 Samantha Ko
Well watch Miss Hong Kong 2008 to find out the result and to see if these predictions came true ^^ Saturday at 8:30pm the 19th of July