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Friday, July 4, 2008

2008 Hong Kong Pagent

Miss Hong Kong 2008....... I don't know what to say, but isnt the contestant are getting ugly each year? There always someone pretty ^^

This year there are 12 contestants.... Why 12? So they will just go straight to the top 5? Miss Hong Kong Pageant is showing tomorrow the 19th at 8:30pm both in Hong Kong and America. Well they will show it in Hong Kong first... In America Direct TV on channel 450 at 8:30pm. Reboardcasting it on 451 at 11:30pm. Can't wait, mostly I watch it for the crowing and the last yr Pagent winner grand entrance... Hehe ^^

Group Pic of the Pagents

The Top 5 Predictions....
Left to Right: Denice Wong, Hilda Leung, Jovy Leung, Edelweiss Cheung, Iris Tse
These top 5 are actually pretty... not bad
#12 Denice Wong
#7 Hilda Leung from Toronto, Canada
#5 Jovy Leung
#3 Edelweiss Cheung
#9 Iris Tse
another prosibility could be #4 Samantha Ko
Well watch Miss Hong Kong 2008 to find out the result and to see if these predictions came true ^^ Saturday at 8:30pm the 19th of July

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