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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Linda Chung

Linda's Cd is out TODAY the 20th!!! I'm definitly going to bye it. Support Linda all the way!!!
Linda had improved her acting and singing. Her character in Moonlight is so cute. I got to say.. I like her character in here better then in HOG. Her character in HOG was annoying. But anyways.... I love LINDA!!! Hope that she can release a 2nd album.

01. “One Person Dinner” [一人晚餐]
02. “Two People World” [二人世界]
03. “I Don’t Understand You” [我不懂你]
04. “Heaven’s Matches” [火柴天堂]
05. “Rollercoaster” [過山車]
06. “Actually I’m Not Happy” [其實我不快樂]
07. “Romantic Silence” [浪漫無聲]
08. “Have Her” [有沒有她]
09. “You Don’t Understand My Heart” [你不懂我的心] (Mandarin)
10. “I’m Not Happy” [我不快樂] (Mandarin)
01. “One Person Dinner” [一人晚餐] MV
02. “Two People World” [二人世界] MV
03. Making of The Album

Thanks for the songs on the cd and the picture of Linda.
Check out his site. TVB Musing

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