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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Speech of Silence series Review

I just finished watching Speech of Silence. The story had funny parts, sweet parts and also sad parts. In the beginning its so funny and still funny through out the story but it got more upsetting. Tong Tong (Kate Tsui) is deaf and she could still hear half. But after she save her sister from falling from when she went to save her sister and she fell instead and that cause she cant hear anymore. She knows that Ok zai (Kenneath Ma) loves her and want to be with her forever but Tong Tong just couldn't except it. She doesn't want the one she love regret as the day get longer. So she give up on him. When Tong Tong fell starting that part its got sad. Tong Tong also knows that La Jie (Clarie Yiu) likes Ok zai and Tong tong tell her to go for it. She also lied about that she could hear again after she did that ear surgery. at least there always a happy ending. Tong Tong and Ok zai went through so much and they could get back together.
Kate had improve her acting. I really enjoy watching this series and i recommend. The story is about Kenneath and Kate and tells us about how a deaf person in their world is. Its a great and enjoyable series.

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