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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TVB 41st Awards

TVB Awards is out!!! Finally and yes I'm a bit late to post up the results. So here it is.. For Best Actor award congratulations to Ha Yu for getting the award this year. He was outstanding in Moonlight and he had really deserve this award. If the Best Actor award was given out to a different person, I would be really upset. Ha Yu should of gotten it last year but I think he had done better in Moonlight. So congratulations to Ha Yu for getting the Best Actor award. Come to think of it Roger did an amazing job for his role in D.I.E and Last One Standing too.
Awww, somehow I found this picture kinda cute. Hmmm this might been my favorite Veteran couple in TVB. They both did very well in Moonlight and both of them were outstanding.

Yesss!!! I was rooting for Michelle to get the award. She was amazing in Moonlight and her evil side had kept me into the series. I was expected on Michelle to win. Susanna was also another hot favorite to win. Susanna was better in Moonlight then in Heart. Congratulate to Michelle for bringing home the award. Liza and Linda did a great job for their role and I was happy for them to get into the top 5. But also for Susanna another hot favorite to win, I was amazed why she wasn't on the top 5 list. Also I kinda felt that Linda shouldn't be on the top 5 yet cause she still had more time. Linda actually had improved so much in Journey Called Life.

Wayne won the Best Supporting Actors award and he actually deserve this award too but I think I kinda rooted for someone else to get it. But Wayne did a very nice job and he truly do deserved the award.

Here goes my favorite. Tavia won the Best Supporting Actress award. Sometimes I don't get the point for this award but I think Tavia had improved a lot. Congratulations Tav!! I'll support you always ^^

Raymond won the Most Favorite Male Character for Moonlight as Gam Wing Ho. I never kinda thought about this award. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know that Raymond was on the nomination list for this award. lolz ^^ Well anyways I'm happy about this result cause his role as Goon Ga Jai were so cute and I love his facial expressions. They were so cute and I like Raymond in here better too. But I thought that Alfred was more romantic even he cheated. Raymond and Linda kinda got together in Moonlight a bit late. But anyways congratulations Ray!! Raymond also won an another award for being the most popularity.

Louise Lee did amazing job in Moonlight and congratulations for winning the Most Favorite Female Character award as Chung Siu Hor. She truly deserved this award. I think she was more powerful and it was so sad seeing her past away in Heart. In Moonlight she was awesome too^^ Congratulations to Si Kei Jie. But I thought that Fala would get this award for her role as Gam Wing Hing. She was adorable in Moonlight.

After watching Legend of Demigods, I felt that Nancy had improved a lot. Nancy do deserved this award too but I was hoping for Fala to get it too. Fala did improved and I like her role in Journey Called Life. I think that Fala should win this award for Journey even tho she was nominated for her role in Moonlight but anyways Nancy did a great job as well.

I didn't watch Best Selling Secrets but I saw him a lot as host or in the variety shows and stuff. I thought that Johnson Lee would get it.

AS for Best Series of 2008 the awards goes too Moonlight Resonance (Heart of Greed II) I was expecting this so I wasn't surprise that Moonlight got the award. If another series got the award then I would be shocked. If Moonlight was put up to next year awards, then it would be intense. Also probably either WOIL II or D.I.E would have won. I was happy that Moonlight won.. Congratulations

Last year Lifetime achievement award went to Fei Jie Lydia Shum. May she Rest In Peace. I missed her so much, I was hoping that I could meet her one day in person but I guess I would never have a chance to. Lydia was really talented and I really enjoy seeing her onscreen. Ever since her illness, I hoped that she would get better and be onscreen again. When I heard the news saying that she pasted away, I was shocked. I was like no thats not her and felt like TVB world won't be alive anymore without fei jie being here to tell jokes and laugh. This year Life Time Achievement Award went to Paul Chan. Paul Chan deserved this award. He is just like fei jie who warmed up TVB and made it a happy family. Getting the Lifetime award, it does feel like you are retiring and you have to take the award. Paul is a amazing actor and I'm happy that he would continue on to act. He is the best person to act as a 'dad' because Paul acting is very loving and warm. I loved him in Love Bond. Congratulations to Paul for winning the award and hoping to see more of his series soon. Hmm, I wonder who will this award next year? Si Kei Jie, Nancy Sit, Michelle, Ha Yu, Lee Heung Kam, Chow Chung?

I find this award kind weird and random, but I guess its ok. Myolie won the best dressed award and wonder is it because she is the most fashioned this whole year? Well anyways Myoile look great that night.

I kinda like the results this year. Some years I was like TVB wasn't fair and I felt that Bernice truly deserved that award last year. This year TVB played fair and I liking it. For Best series and Best Actors/Actresses is the most important one. I was also expected for who and what to win, for other categories I didn't feel that much expectation for it. I was happy for who won and felt that they all deserved it even tho I didn't support them. I was behalf happy with the outcome. Congratulations to all nominees and winners. You all did and tried hard this year. Continue to improve for next November. I still think that Kate and Linda shouldn't be nominated for the Best Actress yet. They still have time and more series to come for them to improve better. I think that all veterans actors should receive the awards first. They might had won back when they were young. But anyways I like the outcomes.. it kinda made up for the outcomes on last year award ceremony and this year Miss Hong Kong 2008. lolz ^^

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