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Friday, January 2, 2009

Pages of Treasures Click入黃金屋

I just finish watching Pages of Treasures [Click入黃金屋] I find it pretty decent and very family love series. Its like another typical Chinese family series. I was looking forward into this series and it did pretty well. Its has really good family feeling to it. It was really warm.

Ok, first thing first... the series wasn't bad. Everyone did a very nice job. First couple episodes was pretty funny and I thought this would definitely be another funny and silly series. I was really looking forward to Fong Sum Ming [Wayne Lai] and Yuen Wai Chung [Sonija Kwok] love storyline. I really want to see how much chemistry they can have cause I never saw them acting as lovers before. It was really nice to see them collaborating in this series. Everything went out smoothly. Fong Sum Ming [Eric Suen] and Lui Yuen Yi (Abbie) [Shirley Yueng] developed really interesting chemistry. I guess my favorite part of this series is the family warmth. The brotherly and sisterly love was really enjoyable and memorable to watch. They really cared and loved each other.

The bad part about this series is, I think that TVB had drag this series. TVB had put in so many part that doesn't or shouldn't belong in the series. They had added in to much "off topic" part as you can say it that way. They should add in more about the computer business part and the Book Store part. Or they could of made Wayne became the book store boss earlier in the series. They didn't really give to many screen time for Wayne and Sonija love life to start. They started at the end of the series. The two main lead didn't really get much screen time. It really had went back and forth. I was really hoping for Wayne and Sonija chemistry, but I couldn't feel any because there wasn't much of them together. They had took to much time in the beginning of the two bickering at each other. The two didn't really have that much chemistry in that little screen time together as lovers. They had started in the beginning of the last episode. I was disappointed cause I was really looking forward for their chemistry. I think they either put to much "not important" part in or rush the "important parts" of the series. I think they rushed the part when Shirley saw her mom and the business parts, but it was also decent too. But I really like the family part. It was really warm and enjoyable. I think it had a good beginning and a great ending but I think the middle of the story wasn't that good. But also they had cover the plot ok, I guess.

This series didn't do so bad nor so good. Its in the middle. The series is enjoyable to watch and its funny too. The family story is funny and warm. Everyone did a well job and acted to their peak. I like the clay thing that Sonija made. Its really adorable and looked so much fun. After all its ok and I guess the rating for this series is average. It could of been better. I'll give this series 4 stars.

Like I said before, I don't hate the series. Its in the middle. The series is lightheaded and soft. It'll ease you away from the business world, gossip/scandal and other major stuff. Watching Pages would relaxes you. Its just like another easy TVB series, not like the big production ones. Helps you relax and keep you away from all those crazy thing that happen in Gem. Like I said the rating for this series is average and its really enjoyable to watch. As for Gem of Life, the rating is going down. Gem and Pages have like almost the same rating point. I'm a bit worried for Gem. Gem started out good and hope that at the end the ratings would go up and TVB don't need to loose so much money on it. Hope that it'll go up. I liked how Pages of Treasures is easy going and just ease you away from all those major things that is happening in Gem.
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