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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweetness Reviews

After watching couple episodes of Sweetness, I fell deeply in love with it. This series is really amazing. Where I'm up to so far, the series told a lot. The series just click right onto you and you'll want more. You wouldn't want this series to end. I know for sure that I don't want to end.
Sweetness has shown the deep love triangle between the three. The love triangle in here is way better then and very different then those other love triangles in other series.

*~* Contains Spoilers *~*

Before I go on, I want to announced the best character so far. I love Wu Kin [Kwok Fung]. He is amazing and his acting is so natural. He good showed the funny moment and the yelling moment at the same time. Its just amazing. I love his role and the character. All his movements and speeches are funny. I like how he panic over everything. ^^

OK, below will be spoilers.

In episode 16, the Wu family are collapsing. Wu Kin is in jail. Ting Fai couldn't control the family and the business anymore, everyone is annoying him. To many pressure on him so he left home. Ting Yim married Choi Jip On and the family doesn't talk to her anymore. Ting Bik is depressed. Still couldn't get over Choi Jip On cheating and lying to her, and seeing her sister married him. Ting Hin, still very sick. Couldn't go anywhere, sitting in his room. The Aunt worried over Ting Bik and follow her. The Wu Ga is collapsing. Ting Hin went to visit his dad in jail and tell him that Sing Suet should take over the business. But the dad disagree, cause Sing Suet is an outsider. Ting Hin propose to Sing Suet and tells her that, after you marry to me, you'll be able to take over the business and the family. Sing Suet thought over it and ask Chi Yuen to take a walk with her. But they weren't talking. Sing Suet made up her mind and went to the jail house to see Wu Kin. She told him that she'll marry in to Wu Ga. Wu Kin is so happy and finally he can drink the daughter in law cup of tea.

When Sing Suet went to tell Ting Hin that Wu Kin agrees to the marriage, Ting Hin said, its going to be a fake marriage. Sing Suet wanted a real marriage but Ting Hin kept on saying I don't want you to be a widow. He lied to Sing Suet that he doesn't have feelings for her. And only wants her to married him so she can take care of Wu Ga. Ting Hin wrote a contract paper saying that they will be fake couple. But Sing Suet doesn't.

I don't even know what are the three thinking in their mind. Tavia likes Steven but hates him too. Steven still have feeling for Tavia but wanted her to marry to Raymond, so her future would be better. Raymond likes Tavia and ask her to marry him, so she can run the house and the business. Tavia slowly develop feelings for Raymond. Raymond lie to Tavia saying that he doesn't have feeling for her. But obviously that he does. The whole Yueng Jiao knows. [hope the pin yin is right]

Liking the two guys and doesn't know which one she really likes and want.
Liking the girl, but wouldn't tell her and lie to her about his feelings.
Liking the girl, but wanted her to be with someone else, so her future would be better.
Does this really worth it?

Choosing the path to marrying him, knowing that I like him but not happy about it.
Feeling shame of having her to marry me, even tho I like her.
Still liking her, but want her to marry him to get a better future. But wanted her to be with me.
If all of you walked this path, then why regretting it?

Knowing that walking this path, well be painful. Then why still continuing down the path?
Choosing this path to take, then regretting it. Then is it really worth it?

I really wonders what going to happen next. The climax and the Turing point of their love triangle starting to happen. What to know how they will pull off this love triangle? Then watch it to know for yourself. I wonder why did they change the series name from Sing Suet Yim Jaan [勝雪鹽棧] to Bik Huet Yim Hiu [碧血鹽梟]. I don't even know why they but the word "blood'' in. Well I think they should stay with the same title "Sing Suet Yim Jaan". Cause right now the Turing point and the story fits better with that title. This series shows the deep/tragic love triangle. Also the series is really touching too. I felt tears coming down from my eyes too.

Credit to Asianfanatics for the pictures

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