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Monday, February 9, 2009

Gem of Life review

Gem is almost over and the last week is finally here. The rating still isn't high but hope the rating at least goes up a bit for the finally week. Below would be spoilers, and when I mean spoilers..... I mean SPOILERS. Read at your own risk. But of course, I know you would want to read it. Yes.....yes.... just slowly scroll down and read them. I know you want to.... just do it...just do it =P
Ok, seriously, read at your own risk =]
*~* Contains Spoilers *~*
So I just finish episode 78. The last couple episodes I saw was sad, terrifying, greedy, and also jealousy. Well we all know that Gem is all about Business... who would get the business and fighting for it.. etc. The truth is, I still don't know why I'm still watching this. I'm getting really tired on Gem, I couldn't believe that Gem had turn out like this. I'm sick of watching them "killing" each other for business and all this crazy gossip. In the last couple episodes, the three sisters were like enemies. They would stab each other backs and turn against them. Even if they are working together, they still would turn against them. They would "killed" off the sisters relationship just to get the business.
Since Martin was kidnapped in Philippines, he got really weird and Jessica took over the business. Since Martin had this sickness ever since he was kidnapped, he never leave the house, cause he'll get scare and thought he'll be kidnapped again. Well Jessica took over his business, Terrance thought something was up with Jessica. He suspect Jessica making his dad ill. Well I think he is wrong. Philip was actually the one behind Martin disappearance in Philippines. Philip came back to Hong Kong and wants to revenge. He know he can't do it anymore so he have Elise to do it for him. But during those time, Elise had actually change. She change so much and she became so nice. She told her grandpa to stop and forget about it, just let it go. Well on the hand, Jessica turn so bad, that she is scary sometimes. When Martin died, Jessica took over everything. She would go against her sisters, and would bring her sister down. The sisters then would kill their relationship. They are basically backstabbing each other. I think Jessica had so much greed in her, that she lost her husband and son. I really hope the she'll "wake up" soon. Terrance seem like he had "wroken up". I hope that Sylvia doesn't follow down the step into the crazy business world and "wake up". I wonder if the sisters even see where are they headend to. Just look at them. Which business leaders would win at the end? Will is like becoming one of them.
The sisters relationship got so out of hand and wouldn't even talk to each other. Sylvia would do anything to help Calvin, so she is going to fight for that huge business with Jessica. The mom lost her memory each day and finally she totally forgot a lot, even forgot that she has daughters. Those part was sad, also Shun Shun died. Philip took the baby away and fed him french fries. Which happen that Shun Shun is allergic to. A lot stuff had happen. You might say is getting interesting as the story is wrapping up. I really wonders how are they going to wrap it up. The story got so messy. I think is getting interesting is maybe because for the love storyline not the other part. The storyline is really out of hand and very very messy. No wonders the rating are low. They spend so much time on this too. I'll finish watching this series though, cause I really want to know who would win? If the sisters will finally "wake up" or if they going to loose everything or make up. I want to know how far does these business leaders need to go. Who would get defeated?

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