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Monday, March 9, 2009

SITS- Lyrics- 愛怎麼說 Love, how to say it?

Hi everyone XD. I think Sweetness in the Salt did an great job. Well not awesome or excellent, but its okay. Well I love the themesong that was sung by Tavia and Steven. Their voice sounds so great together. Can't wait till Stars of Love, Stevia would be awesome in there. I know they will. Well anyways below is the lyrics for SITS.

馬浚偉、楊怡 - 愛怎麼說 (TVB劇集《碧血鹽梟》主題曲

男﹕形單 隻影 往事在回味
白雪 讓我漸分不清 那天與地
﹕逝去了情感 從不應該記起
何事我 越拼命放低

愛(oi) 怎(jam) 麼(moh) 說(suet) (TVB劇(kek) 集(jaap) 《 碧(bik) 血(huet) 鹽(yim) 梟 》 主(jue) 題(tai) 曲(kuk) )

作(jok) 曲(kuk) ︰ 葉(yip) 肇(siu) 中(jung)
填(tin) 詞(chi) ︰ 張(jeung) 美(mei) 賢(yin)
主(jue) 唱(cheung) ︰ 馬(ma) 浚(jun) 偉(wai) 、 楊(yeung) 怡(yi)

(naam) ﹕ 形(ying) 單(daan)   隻(jek/ji) 影(ying)   往(wong) 事(si) 在(joi) 回(wooi) 味(mei)
白(baak) 雪(suet)   讓(yeung) 我(ngoh) 漸(jim) 分(fan) 不(bat) 清(ching)   那(na) 天(tin) 與(yue) 地(dei)
(nui) ﹕ 逝(sai) 去(hui) 了(liu) 情(ching) 感(gam)   從(chung) 不(bat) 應(ying) 該(goi) 記(gei) 起(hei)
何(hoh) 事(si) 我(ngoh)   越(yuet) 拼(ping) 命(ming) 放(fong) 低(dai)

hap) ﹕ 更(gang) 加(ga) 每(mooi) 天(tin) 想(seung) 起(hei)

(hap) ﹕ 雲(wan) 在(joi) 飛(fei)

(naam) ﹕ 陪(pooi) 同(tung) 我(ngoh) 在(joi) 找(jaau) 你(nei)
(nui) ﹕ 迎(ying) 頭(tau) 多(doh) 變(bin) 幻(waan) 天(tin) 氣(hei)
男(naam) ﹕ 我(ngoh) 都(do) 向(heung) 前(chin) 行(haang/hang/hong) 不(bat) 退(tui) 避(bei)
合(hap) ﹕ 白(baak) 雪(suet) 再(joi) 飛(fei)
男(naam) ﹕ 毋(mo) 忘(mong) 我(ngoh) 在(joi) 等(dang) 你(nei)
女(nui) ﹕ 埋(maai) 藏(chong/jong) 心(sam) 裡(lei/lui) 面(min) 太(taai) 多(doh) 痛(tung) 悲(bei)
(hap) ﹕ 要(yiu) 怎(jam) 麼(moh) 說(suet) 起(hei)

Love, how to say it?
Sung by: Tavia Yeung and Steven Ma

S:Solitary figure, lone shadow (idiom=alone & lonely); Remembering.
White snow rendering me incapable of distinguishing sky from earth
T: Bygone feelings should not be remembered;
Why is it that the more I suppress,
ST: the more I recall, each day; the floating clouds
S: accompany me in my search for you
T: Beyond, capricious weather abound
S: Still I forge ahead, undeterred
ST: White snow still a-floating
S: Don’t forget I'm waiting for you
T: Too much pain lies buried in my heart.
ST: How to even begin to express it.

The lyrics are not the full lyrics but the songs are in the full version. When I find the full lyrics. I'll repost this.

Credits: Asainfanatics for the lyrics. Tamaya for both the translation and the chinese lyrics and to sweet-butterfly at tvbsquare forum and foreverleila for the pinyin lyrics. Foreverleila uploaded on to asainfanatics. And some screencaps credit too

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