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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Threshold of a Persona

English Title: The Threshold of a Persona
Chinese Title
: ID精英 [ID Ching Ying]
: Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Patrick Tang, Toby Leung, John Chiang, Ben Wong, Claire Yiu, Natalie Tong, Raymond Cho, Power Chan, Kenny Wong, Ellesmere Choi, Queenie Chu, Benny Chan Chin Pang, etc.
Episodes: 27 [overseas 30 eps]
: Modern/Action/Drama
6/1/09 to 7/3/09


First TV series with immigration work.
Top confidentiality of Hong Kong’s border security.

Immigration Department is guarding the door of Hong Kong, and seeks out to prevent doubtful identities and criminals from entering Hong Kong. It not only creates a highly demanding task for immigration officers but also raises a further question of how will they make identity verification as accurate as possible?

Fong Tsun Kit (Roger Kwok) becomes friends with two other candidates Cheng Pak Yue (Raymond Cho) and Yip On Kei (Yoyo Mung) while applying for a post in the Immigration Department. Yue is an aggressive person. He later moves to the Police Force and is promoted to Senior Inspector of the Regional Crime Unit. While investigating a murder case, he realizes that the new gang leader Wu Kit Sum (Kenny Wong) has killed somebody because of Kit’s wife. This turns Kit’s life completely upside down. As a good friend, Kei helps Kit take care of his son after a failed relationship with Yue. When two hearts meet, an extraordinary link spontaneously draws them together. Meanwhile, Au Shun Fung (Patrick Tang) appreciates Kit’s ability very much and recommends him to Mak Kai Ming (John Chiang), head of the Investigation Section. Kit gains approval and is determined to start anew. While carrying out an investigation on a fraud syndicate, he comes upon his missing wife and uncovers her long-hidden identity.

Credits to Astro on Demand

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