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Monday, July 6, 2009

Child Star [look a like]

Child Star look a like #1.... I was mainly going to do Look a like with TVB Stars, but then I remember how some of the child star also do look a like. There are so many Child Stars that I like, they are all so cute and adorable. But now you don't get to see the old child stars as they grow up, they'll be in school and we won't see them much. This Look a Like Child Star I wanted to present is Jenny Shing and Tiffany Tse. I thought they look a like in some way.

Jenny Shing was in Burning Flame II, that was one memorable series we remember her in. She played Wong Hei's daughter Yiu Yiu.

Tiffany Tse was in A handful of Love, that was one memorable series we remember in. She played Joe Ma's and Jessica Hsuan's niece, the last child Mui Mui.

hmm... you probably won't see it in these pictures, but I thought they really looked a like. Does anyone agree? I remember when I had a fight with my sister when we were watching A Handful of Love. We were fighting how Mui Mui in AHOL is Tiffany and not Jenny. Now as they are getting older, we won't able to see them act. Both of them are really cute and adorable and a really talented actress. I wonder would they come back and act when they gets older.

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