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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turing Point [Laughing Gor Movie]

Laughing Gor movie has finally arrive!! After all the waiting for this movie to come. It's finally here. This is the official poster of the Turning Point.

In theaters August 13, 2009

Cast: Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Michael Tse, Wong Yat Wa, Fala Chen, Kenny Wong, Wayne Lai, Tracy Ip, etc

Guest: Ron Ng and Sammul Chan

Michael Tse star as Laughing Gor again, but this time Fala Chen joins him as Laughing So in his new movie. Laughing Gor was loved and got a really good promotion after he star in E.U. as an undercover cop. Many Hong Kong viewers and overseas viewers praised him in E.U. as a job well done and no one wanted him to died. Now Laughing Gor made a comeback in his new movie "Turning Point" in theaters August 13, 2009.

I'm excited to watch this movie =] Nice new fresh pairings with Fala and Michael. New drama and action. Can't wait!! But too bad that I live overseas =[ Hope it'll be release overseas.

credits to TVB

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