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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday TaRo

Helloooo.... we meet again. foreverloveTVB and I are back, but probably won't be long. I will probably end up leaving again or won't be on often. Well I wasn't thinking of coming back today.. but school is starting next month for me and I wanted to go on before school starts. I need to get stuff ready for school and I am not ready for this year. It's my third year in High School and this is the year we start out S.A.T. I was actually thinking of coming back next month on Ron's bday but on that day I wouldn't be home. All of you probably already back in school but I start school on the 8th. Anyways back to TVB....

Well okay 1st thing... TaRo combine bday was on Sunday Aug 23. Happy Birthday TaRo!!! That was so exciting XD and I wish I was in or live in Hong Kong to go and celebrate it with them. They are so cute and Adorable. Every year TaRo always have a celebration and always cuts the cake together...and I'm just hoping one day it'll be their wedding cake..lols =] Happy 30th Birthday TaRo. May this year bring you two more series, great health and joy. But don't overwork yourself to hard, and also a series together.

Tavia's bday -Aug 30th
Ron's bday - Sep 2nd


Well I was watching BF 3 and up to episodes 6. I thought it was funny in the beginning with Bosco. I had some great laughs. The flashbacks are annoying and boring but that tells us how Wong Hei and Kevin end up not being friends anymore. *sigh* it also tell us how that both guys like Myolie. The flashbacks might be annoying but it tells us details. I find that it was unfair how Wong Hei did the work but Kevin gets the credit and he get promoted? Well anyways I should continue and finish the series before school starts. Well I guess this is it. Good Luck to all of you in school/work.

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