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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hey =D ahaha I know I had say that I would blog Miss Hong Kong and a bit on BF3.. well yea, I guess I won't be doing it anymore... well maybe not Miss Hong Kong post. I haven't been watching BF3 lately, I don't know why...maybe not in the mood too and doesn't feel the excitement anymore. I would say BF1&2 were the best..better then 3. I only like to watch the intense part... I don't know what happen, it just that I don't have the mood to do anything anymore. Well I guess I'll come back next time with a post on BF 1,2&3. Also 11 grade is so stressful.. its only the 6th day of school for me and I'm already stress and tired, I don't want to know what going to happen as the year goes. Also Happy Belated Birthday to Niki Chow!!! I'm know I'm such a bad fans... I forgot that her birthday was Aug,30 just like Tavia.. same month,day and year.. Happy 30th Bday!! Wish you everything special and hope it all came true, with good fortune and health.

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View Statisticsyay!! I wouldn't think that this day would come so fast =] Thank you for all your support!!

And THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING FOREVERLOVETVB!!!!!! foreverloveTVB had reach 10,035 hits!!! As for today September 16, 2009 [As I wasn't on when it hit 10,000] Thank you all for your support and hope you all will continue to support foreverloveTVB and watch foreverloveTVB to grow big and wide!! Thank You!!

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