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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunrise Secret

Hey Everyone!! I'm sorry to say that Sunrise Secret is no longer up and running. Thank you to everyone would is supporting it. I couldn't continue with this story anymore, is just not working out. I'm busy with school work and other stuff, so I won't really have time to update the story. Well actually the reason why I hadn't went back to update Sunrise Secret since August is because I don't have anymore ideas for it. I lost all the ideas and I don't know what should come next. Also I don't have that feeling to complete this story too, if I left it up and going it would take me another year to finish this story. I didn't want to do that anymore, since I did that with Starry Starry Night. So I decided to let Sunrise Secret go. I would really miss this banner and the name "Sunrise Secret". I'll probably reuse "Sunrise Secret" when I write another fanfic. And hopefully it wouldn't be like this one and I'll finish the story. Thank You all for understanding and always supporting me. I will come back with another story.

Thank you to temerarious summer project and ti amo for creating this picture for me. Thank You, I truly love it =]

Hope all of you would still and support Starry Starry Night =D

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