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Saturday, November 14, 2009

D.I.E Again overview 古靈精探B

Cast: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Derek kwok, Mimi Lo,
Nancy Wu, Macy Chan, Kwok Fung, Stephen Huynh, Him Law.
Eps: 25
Producer: Cheung Kin Man

I finally finished with D.I.E Again. I always thought that, the prequel are always better then the sequel. But I was completely wrong. After knowing that there would be a second version to D.I.E I was hyped. I really loved the first part so I was really excited. I couldn’t wait for the release. But while in that time period, waiting for the release, I had a different thought. Most series that I had watch the sequel were never better then the prequel. Also D.I.E Again is from a different director. But after I watched the first episode.. I loved it. D.I.E Again had grown to my expectations.

Once again, the D.I.E family is back in action. All the cast were awesome and they all captured my heart. I really don't have anything to say... I'm speechless. The series was really good. I thought it was well written and the cast was amazing. Well maybe there is something to say about it. But first lets start with the cast.

Yue Sir and Madame Ying - Great couple that I loved since D.I.E. They capture my heart. Roger and Sonija has a warm chemistry in here. I really enjoy watching the first episode... when they were fighting over who get to stay home. They were really being childish, throughout the series, even at work they were still fighting, even when they took the baby to work. Haha, I really enjoyed watching them. But in the second one, when Roger made his weird signs.. it wasn't as funny as the first one. But after the images... what he did was pretty funny. Madame Ying was still like Madame Ying in the first one. She's kinda stubborn, she doesn't think before she acts. But I still like her... she care about her family. A warm mother and wife. I really like these two couples, they really do have a warm chemistry. 5/5

Jing Yi and Pui Pui - Hmmm... I thought they are just okay as a couple. But they do not dissapoint me. I just don't feel the chemistry between them, I don't know why. But I thought that, when Nancy was getting the award because she won the dance and Derek wasn't there, and how he walked in to see the person giving the flowers to her. He has the dissapointment face, it was sad. But they were a funny couple. Nancy with her cute little actions and Derek with his tai chi's skills. 4/5

Kowk Fung as Lo Sir - My fav character in D.I.E Again.. besides the baby and Roger >.< I really enjoy watching him and the scenes he shared with the baby. It was really cute and adorable. Hahaha... I really thought that Lo Sir was really funny. He might had acted like he didn't care about the D.I.E crew.. but he really are proud of them. I like how he show half of his excitement in the events they do. Hahaha.. really enjoys the time he have for the baby. He wrote himself up just to keep the baby at work..lols. Lo Sir only bond with the baby, hahaha. I really enjoyed watching Kwok Fung. 5/5

Zac Kao as Gou Choi San - He is one funny guy. I really like how he flipped his hair. I think through out the whole series, he flipped his hair for most of his scenes. This guy can actually keep you laughing. It kept me laughing. I love how when he interview the criminals, it takes him half the min just to talk about something really random and flip his hair. I really like watching this funny side of him =D 5/5

These are the cast that I wanted to talk about. But we can never forget the rest of the D.I.E crew. Like Siu Fung Jer, Mei Wun and Pierre. Also the two new cast that joined the crew. Pak Ji and Shu Bong. I really like how Him Law has a hair clip in his hair all the time. I thought that Macy Chan was better in here then Pages of Treasures. I grew to like her in here more. I guess you can say she improved? We can never forget the warm and funny D.I.E crew. Without this crew, it would not be D.I.E. I kinda felt bad for Dai Hao Ying, he was chased by Madame Ying all the way from D.I.E to D.I.E II. I like Siu Yi better then So Bik, but So Bik was funny too. She did made me laugh. All the couples were great, not that bad. But Roger and Sonija did had the best chemistry. I really love watching these two couples. The baby chemistry with Lo Sir was cute too.

The cases in the series was not interesting then the first one. But somehow some cases freaked me out. Especially the cat one... but I thought the fruit killing one was really weird. How did they even thought of that? Lols. Overall I was impress with D.I.E Again. From the leads to the supporting to the cast, they all were filled with comedy. The whole series was really well filmed and I really enjoyed watching every one of the cast. Not only the lead capture my heart, but also the supporting cast made me laugh and also captured my heart. Everyone did a fantastic job. I'll recommend this series, if you really want to watch some great comedy from the whole cast and if you had the time. D.I.E Again is a great series, it would have been better if the cases weren't that stupid and weird. Except from You're Hired, this is another great comedy I had watch this year. It really had made me laugh so much. But with the weird cases, I'll rate it 4^1.2/5 (The smaller stars represents the half... only the grand productions would be rated out of ten)

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