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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Born Rich so far...

So far.. in Born Rich, I had watch up to episode 15. It's going great so far. Each character in here has different ideas and how things are worked. They have different views and minds. I find each character interesting. First lets start on the characters...

Mu Jie played by Nancy Sit. One of my favorite veteran actress, so I'm happy to see her in here. But her character is a bit... So far Nancy portrayed her character well. I'm fine with it but I do have to say her acting kinda went a bit too far. Especially her childish behaviours. I find Mu jie is a big child. She gets her ways and is very easy to cheer her up again. All you have to do is to do what she had want you to do. And she'll forgive you. Mostly these scenes are between her and her daughter in-law. Sometimes her childish behaviours, I find them funny. Maybe I'm laughing out of stupidity. But she can be really stubborn. I hope my view on Mu Jie will be different later on. Maybe, I'll be more happy with her role.

Chuet Yat Yuen played by Ray Lui. The oldest and the biological son of Mu Jie. Brother of Yat Sam and Yat Ming. Father of Kei Kei and Wai Wai, husband of Connie. Yes.. he might be the ideal of a filial son, loving father and husband and a great brother. That what TVB want you to feel, want you to stand on his side. But is he really an ideal husband later on? I'll have to watch and see for myself. Yat Yuen has a big heart, he burden everything. Even that big deal, Yat Ming had made. Who took the trouble and blame it on himself? Yes, Yat Yuen did. He is portrayed as one good brother, that don't want to see his brother or others to fall. He rather take all the burden himself. I like his character and I believe Ray is doing a great job so far. Loving his character every moment. But will I continue to like him later on?

Chuet Yat Ming played by Gallen Lo. The second son in the Chuet's family. Not Mu Jie's biological son. But Mu Jie cares for him is just like he is her own son. Once had hurt Yat Sam's heart, he did nothing to cure it. He continue to stay in Hong Kong when he should of had known to leave her. I can see that Yat Ming still loves her and want her back. But can he? Haven't seen Gallen for so long, he still act so well. I love his character. His little moves and face expressions are really funny. I laugh a lot during his scenes. But as the series goes, I can see that greed's is slowly creeping on him. He is getting there soon. Knowing that he was the one who scheme that problem out, he should have clear that he was the one behind it. He was too stubborn and to greedy and let his brother to take care of it. *sigh* greed is getting over him soon... I want to see how he manage it, how evil he can be. Hope is not disappointing.

Chuet Yat Sam played by Anita Mui. The youngest and the only daughter in the Chuet's family. Renee is a person who stands up and know from right to wrong. What made Renee to hate Yat Ming so much is that, she had once "love" him and she couldn't believe that he was her long lost half brother. She couldn't take it and wouldn't believe. But the truth is right in front of your eyes. Renee slowly accept him as her brother but still have a bad impression on him. I find her role likable. Anita did well too, she is actually really cute. And I think she is really pretty in the series. Her little bickering scenes with Topman (Joe Ma) is quite funny. And I enjoy watching them as a couple. But I'm also curious how Anita and Gallen will turn out.

Connie played by Jamie Chik. Haven't seen her for so long, happy to see her back. Her acting is still the same. She did well but I got to say I am annoyed with her. I find her character really stubborn and thinks too much. She always think that she is right and everything. I almost up to a point hating her. I don't know what to say about her, but I hope that after the series is done, I'll change my view and actually have something to say. As we all can see her marriage is breaking apart.

Topman played by Joe Ma. I really have nothing to say yet. His scenes with Renee is cute and he is kinda funny in the beginning. He get serious as the series goes, starting from Yat Ming work in the bank.

Angie played by Kenix Kwok. I know that I'm going to hate her as the series goes, being the third party. When will she wake up? Angie is in her little world. She is hypnotise with the love between her and Marcus. Which will never happen. I think that she just give up. At first she said she'll just love him from afar. But it had crept on her that she need to get close and she has to be his woman. I'm pretty sure she is hypnotise. Finding ways to get close with Marcus and seeing Connie's upset face, I'm upset. This love triangle will be a long problem. But other wise her acting is amazing.

Kenneth Ma, I love his character. His moves and expressions are really funny. Laughing at all his scenes too. And he is cute!! Lol, the smile and everything. He is starting to like Sharon. I wonder how he is going to end up with her?

Sharon Chan, I find her character weak right now. But somehow I do enjoy her character too.. I'm hoping to see her character getting stronger as the series goes.

All the character is going well so far and I'm curious how the love triangles, business side, and Yat Ming's greed develop. This is one long series.. 40 eps, it'll get boring somehow. But I'll finish it. No doubt that it'll end up like Beyond. and I'll be disappointed again. But its alright. I can manage with all the scheming in the palace. I can stand another scheme in this series.

I'll be back with another post, after I finish the series. Stay tune =]

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Anonymous said...

before that, i'm sorry if you quite difficult to understand what i'm gonna ask you because i don't speak english,i watched BORN RICH drama last night, it's awesome, but may i know where did they shooting?ok it based on hong kong, but was that house around victoria peak?, the hong kong skyline view in the picture is just beautiful so i'm eager to know where is it,thank you.