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Monday, December 7, 2009

TVB 42nd Awards Final

Best Actor
Wayne Lai
Steven Ma
Bosco Wong
Dayo Wong
Moses Chan

Expected to be Wayne Lai taking that award home. Congratulations Wayne!! Looking at the top 5 you know it would be Wayne. Personally I don't think Steven and Bosco should be nominated as top 5. But really.. Bosco Wong? Steven and Bosco can still have a better chance in the future years but not now. It should be Ray Lui and Gallen Lo for Born Rich. I guess TVB want to give Bosco and Steven a chance huh?

Best Actress
Sheren Tang
Tavia Yeung
Charmaine Sheh
Ada Choi
Teresa Mo

This category was off the heat with Charmaine, Tavia, and Sheren competing for the award. But at the end it was really Sheren who took the award home. I don't really mind if Tavia took it home either, because she did awesome job in Beyond. Support to all!! Congratulation too Sheren!!

Best Supporting Actress
Linda Chung
Susan Tse
Fala Chen
Michelle Yim
Susanna Kwan

Susan did a wonderful job in both Beyond and Rosy Business. I wished that she was nominated for her role in Beyond, cause personally I liked her in Beyond better. Congratulations!! And I don't see why Fala got into the top 5 for this category. I think Fala had Improved a lot over the years. I didn't see The Stew of Life so then I can't really say much about her character.

Best Supporting Actor
Michael Tse
Pierre Ngo
Elliot Yue
Lee Kwok Lun
Kenneth Ma

Haha.. I knew it all along Michael would bring something home for his outstanding role as Laughing Gor. But I thought that Lee Kwok Lun did a great job as Eunuch Ma in Beyond too!! Congratulations to Michael!!

Favourite Male Character
Wayne Lai
Moses Chan
Michael Tse
Dayo Wong
Kevin Cheng

It was unexpected for me. I seriously thought that Dayo was perfect for this award!! I thought that Michael Tse will take this instead. Congrats to Wayne!! 2nd award that night!!

Favourite Female Character
Tavia Yeung
Charmaine Sheh - Lam Miu Miu
Charmaine Sheh - Lau Sam Ho
Teresa Mo
Sheren Tang

It was expected. I knew TVB will give this award to Tavia!! But I had voted for Lam Miu Miu but Yiu Kam Ling is awesome too!! I know that Tavia will bring something home that night!! Congratulations Tavia!!

Improved Actor

Pierre Ngo
Raymond Wong
Johnson Lee
Jim Tang
Raymond Chiu

It was expected that Pierre Ngo will win. Its time for him to shine but I also thought that Raymond Wong improved too. Maybe next year for him. Congrats Pierre!!

Improved Actress
Amiee Chan
Sharon Chan
Queenie Chu
Catherine Chau
Koni Lui

Wow.. so many C's..lols. It was expected and I was disappointed!! I knew that TVB will give her the award. But personally I think that everyone on this list deserves it more then her. Especially Queenie and Sharon, they both really deserve it. I think that its too early for Amiee to get the award. When Queenie and Sharon was in the industry longer then her. But oh wells... I hope Amiee will change my perspective on her, since she got the award. Congrats!! Popular Artist
Wayne Lai

It was unexpected for me. I thought Tavia will get the award cause Yoyo wasn't nominated. Congrats to Wayne!! 3rd award that night!!

Lifetime Achievement Award
Producer Lee

It was unexpected.. I thought it would be someone older, like a Veteran Actor or at least Chan Hung Lit. But too my surprise it was Producer Lee. Congrats and looking forward too more of your series!!

Best Performance
Tavia Yeung

I wouldn't think that Tavia will get this award. Congrats Tavia!!! Keep on working hard!!

Best Series
Rosy Business
Burning Flame
Beyond the Realm of Conscience
You're Hired

I was surprise that Born Rich didn't get on to the Top 5 but Burning Flame did!! I was upset really upset, cause Burning Flame didn't really make it out alive to me. This was the only top 5 list that bought me down. It was Rosy Business all along. I thought that TVB wil give it to Beyond with its high ratings but nope it was Rosy Business. Congrats!!

Well the awards for 42nd is finally over. Everything is finally over for TVB 2009. TVB 2010 is coming up our way. Wait till next year to see who win the 2010 awards. I'm very happy about this year awards but there are a bit I'm not happy with. What happen to all the Born Rich Cast?? A side from only Kenneth who made it into the top 5. What happen? I would like to know and why Born Rich didn't make it to Top 5 for best series, but Burning Flame did? I thought BR was way better then BF3. Lastly Congratulations to all nominees and congrats to all the winners. I thought that Charmaine Sheh would win something. But guess not, congrats to her for being nominated and getting into the top 5 three times.Keep up the good work and hope to see all of your name in 2010 awards nominations again!!

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