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Friday, December 25, 2009

Yiu Kam Ling & Lau Sam Ho

"Having a Sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there." - Amy Li

"A best friend is just like having a sister. To everyone we are best friends, but to us, we are sisters. No matter what we do, we'll do it together." - foreverloveTVB (quote to Kam ling and Sam Ho)

Yiu Kam Ling and Lau Sam Ho, best friends since young. To Kam Ling, Sam Ho is the only person she can trust in the palace. To Sam Ho, she is lucky to have Kam Ling by her side. Sam Ho remember the words her mother told her before she past away. "Do good deeds, Speak good words, and Show goodwill." Also to be best sisters with Kam Ling. The two sisters did everything together and stands up for each other.

Sisters have your back and cheer you up. Sisters make sure you're happy and no one make fun of you. That is what Kam Ling and Sam ho is. Sam Ho would bring out her 3 words, no matter what happens. Kam Ling will not let anyone slide past, hurt them if the person hurt her or Sam Ho. But slowly, greed took over Kam Ling and slowly the sisters will break apart. Will they still be sisters?

In Yiu Kam Ling's eyes, Lau Sam Ho is the only one she can trust. She can't trust anyone else. Anyone come upon her that she doesn't trust, will loose their life. But slowly that trust she has in Sam Ho, slowly faded. The trust faded out of her, but the greed came over her. Kam Ling thinks that to survive in the palace is to scheme your way up to get a better position. Even if you are the maid or the concubine, you still have to scheme to survive. To Kam Ling being the maid is not good enough. She tried her best to get the Emperor (Moses) attention. When she finally success in to it, she became Concubine Lai. Being the Concubine, she felt that, that spot is not good enough. She has to compete with Concubine Yin (Selena Li) to be the Queen. Kam Ling Scheme her way through the top. The greed slowly grabs her and she needs more. Up to this point Kam Ling can't stop. Even she has stop trusting her best friend/sister since young. Their sister ship/friendship had ended. Kam Ling wanted her sister to leave/out of her sight, but she never succeed. Her plan always failed. Even her maid Fei Yin (Yoyo Chen) turn against her. Kam Ling is over. Her greed had gotten her to a point where she can't turn around anymore.

In Lau Sam Ho's eyes, doing good deeds, showing goodwill, and speak good words. Will be the success in the palace. She trusted Kam Ling and did everything with her. Sam Ho was upset when she found out Kam Ling had tried to get rid of June Chan. Slowly Sam Ho can see that Kam Ling greed took over her and she knows that its too late for her to turn back around. She had promise her mother to do good deeds, show goodwill and speak good words. But she had fail promising her mother to be best sisters with Kam Ling forever. Maybe because Sam Ho followed the 3 words her mother thought her too much and she never realize Kam Ling's greediness. If Sam Ho stands up to Kam Ling, turn her in.. Kam Ling might have a chance to turn back around. But she know she can't do it, Kam Ling is the only sister she has, someone closest her in the palace. She can't turn her in. Sam Ho had let Kam ling took the wrong path, when she decided not to turn her in. Now she had regret it for not tuning Kam Ling in. Sam Ho had finally realize what had became of Kam Ling and she never had thought that her Sister/Best Friend had tried to kill her. Our sisterhood had broken up into pieces.

Tavia Yeung who portrayed Yiu Kam Ling in Beyond was her breakthrough role. A role she finally had a chance to film. An evil role. To me, I felt like Tavia is missing something. Tavia can do better, I expected something more from her. Looking at her evil glares did creep me out and I'm getting worry and scare. I wouldn't call Yiu Kam Ling evil. I would say "Gan" and Greed took over her. Yiu Kam Ling is just greedy, which she couldn't get enough, and the stuff she did was evil. I was surely excited for her evilness, but toward the middle and the end I had enough. Maybe because I can't feel anything from her. I was literally said to the screen "Give up Tavia" She killed everyone in her way, which I think is a bit too I felt bad for Empress Cheng. I can't believe Tavia killed off Mary Hon. The Empress knows how she felt and was really nice to her. I can't believe it. I thought that Yoyo Chen would turn her back when Michelle and Susanna and Kara went to find her. I was happy that she didn't and she stick true to Tavia. But in the end Yoyo did turn against her. Yoyo didn't add the poison in to Charmaine's congee. Tavia is over. I don't really like her ending but I thought it was quite cute. The two little girl represent Tavia and Charmaine. Its cute how Tavia told them to be close, do everything together and don't let each other fall. Don't fall apart, and to stick together. Tavia had turn mental and she refer herself as Lau Sam Ho.

Charmaine Sheh portray as Lau Sam Ho. I expected more from her too. Her kindness made me happy and enjoyed her parts. But as the story goes, I had enough with her kindness. Her Kindness in the end had killed Tavia. She had turn Tavia into a greedy person. If Charmaine had really turn her in, maybe Tavia won't become so greedy. I know its not Charmaine fault and Charmaine did try, but it was too late. Charmaine love triangle wasn't as fascinating either. I kinda like Moses and Charmaine to end together but Kevin and Charmaine scenes were really cute. I really had nothing to say about Charmaine.. her kindness had got to a point where I can't stand I liked her ending, the little girl was the same girl who portrayed "little Sam Ho''. The way she said all her memories with Kevin was touching. She put so much feelings into it. And that slowly made Kevin remember and now the family of 3 can finally get back together.

Overall, I really like Tavia and Charmaine character. Both of them can never disappoint me. But I guess, I had enough with all the schemeness and kindness within the forbidden palace and which lead me to a point I had enough with kam ling and sam ho. But I really did expected more from Tavia and Charmaine. The presentation clip had lead me really anticipating for the series. I guess you can't really excited over a series too much and when you finally watch it, you'll loose interest. Tavia and Charmaine did well portraying their characters, I'll give them 4/5.

Beyond review coming soon =D
Merry Christmas everyone ;]

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