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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello =D

Hi everyone xD I'm back!! Sorry, about the delay. I know I had regionally said I'll be back on the 2nd but I took even longer. Sorry!! *sigh* I took long to change a new layout..and I still don't think I like I guess its alright, I kinda want to go for a darker color. Cause its winter for me and it had been snowing and I thought of blue and gray. LOl... but I'm still not done yet, still learning how to make it better >.< Hope you guys love my new banner =] it's Linda Chung xD ft. her quote from "legend of demigods." Artists of the month will be up soon. I have been neglecting it. Just a reminder that the artist with the highest votes does not mean that they'll be the winner. I'm choosing the artists. But I promise you it'll be satisfying. I'm choosing from the top 5 highest votes, he/she who I think is doing awesome. The artist who I think should go up this month xD Also January babies will be up soon too.

Also Happy New Year to ALL!!! Hope this new year will bring all of you prosperous, wealth, healthy and many great fortunes!!

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