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Monday, February 22, 2010

72 Tenants of Prosperity beats All Wells Ends Well Too

<72 Tenants> beats All Wells Ends Well Too with 7 million in the box office on opening day
Monday February 15, 2010 Hong Kong

For the 4 consecutive day Lunar New Year holidays, several films are battling in the box office at this golden period, the most intense fight is between the 100 stars <72 Tenants of Prosperity> and . Released on the big CNY day (February 14th), <72 Tenants> got 7.06 million cumulative box-office sales, making it the opening day winner. temporarily stand at only 5.94 million in the box-office. Breaking all Hong Kong's opening day box office is the 3D film , although had been on the big screen for 2 months already, only had 16 cinemas are currently playing the film, but on the big CNY Day it only received 1.09 million in the box office.

Producer and director Raymond Wong learned about the news and does not admit to defeat yet, he said: "In the past few years, I have not especially asked the box office, <72 Tenants> coming in first place, I congratulate them, but after a few films release in the next few days, the results are still unknown, don't know who wins. Gong Hei Fat Choi!"

For a successful counter-attack, producer of <72 Tenants> Wong Ka Hee expressed: "There are both winning and losing points. Both films beat the western film, helping HK gain back some pride. Wait until Eric Tsang comes back from the States on the 6th day of CNY, we will be celebrating on the next day."

Credits: Source: Mingpao and aZnangel @

Such one big cast and saw the trailer and everything for this, the cast seems they had so much fun filming this! 71 Tenants of Prosperity is up in the lead!! Can't wait to watch this movie >.< But too bad I need to wait till its streaming online =\

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