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Friday, February 26, 2010

A Chip Off the Old Block

Series: A Chip Off the Old Block
Eps: 21
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Sunny Chan, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung
Producer: Poon Ka Tak


Finally got a chance to finish this series. Yes I'm behind and still need to catch up. I wasn't planning to watch this but then I was like why not. So I gave it a try and its okay.The only thing that interest me when I read the synopsis was that Myolie is Ron's mother and Sunny as Ron's father. That was the only thing interest me. I gave the series a try since I haven't seen Ron ever since E.U and that was a while. The series plot line is not constant. It increase and decrease, some scenes are interesting and some scene are boring. But the series is still watchable.

Characters.. (Only four characters was chosen)

So Fung Nei - Played by Myolie Wu. This is an refreshing character in all Myolie's series I saw. A new fresh character and a side that I never saw Myolie in. Her character is nicely portrayed and written. Myolie portrayed her character well as an Swindler. At first we all thought that Myolie's character is all about the money. That what TVB want you to think, but as the series progresses, we the audience found out that she became a swindler because of her childhood and her mother. Fung Nei is an filial daughter to her mom, she tried many ways to get the money to save her sister and her mother from her father. Her father didn't treat her mother, her sister and herself well cause they were girls. At first I find her character weird and annoying but I grew to love her character. Her character has a comedy side and I think that is where all the comedy comes in, well of course other characters are funny too. But Myolie's skill for comedy is really funny. She crack me up all the time and I really love her costume in here xD. From her hair to her clothes!! Very fashionable. Myolie did a great job portraying So Fung Nei, whether its comedy and love. When she start to fall for Sunny was funny, she doesn't know what she was doing and doesn't believe that she like him. Haha.. Myolie did a great job and we never need to worry with Myolie's acting.

Cho Fan - Sunny Chan. I really find his character annoying and quite clueless and dumb. All he knows his to help others but sometime he doesn't get the same treatments back. But after awhile I grew to his character. He realize he started to like Myolie and stuff but it was too late. He didn't believe Myolie and Myolie left to the States with her mother and sister. The scenes with Sunny and Myolie bickering are funny. They kinda bicker through out the whole show. Haha, Sunny did an alright job as Cho Fat. He portrayed it well.

Cho Chi - Played by Ron. Ron character is kinda stubborn in the beginning and when he went back to the past his personality change. He learned a lesson and change himself. It was funny how he went around and guessing who is his mother. The part where he celebrate his birthday with Shirley was cute. He thought she was his mother xD silly boy. And he ended up liking her. He does have some funny scenes and some of his part were boring. But at the end how he and Shirley end up together was cute.

Ching Lan Fong - Played by Shirley. I don't really have much to say about her character but Shirley did portrayed her character well. We all can see that she is not lady like and really rough. It was because she was raise as an food stand girl. In the beginning when her mother (Gigi Wong) was like to her, I think I took the wrong baby home. I thought she was just saying that because Shirley's personality is so different from her mother. A nicer heart and everything. But when Nancy showed up and it was true that they might took the wrong baby by mistake and it was true. Even though they didn't finish telling us which baby is whom. I really pity Shirley. Her mother like Pin Pin (Nancy Wu) over her and it made to the point that Shirley end up leaving home. I know how Shirley felt, she felt that she doesn't belong there. (I know the feeling. Being Asian and Chinese, all traditional Chinese family hope for a boy. Well in my family I wouldn't say traditional but its all girls. I have two sisters, one older and one younger. As being Chinese and a girl and Being the Middle Child. You really don't get much attention. Cause the Older one do everything first and the younger one is the baby. There is no time for the middle child. Being the middle child is kinda unlucky -.-") But Shirley really did a great job portraying as Fong nui.

Those were the characters I want to talk about. The rest of the characters are all well portrayed and written. The ending wasn't the ending I expected to be. The whole time I was like to Ron, stop guessing, your mother is Myolie. But to my surprise he was adopted? They changed the script around, I wonder why they did that? Ron was really surprise too, that all these time he was finding his mom, and he found out that he was adopted. The little girl Po Po was cute, she did a great job acting, but I can see improvement in her. The scene where she and Shirley fighting for Ron was funny and the way Po Po thinks are amazing. She just a little kid but she can think like an adult. The separation of Po Po and her father was sad. I cried. Also the part when Carlo Ng realize he is wrong and kneel to beg to stay in the house was sad too, I cried along. He is lucky that all his wife married him for the money and they all left but only 2 wife stay true to him and follow him around. Carlo's character changed from the beginning to the end. The character that changed so much. Louis Yeun, did a great job too and quite funny. He is so nice to his daughter do everything she says. Hahaa, but he did kinda exaggerate his character a little and his expressions. The reunion of him and her daughter was lovely. Finally all those years, they are united. After the series was finish, I was really confuse. It is kinda confusing, cause they know that Ron will go back in time? So Sunny already knows Ron in the past? And like Shirley followed Ron to the future and already know who he is but didn't tell him cause he need to go to the past first? And there is two Ron?  A past Ron and a future Ron? Haha, many questions =P After I was done with the series, I kinda do miss it. Hahha.. not the series itself, but I miss the Cast. Cause I think I still don't know what I just watched =P

Umm.. I find the series alright, it wouldn't make you to chase for the next episode. It like a good comedy series to watch with family and over the dinner table. Its alright. I would say Yes and No.

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