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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Watchdog's Tale

Before I begin the review - what do you guys think about the new layout? Hehehe... I don't know myself.. I think its just ehh =\ It took me the whole day yesterday and half the day today. Every thing is in one of those navigation buttons... click around xD Well any ways back to the series...

Series: A Watchdog's Tale
Eps: 20
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng, Maggie Siu
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen


I find this series quite relaxing and entertaining. The storyline is well written for a small series. The cast did a great job, no one acted over their peak. I have my pros and cons, aside from those.. all I'm saying is that I'm satisfied.

The series has its funny moment, cheesy moments, and sad moments. I enjoyed watching the story developing in the village. Everyone comes together and do everything together. Its a big family bond. The first two episodes does fill with many nonsense but as the series progresses it got better. Watchdog's Tale is a warm light-heart  series to watch. It fill you with many different feels. And  I didn't find the ending rush.. it was nicely wrapped up. Hmm, maybe they did rush the drug scene at the end, but it was nicely wrapped up though. The last couple episodes.. I burst out crying. The breakup between Linda and Steven was really touching... I was like "aww, they are breaking up" and my heart started to hurt and the next thing I knew tears came down. Also the part with Hor Wai and Steven, the mother-son relationship, how Steven going to leave. And with Ah Wong taking away by this guy. The last couple episodes really touched my heart. And of course it also feel with comedy xD

Steven and Linda - Great couple, really enjoyed watching them. They started out yelling at each other, bickering couple. Linda acting in here was enjoyable and watchable. Its nothing huge and its average. Steven is always up there doing his thing. His acting really well improved and superb. Slowly Steven start to have feelings towards Linda. He start to sweet talk with her and doesn't argue anymore. Enough said, Steveda makes a lovely couple with a lot of sweet chemistry between them. 

Linda and Kent - Their father -daughter relationship was enjoyable. Kent acting is amazing. His role is a very calm person. Either searching for clues or doing anything, he does it in a calm way. He has a funny role and always making me laugh. The part where he was looking at the photo book on Linda was quite sad. Their relationship is a huge bond, never letting each other down. They are always together. But Kent realize its time to let Linda go as she is growing up and getting marry. Great chemistry between them. 

Steven and Hor Wai - Mother and Son relationship is enjoyable too. Hor Wai is one dedicated 24/7 mother to Steven. The last part when Steven found his biological mother and was going to go to America with her was sad. Hor Wai tried to do everything to forget about Steven and pretend that she can let him go. But deep inside she can't let go of Steven. Even though Steven is not his biological son but had taken care of him for so many years, there is still chemistry in between. Steven is a filial son and did every thing for her. Steven knowing that he can't forget Hor Wai and decided to stay with her instead of moving to America. They have a strong chemistry. 

Other Characters are all well formed. Kwok Fung once again lighten me and made me laugh after watching his comedy role in D.I.E Again. His Role in Watchdogs has almost the same comedy, which will make you laugh. Natalie and Raymond W. I didn't really feel anything between them, but they do look cute together. Maggie Siu annoyed me in the beginning, but I learned to grow on to her as the story goes. Its quite funny to watch her actually.. once again Maggie Siu show the screen her great skills. Koni Lui do have potential to lead one day, I have faith in her. 

Enough said, the story was overall satisfying and its a great light-heart comedy to watch. There is nothing crazy and the bond between each actors are amazing. I would like to watch another Kent/Linda/ Steven Series. Also the Steveda daughter is really cute =D 

Well if you have nothing to watch and want to watch a light heart series, go ahead. I'll recommend it. 
Rating - 4/5 
It's not awesome and amazing, but its good and satisfying. Still need some work. 

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