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Monday, March 15, 2010


Hey everyone! I'm sorry for falling behind and Replying to your tags late. I'm deeply sorry, but I've been busy lately. I was studying and preparing myself for the huge test. Its called the S.A.T (I forgot what its stands for).  It's my second to last year in High School, I'll be going to college in two years. In the 11th grade you'll need to take this huge exam to get into college. [College entrance exam] I'm sure that you all will have or already taken this kind of test too. (I believe that it has a different name in all different countries. In U.S we call it the SAT) Well, I just took the test on the 13th of March, and I don't want to say anything cause I do not want to jinx it. But I still have that nervous feeling after I took the test, I guess I was still freaking out and stress out after taking it. During the test I wasn't calm at all, I have to repeat to myself, to stay calm. I was so nervous, but I told myself to stay calm and I thought of something. Encouragement from a friend =] It did help me to stay calm. I really need to thanks Jessica from My Only Myolie Network.  Thank You for your Encouragement and Support!! You are one really Good Friend =] thanks!! 


I still have so much series to catch up on -.-'' and the reviews are behind. But I had put up the new series information. And March Babies and Artist of the Month well definitely be up by tomorrow!! (I know March is almost over -.-) Finally I can watch TVB again, and I'm watching My Better Half and catching up on the other series. I didn't finish Cupid Stupid yet, but I kinda read the spoiler for Cupid Stupid. And I am Clearly Disappointed and Hate the Ending!! I was really upset and doesn't want to continue the series anymore! But I kinda want too, cause I want to see Stevia. But it'll be disappointing and I'll be too depress to see their sweet time and seeing them breaking up and didn't get together. Why must Stevia never end up together in a series? Sweetness in the Salt was a disappointment between the two and I hope for CS making it up. But nope!! This is so hard, its just like how TaRo never get a series together for so long. Ever since TA. I think I'm done.. not sure though. Sorry for my ranting. I need to release my anger, but MBH is cheering me up =]

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