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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am truly sorry to all of you!! I closed my blog down so I can change the layout. I kept on changing it and none of it looks good. And even though they did, I kinda mess it up -.- so it took longer then I had expected. I was suppose to be back yesterday the 29th but since it was mess up, I didn't think I'll be back today the 30th. I thought it'll be longer then that. I think this layout is alright =\. The header is alright but I want the one that I made. I couldn't put it up.. it didn't work -.- I might change a new layout, or I might close it again and tried to work on the header. I will tried to put up the header, but I don't know when I'll close it again. I decided it to leave it now, cause I don't want you guys to wait anymore. I know that many of you have tags to replied back to me but my blog was close down and I need to replied to your tags too. I'm sorry! Grrr.. I spend so much time finding a new layout and mess it up each time.

Season of Fate and My Better Half and also Cupid Stupid post will be up this week!

Oh and btw the banner I made was featuring Selena Li.

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