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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Suki Chui

25 year old Suki Tsui gave birth to a 7lb baby girl yesterday, mother and baby are well. The baby was born a week early. Suki named her daughter "Vianna". Suki has originally booked to have her baby delivered by Cesarean Section next week, but the baby couldn't wait to come to the world. Kenny took Suki to Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital straight away when Suki started her labor. He proudly announced to the media at 8:30pm last night saying "My wife started labor at about 2:00pm, the doctor suggested she has better admitted into hospital. At 8:00pm, she gave birth to a 7lb baby girl. We haven't given her a Chinese name yet, but Suki has named her Vianna."

Congrats to Suki Tsui and Kenny Wong!! The baby girl is quite cute and she does look like Suki. Jess Sum and Koni Lui became the baby's Godmother. When father Kenny Wong first saw Vianna open her eyes, he was so moved and bought tears in his eyes. Congratulations to Suki and Kenny!!

Credits - MingPao/Weneipo(image)
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