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Monday, March 22, 2010

Thoughts on Series - CS, TBOTG, and MBH

I'm going to do a small little review of Cupid Stupid, The Beauty of the Game and My Better Half. I recently had just finish watching My Better Half, but I have to re-watch it before I write the full write up. Cause the first time when I watch I really just skimmed through the series, like skipping here and there, so now I need to go back and re-watch. Cupid Stupid and The Beauty of the Game I'm getting there.. I know I'm behind -.-

Well anyways, little thoughts on each series.
*Warning* Below will contain Spoilers. If you do not want to get spoiled, I advice you to stop right here and do not continue. If you wish to read it, please proceed and enjoy reading it. ~I had warn you that below contain spoilers~ Read at your own risk.

Cupid Stupid - I'm actually still on Episode 4..hehehe xD. The series started out with Michael Tse and Tavia Yeung. Well first it was that the workers in the mall had just install a machine. The Machine was like a Princess fortune telling machine. One of the lead we are introduce to is Goon Sing Ho, Jeff (Michael Tse). He put in a coin and out came a paper that said "Today you'll meet the most important person in your life". After that Jeff left. A little while later, we are introduce to our female lead (Tavia Yeung). She saw the machine and went to put in a coin. The Paper that came out and read the same thing. After wards,  Tavia left and we are then introduce to our lead Chi Yat Po (Steven Ma). Tavia and Steven were bickering in the street and cause a crowd. The crowd told her not to get in to the car, but then it turn out that Tavia and Steven knew each other. They were child hood friends. It all goes along well, Tavia and Steven met Michael. They hang out a couple times. Michael and Tavia's paper got mix up. One night Tavia was reading the paper again and thought about the people she met that day. It couldn't be Michael cause he already had a girl friend and she kept thinking and it hit her, its Steven. The next day she woke up with pimples and realize that she does start to like Steven. But will they actually end up together? Will Stevia be together or is it going to be Michael and Tavia? Well I read the spoiler for the whole series, after what I read I really do not want to watch it anymore, but I really want to watch Stevia. I waited for this series to come out just for Stevia. And what do we get?

The Beauty of the Game I'm not going to continue. Its not that I don't like it, its just something made me do not want to continue it and I don't feel like watching it anymore. It feel like its an easy skip for me and its not going to be a big deal. I actually don't really like the cast in general. Well Wong Cho Lam made me laugh all the time. Mimi Lo is alright, I like her and Sharon Chan. I wanted to watch this for Christine Ng but I don't have that power to continue the series. This series is something fresh. Watching a series and seeing how acting are done and watching the entertainment industry, how it revolves everyday. But I seriously think that TVB exaggerate it way too much. The whole series is really exaggerate, not a little but a lot. I know that the entertainment industry is not anything easy. There will be many jealousy and hatred to rise to the top. And its really complicated. But the series had gone over broad with exaggeration. I might end up watching it again, not sure yet though. I really like how Kate's style look all the way in the beginning when she was introduce. With her glasses and her hair straighten down. She look really nice. Sharon is amazing with her two side personality.

My Better Half - I finish with it but I'm going to re-watch it before I write the review. Yes I love the cast and the comedy. And especially Maggie Cheung. I was so surprise the series was at peak with 32 points. Each artistes has their own face expressions and comedy. The storyline is a bit shaky and there is no plot, but I really did enjoy watching this. We were first introduce with the both Michael Miu and Tse at work with shooting a video. Ching Sum (Michael M.) phone started to go off and everyone laughs at his ring-tone. Everyone knew how his wife Lai Sum (Maggie Cheung) is and do not want to get on her bad side. We found out the reason why Lai Sum was upset on their second day of marriage and for seven years. Later on in the series, Lai Sum got pregnant but got a miscarriage while Ching Sum mother (Suet Nei) is in the hospital. Suet Nei dream was just to see her grandchild before she actually has to go. Lai Sum couldn't stand it anymore and want to tell her mother in law the truth with her miscarriage. While she was about to say it, Ching Sum got really mad and upset. He yelled and push his wife away to prevent from saying it. I felt really bad, even though Ching Sum is filial to his mom, he shouldn't had treated his wife that way. Even with the stuff he said to her. Ching Sum didn't say it directly to her but he said it while she is sitting next to him and obviously he is talking to his wife. It gave Maggie too much stress and burden. She didn't blame her husband at first but she couldn't take it anymore and they had a fight. The fight wasn't big and they said sorry to each other and back together as sweet as before. On the other hand Michael Tse and Teresa Lee finally got together and wanted to quickly give birth. But Michael had too many girlfriend and "did too much", the chance for him to get a baby was low so they couldn't get baby. But luckily Teresa can still give birth, so she lent her stomach to Maggie and Michael Miu. The baby contains only Ching Sum and Lai Sum's genes. At first when she said it, everyone was like wth?? Lai Sum was like I..I.. can't lent you my husband, the bed can only fit two people. Michael Tse was like no, that's my brother and that's my sister in-law. This mean that you are going behind my sister in law back. I thought of that too... but nope it was just letting them to use Teresa's stomach to get a baby. Ever since the miscarriage, Maggie's body is too weak to have another child so she'll have to wait for two years to give birth again. Many of the scenes and lines were predictable and adding Jamie Chik at the end was alright. She didn't need to be there but the scene was funny. Adding some comedy in. I loved Jamie's expression. It was amazing. The series is kind of a joke but not disappointing. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it.

This is my little review of the series. Season of Fate review will be up soon.

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