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Monday, April 5, 2010

April's Artists of the Month

This month I want to feature Wayne Lai.

I find that Wayne has some character in him. Has many potential and talented. Wayne Lai always started out as a Kelefe and supporting roles. I thought that TVB had wasted a talent. But to my surprise a kelefe/supporting role guy shoot up to a male lead. And Winning the Best Actor in 2009. Congrats to Wayne Lai. TVB did not waste a talented.. they just saved him for last..hahas xD

I think that Wayne just got lucky. His first leading role was Pages of Treasure along side with Sonjia Kwok. Wayne Lai actually enter TVB has a clerk in the sales department in 1983. By 1985 he gave up that position and enter TVB's acting class. In 1989, Wayne starred in many series. Starting off with minor roles, supporting roles, bystanders and kelefes. Staying around in TVB for some times. Wayne left TVB and enter the movie industry. After awhile, Wayne starred in two ATV's series and back with TVB again. Wayne Lai is married and have a son. Wayne has many potential and played many different types of roles. Which all his roles are liked by many Hong Kong viewers. Starting in the Movie Industry in 1997 and had filmed over 21 movies. The most recent movies that is out now is 72 Tenants of Prosperity and Just Another Pandora's Box.  Wayne's very first series was in 1987 and had filmed over 50 t.v. series. 

 I had never knew his name, but had seen him around. He would just be those background people. The kelefes and playing supporting roles. but I Loved Him as Chu Ba Gai in Journey to the West. One funny pig xD Did a great job! I think when I first really know who he is was, when I saw Gentle Crackdown I and know his name in Steps. Like I had said, Wayne is really talented and fnally that time that TVB promote him. Wayne does has many potential and I was just amazed that he jump up so fast. There was this big gap, a huge jump. But I'm satisfied with this jump and actually glad that he finally has the chance to shine through. In 2009, Wayne's major leading role as the male lead is in the hit series Rosy Business. His character Chai Gau was a big hit, which had led him to his best actor award. Aside of Best Actor award, he also received the award for my favorite character and an award for most popular Artist in 2009. 2008 he received the best supporting award for his role in Gentle Crackdown II. Rosy Business was a big hit due to his amazing performance and the rest of the cast performance. To make a series a success, even though with a crappy storyline, all you need is an amazing lead.

Rosy Business II will be release really soon. I'm supporting this series and hope for another best performance by Wayne. I support Wayne and knows that he'll do his best no matter if its a leading role or a supporting role. Wayne's evil role in The Greatness of a Hero was spontaneous. You can feel the evilness in him and almost made me hate his character. It was a job well done. Splendid job. Most recent series he is working on right now would be Rosy Business II: Righteous Sea of Heroic Love. I will be looking forward to that!

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