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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everyone Bounce - Charlene & Gillian's Album

Album: Everyone Bounce
Artistes: Twins 
-Charlene Choi
-Gillian Chung
Release Date: 3/29/2010
Language: Cantonese
Origin: Hong Kong
Publication/Company: EEG [Emperor Entertainment Group (HK)]

First congrats to Twins making a come back!! Been waiting for their comeback!! I really miss them. When I heard Charlene's solos songs, I really miss hearing Gillian's voice. It doesn't sound the same, but Charlene's voice is amazing. It also sound like there is two voices. But now I'm really happy for their come back and can't wait to listen to the songs!! Second, Congrats to the CD selling to platinum!! Wow it was sold so fast and now up to the platinum. Also Gillian Chung made a comeback solo album too!! Happy to see her back =] And with the recent news on Charlene and Ronald. I hope that both Ronald and Charlene can recover fast!

Twins Album - Twins 人人彈起

CD 1 
01. 人人彈起 (新歌)
02. 眼紅紅
03. 風箏與風
04. 戀愛大過天
05. 飲歌
06. 下一站天后
07. 愛情當入樽
08. 千金
09. 雙失情人節
10. 女人味
11. 救生圈
12. 女校男生
13. Ichiban興奮
14. 明愛暗戀補習社
15 冬令時間
16 見習愛神

CD 2
01. 成長 (新歌)
02. 我們的紀念冊
03. 熱浪假期
04. 一時無兩
05. 大浪漫主義
06. 多謝失戀
07. 零4好玩
08. 亂世佳人
09. 黑色喜劇
10. 你不是好情人
11. 士多啤梨蘋果橙
12. 夏日狂嘩
13. 森巴皇后
14. 大紅大紫
15. 精選
16. 丟架

Gillian's solo album - Gillian EP [鐘欣桐 人人彈起]

01. 心多 (featuring MC Jin) (中原電器電視廣告主題曲)
02. 什麼是潮流 (鍾欣桐 / 陳偉霆)
03. 生活在他方
04. 天后站出發
05. 橙路
06. 就在現場 (國語) (鍾欣桐 / 陳偉霆)

01. 人人彈起 (Twins) (MV)
02. 心多 (中原電器電視廣告主題曲) (MV)
03. 生活在他方 (MV)
04. 什麼是潮流 (MV)
05. 就在現場 (MV)


鐘欣桐 EP 特別附送 - Gillian's EP
- 6款 postcard
- Bonus MV DVD
~ Twins 人人彈起演唱會2010主題曲MV
~首次與陳偉霆合唱跳舞歌曲 什麼是潮流 MV

Twins 人人彈起 - Twin's Everyone Bounce
- 收錄Twins 人人彈起演唱會2010主題曲
及Twins 最新歌曲 <成長>

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