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Saturday, April 24, 2010

In the Eyes of the Beholder - Princess Ting Yuk

I've been watching In the Eyes of the Beholder and almost done. I'm on episode 13 and its alright. It's watchable but I wouldn't say is awesome. The story is an easy skip, it's nothing important. Hhahaah... I'll put up the reviews after I'm done watching.

One character that I want to talk about right now is Princess Ting Yuk. Princess Ting Yuk is played by Fala Chen. She is a bratty, unreasonable and have obnoxious behaviors. I personally loved her in the series. Fala isn't annoying at all and I loved her character so much. I thought she was cute and adorable. Especially when she got mad and couldn't revenge, she would have this mad expression on her face. It was so adorable and cute xD Her costume and hair style is really pretty and suits her well. I would love to see Fala in a ancient series more and her next ancient series is Can't Buy Me Love.

At an young age, Princess Ting Yuk lost her mother. Ever since then, Ting Yuk grew to hate all scholars and teachers. How many teachers had taught her? Haha.. probably a lot. As she grew older, she still doesn't know how to read nor wright, but only some words. Since her mother death, her Father Prince Ling Wong spoiled her and such. As Ting Yuk grew she became spoiled and unreasonable, bratty and behave immaturely. But as the story progresses, Princess Ting Yuk changed 360 degrees. She stop being bratty and having obnoxious behaviors. She became nice and learned how to read and wright....

Okay I'm going to end here, will pick it up when I finish watching the series.

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