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Friday, April 2, 2010

Miss Hong Kong 2010

Miss Hong Kong 2010 is on its way again! It's that time of the year! I'm actually quite excited to see this year MHK. We all know that 2009 MHK wasn't very appealing. With only 10 contestants and the quality wasn't that good either. I watch MHK every year and yes each year it's declining. Hopefully this year MHK will rise back up!

For Miss Hong Kong 2010, TVB had raise that age to 27. The youngest to participate has to be between 17-18. Age group range from 17-27. Personally I think that 27 is quite bit too old and 17 is too young. But does it really matter with the age. Chinese/Asian people age slowly and they get prettier each year. My sister is twenty something and she look like she is 16! So age really doesn't matter but I still don't like how its 27..lols, I know I'm being bias =P Like last year (2009) 2nd Runner up Mizuni Hung she look really young. I thought she was like at least 18/19. But she was 25 -.-

I actually have potential in her and I will definitely support her if she ever decide to act. Well anyways actually Miss Hong Kong recruitment actually ends today the 3rd of April for overseas. It was from March 22nd - April 3rd.

Lets get the show begin and we'll see who are the contestants and the actual MHK competition night in couple of months. Good Luck to who ever applied and congrats to who ever got in!


Overseas Recruitment Period: March 22-April 3
*You can submit in your MHK application online directly to TVB.
*Application pick ups are now available at UK & Europe and Australia.
*TVB has extended the age limit to 27.

Change of Requirements:
*You can submit in your MHK application online.
*Application pick ups are now available at UK & Europe and Australia.
*TVB has extended the age limit to 27 flexibly 28.
*The participant doesn’t need a Hong Kong permanent resident card.
*A model contract will not prohibit you from joining.

1. There will be a better variety of participants.
2. Participants will have more time to pursue their education.
3. Contestants will have less time to purse their career in the entertainment circle that is if they are using MHK as a stepping stone to enter TVB.

1. MHK is becoming more like Miss Asia.
2. Hard to imagine a 17 year old and a 27 year old spending 3 months together. Will they be compatible? If not, it ruins the friendly image MHK possess. I don’t want to see them backstabbing each other like Miss Asia.
3. Top3 will not qualify for Miss World if they exceed the 25 age limit and don’t hold a valid HK Passport.
4. Basically anyone can join.

On the Side:
1. The competition for the oversea participants will increase.
2. The competition for the local participants might decease due to auditions held in UK & Europe and Australia.

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Anonymous said...

Mizuni Hung looks older than 25years. I also think she is ugly and hope she doesn't act. You have bad taste!!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and I don't usually comment.But, this time I really disagree! You think that Mizuni girl has potential? In acting? Are you serious? She is not attractive and she has no personality!! They always put so much make-up on her- I've seen pics of her without make up and she is not a pretty girl. Sorry, so many girls prettier than her! Like you said, There were 10 contestants and ALL very low quality. What kind of competition is that? Hope Miss Hong Kong 2010 has better quality!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen pictures of her WITH make-up and she still ugly!

Anonymous said...

I think she is really ugly too. She has a really really big mouth, big teeth and big lips. Yuck.