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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Season of Fate review

Series: Season of Fate
Eps: 25
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Roger Kwok, Esther Kwan, Michelle Yim, Derek Kwok
Producer: Cheung Kin Man

Yes, I know.. finally this is up.. sorry for dragging this >< 
Anyways back to the review. 

I personally thought that the series was alright. The reason I saw this was because of Esther. I haven't seen Esther for so long and really glad that she came back. So I just watched it for her sake. But the series came out alright. It has its ups and downs. In the beginning the series was funny, and annoying. As the series goes on it got really interesting, I actually got glued on to this series, but as it finishing up it got really boring and the series drag. 

The story started out with Roger and his student gambling on the train, yes they are swindlers. It got really funny when Esther and Roger met. Esther never trusted him and they always bicker. It was quite interesting. When Ng Wai Kwok showed up in the series, the plot actually got pretty interesting and I would sit here and watch it. I was done in two days..sorta, it was during my winter break so yea xD. But the series wasn't that interesting that will make you watch the next episode instantly.  Anyways I just thought the series was alright, it wasn't 'amazing' and the plot drags and it got boring. After awhile Ng Wai Kwok annoys me so much. His evilness annoys me because I think he exaggerated his expressions? I don't know but there is something about him or expressions annoyed me.
Characters evaluation: 
I've started this character thing while I was still watching the series. Remember reading it? It's been a while so don't worry, I'm going to copy and paste and add more stuff in to it xD

Esther Kwan - I really pity her. She had to maintain the Kwan's Family and Hei Seung Fung for 10 years. Its really hard. Its really amazing how Seung Chun (Esther Kwan) can do this with out any complain. I pity and envy her at the same time. Even once a month when the moon is full, she'll experience the danger of getting killed by Yeuk Lam (Michelle Yim). Ester can go through that for ten years with no complain and fear. She can easily loose her life like that every month. I really do envy her. I'm amaze how she can do that. If it was me, I'm out of here. Esther really portrayed her character well. Seung Chun really sacrefise herself for ten years. Her chemistry with Roger was actually good. Esther have to put up with so much stuff. With her own maternal family and her in-laws family. Its really hard for her but that she portrayed it well.  5/5

Roger Kwok - I find his character quite entertaining and funny. A little swindler getting people money. I also find him quite interesting too. He as this attitude which I like. Roger character is greatly portrayed too. He did a well job. Even tough he is a swindler..he help people around. He help everyone with their problems. Especially he helped Seung Chun so much. He give up his love for her because he knows that Derek like her. But Esther knows that Roger like her and stuff. He found out what really happen to his brother and his dad. He tried everything to revenge but he never did.  5/5

Michelle Yim - Interesting little girl. At first I find her quite cute when she was mentally ill. Michelle definitely  did a great job portraying these type of characters. It was also some how funny and manageable to watch. But after she was healed, I started to have a different feel toward her. I didn't really like the Yeuk Lam that is heal. I like the mentally-ill Yeuk Lam better. But as the series goes on, Yeuk Lam really got annoying and it just annoyed me. But out of most artistes who acted as "mentally-ill" characters, I find that Michelle was the best. Michelle was really cute and adorable..lols, I know I'm being bias xP  5/5

Ng Wai Kwok -  The quote "Never Judge the Book by its Cover" is always said. The appearance of Ng Wai Kwok made me thought he was a kind/gentle guy. But he is not an easy guy after all. Yam Fei Yeung knows everything and will find out about everything. So its better to get on his good side. Fei Yeung has a crush on Yeuk Lam for so many years and do everything for her. He knows that Yeuk Lam only have her heart on Dai Si Heng. So I have this feeling that the person who really put the poison on the food and the stuff Dai Si Heng did that made Yeuk Lam father found out and kick him out was probably planed by Fei Yeung. One wicked man. He took in Roger's brother, Oscar but left Roger out alone. After the brothers find out that they are biological, Ng Wai Kwok kept them apart, trying many ways to break and tore them up. He did alright.. really annoyed me though. 4/5
Derek Kwok - At first I was like why is he walking and acting like that? And yep I found out as the series progresses. I pity him. He is an eunuch. One simple and caring guy. Only knows how to put others first and him last. He spend all his years helping Esther and had a crush on her for so many years. I really enjoyed watching him. 4/5

The series overall was alright. Only saw it for Esther =] The script really wasn't that great. Really did slump off. 

Umm.. not really, but if you really want to watch Esther.. yes, watch it for her =D

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