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Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Babies

It's that time of the month again!! It's time for all May Babies to shine!! Happy Birthday to all May's Birthdays. I wish you all a wonderful new year and a great time on your birthday =]

Happy Birthday to all May Babies =] I wish all of you will have a wonderful time and all your wishes will come true. I wish you all a prosperous year, film more series but don't over work yourself! Joy and Happiness all year round and forever. Do your best and we'll always support you!! Happy Birthday xD

This month May Babies are...

Natalie Tong - 5/3
Susanna Kwan - 5/3
Wayne Lai - 5/4
Grace Wong - 5/5
Patrick Tang - 5/6
Charmaine Sheh - 5/28
Joyce Cheng - 5/30

Happy Birthday and best wishes, prosperity and eternal happiness ;]


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