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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ghost Writer

Title: Ghost Writer
Previous Title: The Legend of Pu Song Ling
Chinese Title: 蒲松齡 [ Pou Chung Ling]
Cast:Sunny Chan, Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Rebbecca Chan, Elaine Yiu, Benny Chan, Lau Dan, Charmaine Li, etc.
Episodes: 25
Broadcast: 6/7/2010 - 7/9/2010
Genre: Ancient/Fantasy/Mystery and Romance
Producer: Leung Choi Yuen
Theme:  心竅 - Tunnel to the Heart (by Steven Ma)
Ending credit - It's an MV starring Steven Ma


Pou Chung-Ling (Steven Ma) was born in Jinan, to a family of New Year print. He is very bright. His father, Pou Poon (Yueh Hua), has therefore always hoped that he could one day carry on the family business. Ling, mistakenly thinks that Poon is working in collusion with some corrupt officials, and refuses to listen to what his father says. His good friend, Ko Jit (Sunny Chan), is a constable and hates corrupt officials as much as Ling does. Rumor has it that a fox spirit is creating troubles in Jinan. Ling is almost killed when he investigates the matter with Jit. Fortunately, a mysterious girl named Ling Wu Siu-Tsui (Fala Chen) comes to his rescue in the nick of time. It turns out later that she is the fox spirit, and she saves Ling in order to return a past favor. As they spend more and more time together, Tsui starts to fall for Ling. The Pou family has secured a large order of New Year print. To ensure the work can be finished in time, they have to hire a large numbers of female workers. Lau Sum Yu (Linda Chung) applies for the job, but her real intention is to look for the man who was unfaithful to her sister, never knowing that she would later be caught in a love triangle with Ling and Jit.

Credit: Astro on Demand

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