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Sunday, June 6, 2010

June Artist's of the Month

June's Artist of the Month goes to...

Natalie Tong!!

Natalie Tong born on May 3rd, 1981 and is today TVB's Actress. Natalie is actually a model before she joined acting.  Natalie real name is actually Tong Sze Ying and not Tong Sze Wing. The Chinese character for 'sze' is a different writing. Natalie started out as a model before she step into the acting field. Acting and Modeling has two different feel to it and its very different. Every step she took in becoming an actress was memorable for her. It's been her 10 year in the acting industry and she is taking each step slowly and each step is memorable for her. Natalie work hard to be where she is today. Before getting a 2nd leading role, Natalie was just a supporting character and doesn't get much recognition. But today, Natalie had shoot up and pretty soon, she'll be leading her very own series.

Being in the industry for 10 years, Natalie is improving each and every day. She work so hard to be where she is today and will not give up. Natalie had filmed over 6 movies and over 23 series. Natalie enter the industry in the year of 2000, and on 2003 Natalie was placed in her very first series "Heart of Fencing". Ever since then, Natalie had been striving for the best and taking step by step. Natalie is slowly getting promoted. As each year and each series she filmed in, her screen time gets longer and longer. As her acting career progresses each year, Natalie is placed as the 2nd lead. I believe that Natalie will soon be leading her own series. Natalie had been nominated many times for Most Improved Actress and Supporting Actress. Which she was unlucky each time. Even though she was nominated almost every year and was unlucky with it, Natalie didn't give up. She tried her best and do her best to win the award. Natalie has stated as a hard working girl and has a great attitude. Many colleagues praise her each time saying she had improve.

I believe Natalie had improve too, each time I see her on screen. The first series I notice Natalie was in Love Bond. Ever since then, I start to like Natalie. Natalie has a great attitude and have a very bubbly personality. She would always be smiling no matter what. She always makes people around her happy and never let herself or anyone down. Natalie has a very adorable and cute feature. She has a very youthful look and she still has that baby face. Natalie has a beautiful smile and she is photogenic. Ever since her recent series A Fistful Of Stances, Natalie has gotten many recognition. Natalie did an amazing job in Fistful and its time for her to shine. I believe in Natalie and I can see that her time to shine is coming now. She had already out shown and performed her best as one of the female lead in Fistful. Natalie did improved so much and her role in Fistful is very different from her other roles in the past. This had been her break thorough. I support Natalie and I know that Natalie will excel even more in the Future. It's time for Natalie's recognition and hope that she can win a award this year for her greatly portrayed role in Fistful as Ying Ngan Ming. 

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