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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Fistful of Stances Review

Series: Fistful of Stances
Eps: 25
Broadcast line: TVB
Main Leads: Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, Yuen Qiu, Selena Li, Dominic Lam
Producer:Lee Tim Sing


I've finished this series a while now, and never put up the review. Cause I was kinda lazy with it xP ahahaha. Okay. So I thought the series was amazing. It can win this years best series. But unfortunately there will be competitors. There will be different series competing for the Best Series Award. To me, I think it already had won, compare to the other series I saw. Fist is exciting, funny, sad, and a bit action. The action is like exciting kind of action like omg, what going to happen next. It's not like 'James Bond' action. Lol. I really like this series, and hoped all of you did too.
I never anticipated for this series and I thought it's going to be boring. I literally have no interest at all. I saw it on news and stuff, but never pay attention. I decided to watch this series, cause everyone said it was amazing and I have nothing better to do. So why not just sit down and watch TVB. From the first episode, I already like it. It just grew on me and just stick on me. Every episode has its own action and drama. You can't predict anything. You can't predict what will happen next or what the characters will do next. It was one amazing series. And yes, it does look like and feel like Moonlight Resonance. Each character from both series does have similarities. Two different families and stuff. I liked how they did everything together. When I say they, I meant the siblings. The cried together, they laugh together. If one person cries, they all will cry. One laughs they all laughs. They stick together through thick and thin. It was great. I love how they tried to be serious but always burst out laughing. One big warm family.
The saying always goes, 'Father like Son'. How the father is, the son will definitely follow the same way 99% of time. Well, the evilness of Dominic bought him to killing himself at the end. I thought that was kinda a waste. He should have a death sentence or some disease or something. But I guess he got what he deserves. He gone crazy and killed himself. I felt bad for Kara, she love Dominic so much but what happens? He sent her to a mental hospital and she did became crazy. It was all his fault. Kara wasn't evil, she was okay. I pity her with such a sad ending. Will at least Jacky realized his mistakes and changed. He wasn't as bad as his father, so 20 years in jail is fine. 20 years is pretty long time. We all know that Selena and Kenneth has to end together. They were so cute at the end and through out the whole series. Adorable couples XD. Even though Kevin is the main lead. It felt like through out the whole series, everything was revolve around Kenneth. Kenneth was the one who control everything and find the answer to solve all the problems. Narration at the end was by him too. Kenneth put on the role like a big brother, like the head of the family. But Kevin, he is like one of the siblings like the 2nd or something. He is not like Kenneth, calm and solve it calmly.
But oh wells, I thought they all did well. I don't think the series lack or dragged. Cause I was like 100% into the series.. I could feel myself in the series. Like sitting in front of the camera acting along side with them. Lol. It was a great series, I really enjoyed it. If some of you hadn't seen it yet, go watch it!  

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