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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gigi Lai gave Birth to Two Twin Girls

Gigi Lai's pregnancy due date is in August, but she decided to pick a lucky day (today, July 24) to have a c-section. She successfully gave birth to twin daughters and they're all safe. Gigi went to Canossa Hospital in secret and husband Patrick Ma has been taking care her. After Gigi gave birth, Ma couldn't wait and went outside the hospital to announce this good news to the media. Around 9:20PM, Ma walked out with a smile and noticed the media, expressing Gigi just gave birth to twin daughters. Elder daughter weighs 6lbs-ish; younger daughter weighs 3lbs-ish. They haven't name them yet and call them by "jeh jeh" (older sister) and "mui mui" (younger sister). He also expressed Gigi is very happy now, but she is very tired. Many relatives and friends would come visit soon. Asked who do the twins resemble more? Ma expressed they resembled both of their parents, but it's more important that everyone is safe. Ma even invited media to have a meal and celebrate.

Just became a mother, Gigi texted friends on her own to share this joy. She expressed in English: "Our pair of angels couldn't wait to say hello to you all. Thank you God for giving us this precious gift. They're very healthy and cute. We would like to share this joy with you."

Credit - Source: TVB Channel; Tungstar
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment 

Congrats to Gigi and Patrick Ma!! They are finally parents and congrats for giving birth to two healthy twin girls on the 24th of July. Congrats =D I wonder what are there names? 

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