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Monday, August 16, 2010

August Artists of the Month

This month, I want to present Raymond Wong as August Artist of the Month. I personally think that Raymond had improved over the years. Raymond Wong enter the industry by his teacher who notice him and cast him in Lifeline. Ray was born on August 25th 1975. Ever since entering the industry, Ray had filmed over many many series/dramas and movies. Well anyways, I couldn't find much info on him. But I decided to make him Artist of the Month, because of his amazing acting in When Lanes Merge. I didn't finish the series yet, but I had watch parts of it. Skipping here and there, and personally heard so much good Review on Ray's acting. The first time I notice Ray was in Sweetness in Salts. Producer Lee Tim Seng had asked him to be in Sweetness and cast him as the 2nd lead. After watching Sweetness, I remembered seeing him in Marriage of Inconvenience and I was amazed how he had improved so much. In Marriage, I thought he was a bit to stiff, but in Sweetness he had relax and throw all his power and emotion at you. He's acting there already shone out to me, it already had captured my heart. Even though Steven Ma was the lead in Sweetness, I felt like Ray was the lead. Ray is a talented actor and he put so much emotion into acting. In Sweetness the way he acted, it really showed that he is sick for real. He pulled it off nicely. And in When Lanes Merge he did it again. He out shone Kent Cheng and many other actors. Playing as the lead in When Lanes Merge he did an excellent job. When he enter TVB, he had left TVB. He was never given the leading roles or the 2nd leading roles. But ever since his return. his acting had gotten better and better. Now he is leading and his power shone through the tv screen. I enjoy watching him and he is quite handsome. xD His next series are Can't Buy Me Love, Twilight Investigation, and Righteous  Sea of Heroic Love. I'll be looking forward to his new series and support him. Hope he can win something this year. ;] And now I'm gonna go back and finish GW and WLM.

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KAY said...

I first noticed him in movies (early 2000s) and found him someone pretty interesting. Then see him often on TV...I know someday he's gonna make it, everyone's gonna like him---When Lanes Merge! many ppl in HK know about him now and again in Cant Buy Me Love, then later--Rosy Business 2!!!! <3

i agree with you about him in Sweetness in Salt, i was moved, he was so caring!!! and unfortunate....sigh, just love him