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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Artists of the Month...

This month I'll have to combine September and October Artist of the Month. Since I couldn't find any time to update my blog last month due to my busy schedule. Too much stuff to do!! I always hope that there is 48 hours instead of 24! lols. Well anyways, this month I'm thinking on using Charmaine Sheh.

Born on May 28th, 1975, Charmaine Sheh is the leading sister in TVB. Charmaine went on to Miss Hong Kong in 1997 and won the second runner up crown. In 1998 Charmaine sign on to TVB as an actress. In her early stages, Charmaine received many negative rumors on her acting and her squeaky voice. But Charmaine did not break down because of those rumors. Instead she work harder and achieve to be what she is today! Her break through role was Return of the Cuckoo in 2000 along side with Nancy Sit, Julian Cheung, and Steven Ma. After this series, many people praise Charmaine as such an great actress. Nothing can break Charmaine down. Charmaine work as hard as she can. Today she is TVB number 1 leading sister. She work hard to be where she is today. In 2006, Charmaine became the first TVB Actress to win two major awards. Best Actress and My Favorite Female Character TV Awards.
Other than just filming in series, Charmaine also sang some series Theme and Sub theme Songs. She at least had sung 10 theme song for TVB series. Each year, Charmaine will be nominated for an award. Ever since 1997 she had won some awards. From 2000 and onwards, Charmaine at least had won 42 awards. Some were for magazines, TVB, and other TV stations awards. Charmaine Sheh is a talented actress. She had won 42 awards and each year she is nominated!! That is some talent right there. Charmaine had filmed over 7 films and over 38 series. Her recent work was Can't Buy Me Love which had received a very high rating. Her next series are When Heaven Burns, The Colorful World of Sister Fa, Forensic Heroes III, and Female Constables. Charmaine is very talented and I'll show my support for her!! I just started watching the first episode of Can't Buy Me Love. And she did a good job so far. I had probably seen her so many times when I was younger but never knew who she was. Cause I wasn't a big fan of watching Chinese Series and TVB. I don't even understand so it doesn't matter. I've started to become a huge TVB fan was back in 2007. I remember watching Witness to Prosecution II and Perish in the Name of Love and seeing Charmaine in there. I had also saw other series and I still doesn't know her name. It wasn't till I saw Dance of Passion, where I enjoyed watching the series and that was when I knew Charmaine. After wards watching You're Hired bought me a bigger chance in liking Charmaine. I wasn't really a Charmaine fan, I was neutral to her, but after You're Hired, I opened up to her. She is not my favorite like Bernice and Tavia, but she stands somewhere on that list. I can't wait to see When Heaven Burns and I'm quite interest in watching The Colorful World of Sister Fa. I think that series will be interesting. Forensic Heroes I and II is a tradition with Frankie, Bobby, and Yoyo. Forensic Heroes III is a new storyline with Charmaine, I guess I'll take a chance and watch it too.
Support Charmaine!!

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